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That’s Not A Math Problem

on April 15, 2015

The other day at supper, my big brother Aaron who goes to college was talking about this math problem that’s going viral on the Internet.    He said that everyone says it’s a math problem and he dared my other brother Josh (he’s still in high school) to figure out the answer.

Anyway, the problem goes like this:  There’s this girl.  Her name is Cheryl.  She has two friends, and their names are Albert and Bernard.  She tells Albert the first part of her birthday and then she tells Bernard the second part of her birthday, except she doesn’t tell Albert and Bernard all of the parts of her birthday.  I know that because that’s how the math problem got set up.

Anyway, then she gives Albert and Bernard ten dates to choose from and she makes them guess her birthday.  It doesn’t even matter what the ten dates are if you ask me because I have something to say about all this crazy talk by Cheryl.

First of all, this is NOT a math problem.  This is a socialization problem, and I know because the teachers at my school are always talking about how they have to socialize the students.  So that’s how I know it’s not a math problem.

Second of all, if Cheryl wants people to know when her birthday is, she should just say when her birthday is.  Making your friends guess or only telling them some of your birthday is crazy talk.  I know that because it makes me crazy when somebody only tells me a bit of something but not all of something and then expects me to figure out the rest on my own.  Just tell me or just don’t tell me instead of making me guess some of it!

Third of all, Albert and Bernard should be careful of Cheryl.  It’s not nice to make two other friends start thinking crazy ideas about each other.  I’ll bet Albert is wondering why Cheryl is being mean to him, and I’ll bet Bernard is wondering why Cheryl is being mean to him, so now the two boys are thinking Cheryl is mean to them and liking the other one.  That’s not a very nice thing for Cheryl to do.  Probably now the boys are going to have a great big fight and then stop being friends for a really long time.

And last of all, I think that Cheryl is what my one grandpa calls a high maintenance woman.  I’m not sure that’s what Cheryl is, but if she isn’t, then she sure acts a whole lot like the ones my grandpa calls high maintenance.

So here’s my advice for Cheryl:  Stop being mean, and either tell people when your birthday is or don’t.

Here’s a extra word of advice for Cheryl:  Also don’t tell people what they should get you for your birthday.  That’s bad manners.  If somebody gets you something for your birthday (if they ever figure out when it is if you won’t tell them), just say thank you … even if you don’t know what it is or you don’t like it.  If you don’t want anything for your birthday, just tell people to make a donation to a good cause like the local animal shelter or something like that.

Josh and Aaron say they know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but if they ask me, I don’t care when her birthday is.  She’s not the kind of girl I want to have around for a friend.   That’s all I have to say on this socialization not math problem.

One response to “That’s Not A Math Problem

  1. cairennhouse says:

    It’s nice to see you didn’t fall for the crazy talk. Good for you.

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