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Another Week Of Fun Art

The Missy’s March Madness Word Art Challenge is two weeks old, and am I ever having boatloads of fun with the word prompts my mom (that would be Jenna Barrett) chose for me to do. All of the artwork that everybody is doing is over on my Facebook group page called Missy Barrett Art Challenge.

Most of the art I did was by me except for yesterday’s word and that was ICE CREAM. I had to ask my big brother Josh to help me so we collaborated like we did for the prompt TRAIN in the first week. Josh did the drawing that I had in my head, and then I did the harder work of inking everything. There was a lot of wood that needed grain drawn on it and Josh didn’t do those lines for me with his pencil. He said I could just keep on practicing my word grain skills because they’re getting pretty good and I have to keep on getting better, so that’s what I did. Here’s what it looked like when it was done.

And just like I did for the other art Josh did with me, we both got our names put on the artwork because that’s only fair when someone does so much work with you on something. Anyway, that’s how come Josh’s name is there and it’s first because his drawing was first and my inking was second.

The art that was the way most work for me was the one with the word prompt of YARN and that’s mostly because first I had to knit something so I could look at it before I got to draw it. Even then, I had to ask my brother Aaron to help a little bit except not with the art part like Josh does. Aaron knows how to do fancy writing so I asked him to make my yarn say yarn. He did that but then he told me to be crazy careful not to mess it up because he wasn’t going to keep on fixing the yarn word if I wrecked it.

Aaron doesn’t know I did this, but I took a picture of it with my digital camera just in case, but I didn’t need to worry about that because I did not mess up the yarn. But just in case I did by accident, I still had another way to fix things that didn’t mean Aaron was going to have to write the word out for me again exactly the way he did the first time. Besides, that’s probably impossible to do it exactly the same way two times in a row, right?

I know the knitting part I made isn’t very good but I did it superly fast so I could get to drawing it, and plus, knitting is hard to do so even if I took more time doing it better, probably it wasn’t going to look too much better than how it turned out.

I’m already thinking about what I’m going to draw for the words for Week #3 of this art challenge. Also, I’m kind of sad the challenge is already half finished because I’m having way lots of fun doing this and also I’m learning a lot about thinking of different ways to draw things. My mom told me not to worry because she said if I really want to do a weekly challenge, she has way lots more ideas she can write out for me on a chart like she did for this challenge.

This is the word prompt chart she made up for this challenge.

Anyway, this week it’s seven days of words to turn into art starting with lemons and ending with flowers. I have a couple ideas already going on inside my head so be sure to visit my Facebook group to see what everybody comes up with on these fun words.

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The First Week of the Challenge

So today is the first day on the second week of Missy’s March Madness Art Challenge that my mom, Jenna Barrett, set up for me to do. I even started a group on Facebook so people can post all their art from the word prompts my mom came up with for me to do. You can join the group by just going to the link and joining.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/missybarrettartchallenge/

Today I’m sharing the pictures I came up with for the first week of the challenge so people can see my group is all about having fun and plus doing some art, and if you don’t do art, you can still join my group because a lot of the fun is seeing the art other people are making. I was going to share some of the art by other people here except I don’t her permissions from them to do that so you have to go over to the group and see what they put up in the group already.

Day 1 of the art challenge was Tree but instead of drawing a tree, I decided to draw what a tree looks like when it gets turned into a piece of wood.  The challenge is that you have to have the word prompt in the art but I’m not so good at drawing words like a artist can, so I asked my big brother Josh to help me out.  He’s a artist so he wrote the words for me but I did all the squiggly lines that look like wood, and then I made it look like that piece of tree called a block of wood was framed like a picture and everybody knows that most paper comes from trees, so I was superly good to go on the first word prompt of this word art challenge.

Day 2 was Cake and Josh told me that the highlight for purple icing can’t be orange except I like purple and I like orange as a opposite color so I just didn’t pay attention to what my brother told me except I made sure I wrote that down in my arting book of ideas.

My idea for Day 3 made me cry because the idea I had in my head, I just couldn’t draw right so I wound up throwing away a lot of paper trying hard to make it right. My brother Josh heard me being upset at myself and he told me that in the old-fashioned days of comic books, that there was the person who did all the drawing of the comic book and then the person who did all the inking and that means making the pencil lines into ink lines. I explained to Josh what my idea was and he said he could do my idea for me but I had to do superly excellent inking which turned out to be way harder than maybe you think it would be. If you make a mistake drawing something, you can always say that was just your way of drawing something but if you make a mistake inking something, everybody’s going to know that’s not just your way of inking something.

Day 4 and Day 5 kind of go together I think because Day 4 was CAT and Day 5 was TEAPOT.  Probably you’re wondering how they go together.  Cats like quiet days, and tea is all about quiet days.  That’s how they’re connecting to my way of thinking.  Anyway, I drew a cat but I got the fur wrong because kitty cats have M’s on their foreheads not W’s like what I accidentally put on my cat art.  

The teapot actually is a lot like the word which is what the art challenge is all about.  The pot part of a teapot is big and the spout part of a teapot is very small.  The water part of tea is a whole lot, and tea leaves part of tea is hardly any.  I had a lot of fun doing those two and even if I love kitty cats the most, I had way lots of fun making the teapot.

I had to ask my mom what she meant with Day 6’s word prompt GLASSES because maybe she meant glasses like what you drink from or glasses like what you wear when you can’t see too well or glasses like binoculars because my one grandpa calls his binoculars his glasses or different glasses for making stained glass windows or maybe something else I don’t even know about.  She said it’s up to the artist (that would be me and everybody else doing this art challenge) to decide for themselves, so I made it about glasses to help you see because I had a great idea for that.

On Day 7 the word prompt was HOUSE and that made me think of a house with a front porch that has tall columns holding up the roof of the front porch.  And plus, some older houses have this round window on the second or top floor of them, and some windows are a rectangle, so I thought my house would have a round window and a rectangle window.  Then I thought a house with a round window and a rectangle window probably would have hanging plants outside and also plants in pots so that’s how I came up with the idea for what I drew.  Just so you know, there was a whole lot of line drawing that had to get done by me so that drawing took a crazy long time to get right.

So that’s the whole first week of art I did for Missy’s March Madness Word Art Challenge, and now I’m on toe the second week of art.  You need to join my Facebook group for this to see all the great art people are sharing there.  You’ll be superly happy you joined the group.  

And plus, did I mention that it’s a art challenge for all ages and all levels of arting?  If you are a kid or a grandma or grandpa, this art challenge is for you.  If you’re a teen or a grown-up, this art challenge is for you.  If you are a long-time professional or someone that just likes to doodle, this art challenge is for you.  Even if you don’t draw at all ever, this art challenge is for you because who doesn’t like to enjoy art when you get a chance to see some for free?

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