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Neat Info About Refrigerator Veggies

My Grandpa Two Rivers is really smart about growing vegetables and fruits and herbs, and last month when I was visiting him and Grandma Two Rivers, he asked me if I wanted to start my own garden at his place so I could have two gardens: One at my house and one at their house.

I was excited and said sure because I think having two gardens would be a little bit like running a very small business and that’s important to know how to do if I’m going to grow up to be a private eye undercover supersleuth detective.

So he went to the fridge and pulled out some celery that only had like four stalks still on it, and he pulled off the four stalks, and handed me the end. I thought he wanted me to throw it out, so I started to take it to the garbage when my grandpa said, “Hey, where are you going with that celery plant?”

I said, “To the garbage. There’s no more celery stalks on it.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I looked at him, then at the celery stalk, and then back at him. “I’m sure,” I replied.

“Look again,” he told me, so I did. I still didn’t see anything except the celery end, so I was a little bit mixed-up about what I was supposed to see.

“Bring it back to the counter,” my grandpa told me, so I brought it back. He took it from my hand, and said, “If you keep this part of the celery, you can grow your own celery, fresh out of your garden.”

Then he took a small aluminum tart tin, filled it with water, and put the celery end in the water.

“When you come back in three or four days, you’ll see something amazing happening with that celery end that most people just throw out,” he said with a smile. He wasn’t lying either, because when I came back three days later, I saw something I didn’t expect to see.

“In a couple more weeks, we can transplant this from the tart tin into a small container with dirt,” my grandpa informed me. I was excited to see what would happen in two more weeks, and then, just like that, two weeks had gone by and it was time to transplant the celery end from the tart tin into a container.

It’s been a week since my grandpa and I transplated that celery end into good dirt to grow, and today I took a picture of it sitting in the sun with some of my grandma’s other plants.

How cool is it to find out that you can grow celery from the end most people throw away in the garbage?

I’m going to ask my grandpa if we can do the same thing with any other vegetables. I know it works with pineapple tops because when I showed grandma my celery plant, she showed me her pineapple plant!

Missy Barrett
13 January 2023

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Dreams Are Weird Things Sometimes

Last night I had one of those weirdy weird dreams people sometimes have that make zero zip sense and probably mean nothing except that they’re weirdy weird and when you wake up, you wonder what that dream was all about anyway. This is what I dreamed.

I dreamed that all the stone work in our backyard got all soggy because there was so much rain for days and days, and they started to fall apart. That worried me so in my dream I went into the backyard to find out what was going on with the stones, and I found out they were turning into soggy cardboard boxes so probably they got rained on a whole lot in my dream before I found out they were soggy cardboard boxes.

When I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast, I told Josh about my dream and he said sometimes dreams don’t mean anything. He said sometimes it’s just a brain dump to get rid of things that are taking up space in the creative department of our heads and dreams like that are decluttering to make it easier to get more ideas.

Then Aaron showed up for breakfast and I told him about my dream. He pondered the dream while he poured himself a bowl of cereal, then said, “If I was to venture a guess, Missy, it has to do with the fact that this weekend, mom’s putting all the Christmas decorations away. They’re going back into the cardboard boxes they were in when we decorated the house at the beginning of December. But that’s just my guess. I might be reading your dream the wrong way, but that’s what I think your dream is about.”

When I told my mom my dream, she told me to write it down in a journal and maybe in a couple weeks, the dream would make more sense to me … or not.

This afternoon, I phoned my Grandpa Two Rivers up and told him about my dream because he’s pretty good at figuring out what other people’s dreams are about. He said before he could tell me what my dream meant, I had to tell him what stones and cardboard boxes meant to me, and that was a problem for me because stones are stones and carboard boxes are cardboard boxes. So that was another dead end explanation for that stupid dream.

My Grandma Barrett has a dream dictionary so I called her next. She said her book said the stones were ideas and thoughts, and that cardboard boxes were telling me I didn’t have very much protection against risk. Then she flipped through the book to see what rain meant and it was all about clearing out troubles and problems. None of that made any sense to me and my grandma said it didn’t make any sense to her either because my ideas don’t need protecting, and plus, I don’t have to worry about troubles and problems because that’s what parents and grandparents do for kids.

After some more thinking, I’m thinking my dream was probably a nonsense dream because I didn’t have any exciting dream ideas in my head when I fell asleep last night, and that’s okay with me because you can’t expect to have exciting dreams every single night when you go to sleep.

Missy Barrett
6 January 2023

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