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Are You Playing Games

I love playing games like Red Rover and Simon Says.  Both of my grandmas and grandpas played those games when they were little, so those games have been around a superly long time.  I didn’t even have to see this meme on my one grandma’s page to know that’s true.

So I decided maybe I should do a poll on my blog today all about kids games you played when you were way little.

I was going to do a poll but I couldn’t figure out how to do one of those fancy one for free on my blog, and plus one I don’t have to sign up for because my mom says every time you sign up for something free it costs you all your personal information.  That’s how come I’m not allowed to sign up for free stuff in real life or on the Internet.

That means I’m going to have to ask people here and on my Facebook page to just write in their favorite kids’ games.  To make it a little easier, I’m going to share some of the games I play and my mom played and my grandparents plays in case people have trouble remembering the names of some of the games they played.  And plus, also you can have more than one favorite kids’ game because sometimes games are way too much fun to pick one as the best of all of them.

  • Kick The Can
  • Red Rover
  • Simon Says
  • Tag
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Blind Man’s Bluff
  • Hopscotch
  • What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?
  • Mother May I?
  • Capture The Flag
  • Tug Of war
  • Chinese Skipping
  • Double Dutch Skipping
  • Four Square
  • Hide and Seek

If you have a game that’s not on my list, that’s okay.  Just tell me the name of it in the comments section (either here or on my Facebook page) and how it gets played because maybe it’s a game lots of other people remember and maybe even a game that kids my age maybe want to learn to play.

Some games you need a lot of space so you can play it.  That would be games like Tag and Red Rover and Hide and Seek.  But some games you don’t need so much space like Simon Says and Hopscotch.  Also some games are not nice games like Dodgeball because kids and grown-ups can get hurt playing that game and that definitely is not fun at all.  So, no Dodgeball, okay?

I’m thinking it would be great also to find out about kids’ games that get played in other countries because probably in England and Europe and Australia and Africa and Canada and other countries, they have games I never even ever heard of before.  How much fun would that be to learn new games?

That’s all from me this week, and remember:  Twenty twenty one is more than just counting.  It’s the new year!


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All About January

Welcome to 2021:  A new year with lots and lots of chances to do great things.

First off, I want to let everybody know that January is National Soup Month, so if you love soup, this month is for sure your month.  I love soup.  Hot soup mostly, but sometimes my one grandma, she makes this potato and leek soup that has a really hard name to say and even hard to spell, and she serves it cold and it’s crazy delicious.  Anyway, my most favorite is wonton soup with veggies in it and my next favorite is homemade chicken noodle soup.  My friend, Titi Vlar, she likes cabbage soup the most, and after that, any veggie soup that has cabbage in it.

It’s also National Hot Tea Month.  I hardly ever drink tea except for sometimes when we eat at a Chinese restaurant and then I get to drink green tea so I can pretend we’re visiting China.  My mom loves English Breakfast Tea and also green tea.  Sometimes she drinks ginger tea with honey and lemon juice in it.  It smells superly delicious.

Also it’s National Book Blitz Month so that means boatloads and buckets of book reading!

I also found out from my Grandpa Barrett that January is National Brain Teaser Month.  Puzzles and riddles can be brain teasers.  I think sometimes puns can be, too, but I’m not sure about that.  I’ll have to ask my grandpa so I know for sure.  Anyway, brain teasers are superly great way to exercise your brain.  Think of brain teasers like aerobics for your mind.  Here’s a example of a excellent brain teaser.

BRAIN TEASER:  A man stands on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?

ANSWER:  The river is frozen.

And one more important national month announcement is that January is National Hobby Month!

I have a lot of hobbies, and that’s because my mom and both my grandmas and both my grandpas and both  my brothers are always showing me how to do neat, new things.    I don’t do all of them perfect (actually, I do some really well and some not so well and none of them perfect) but I have a lot of fun doing them, and even more fun when I’m doing them with someone else that knows how to do that hobby superly well.

This year, I’m going to teach myself how to do some origami.  I know I’m going to have to start with crazy easy patterns but I’m going to memorize every pattern I do so it’s stuck in my head like crazy glue stuck.  That way if I’m somewhere that’s boring, I can just find some paper and make it square and then origami it.  I already know how to make a owl and a star (the star is kind of hard to remember how to do still) so stay tuned to find out what else I learn to make with origami in 2021.

That’s all from me this week, so remember:  Twenty twenty one is more than just counting.  It’s the new year!

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