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Six Day Countdown

Today is the beginning of the “Six Day Countdown.”  If you don’t know already, in six more days, I’m having a Pinwheels and Pearls Garden Tea Party at the Fort Sanders Sevier Senior Center in Sevierville (TN).  It’s going to be a real old-fashioned garden tea party and it’s going to be outside, by the lake, and near the gazebo.  The tables are going to have real linens and lace on them, and Laurence Evans (he’s one of the main people at the Senior Center and he’s helping put this tea party together with me and my mom) told me and my mom that they have ceramic teapots that are perfect for this event!

Some special people at the Senior Center are making homemade sweet treats for this garden tea party.  One person is making scones because that’s what you have with afternoon tea, and another person is making special shortbread cookies.  I don’t want to give away any surprises but here’s something I can tell you.  Next Wednesday, I’m going to write a blog entry all about the party and I’m going to include pictures so you can see what the surprises were.

Also, Christie from Mom’s Vintage Kitchen in downtown Sevierville, she’s making lemon cookies just right for a garden tea party.  I got this from Mom’s Vintage Kitchen‘s website so you can see how amazing those lemon cookies are for sure going to taste!

Also, there’s going to be door prizes and there’s going to be special guests that are real and also are in my book, “Pinwheels and Pearls.”  There’s Marc Hightower from Sky High Air Tours (he’ll be there).  And there’s Sophia Conerly from Relay For Life of Sevier County (she’ll be there).  And there’s Will Godzson and I met him at the Pepper Palace when my Grandpa Barrett took me on a VIP tour of the Pepper Palace facilities.  And all three of them are in my book!  Isn’t that superly cool or what?

Anyway, I’ve been making decorations for my tea party and here’s a picture of something I made except the picture isn’t what they look like all finished up.  I think it’s a good idea to make people guess what these are and what they’re going to look like at the tea party.

On Saturday, my mom is taking me to get some pictures printed to do the next part of my table decorating idea.  I told my Grandma Barrett what I was making and she said she just loves my ideas.  She said it’s the little touches that make a garden tea party superly special and that’s exactly the kind of garden tea party we’re having next Tuesday (by the way, so you don’t forget, next Tuesday is September 26).

In case you didn’t see the invitation yet, here’s what it looks like.  If you didn’t buy your ticket yet, just call the Senior Center tomorrow or Friday or Monday and get your ticket so you’re not disappointed.  The tickets are selling superly fast and there’s only so much place at the garden tea party tables!  So here’s the invitation for you to look at.

If you don’t want to come alone to the tea party, share this blog entry with some friends and all of you can come to the tea party.  Think about how much fun this is going to be for you and your friends.  The tea party starts at 2 in the afternoon and my Grandma Barrett says that’s just the right time to have tea.

See you there!


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A Open Letter to the International Astronomical Union

Dear International Astronomical Union people,

There’s a problem only you can fix.

There’s articles that say the International Astronomical Union is going to make Pluto a planet again and there’s articles that say the International Astronomical Union is going to not make Pluto a planet again. There’s articles from Forbes and articles from space.com and articles from physics-astronomy.com and articles from USA Today and way more, and it looks like nobody is agreeing about if Pluto is a planet or not a planet.

I’m 9 years old and I love Pluto … a lot.

For years and years and years, Pluto was a planet and then one day, the International Astronomical Union de-planeted Pluto for a few reasons. One of the reasons was because Pluto was smaller than all the other planets in the solar system. Another reason was because Pluto has a orbit that’s not a circle (it’s a oval).

Then the International Astronomical Union said Pluto was a plutoid.

Here’s the thing, International Astronomical Union people: When a person or a animal is way smaller than the others in the group, that person or animal is just the smallest person in the group. Some people call the smallest animal the runt of the litter. If it’s a puppy dog, no one says, “Oh, that’s the runt of the litter. He can’t be called a dog anymore. He’s going to be a dog-oid.”

Also, just because Pluto doesn’t go around in circles doesn’t mean it’s not a planet. What if all the other planets are boy planets and Pluto is a girl planet but nobody figured that part out yet? Or what if all the other planets are regular planets and Pluto is a independent thinker planet?

My Grandpa Barrett says I’m not a regular kid. He says I’m a independent thinker. But you know what he does NOT say? He does NOT say, “Oh, that Missy. She’s not a regular kid, she’s a independent thinker so she’s not a kid anymore. She’s a human-oid. She’s not a kid anymore. She’s de-kidded because she’s a independent thinker.”

I know you guys promote science and define planets. That’s what space.com says about you guys. I know you guys are a organization of professional astronomers. That’s what your website says about you guys.

Also, I know you guys already gave fourteen places on Pluto names this month, and you named some of those places after underworld mythology. I don’t get that. How come the underworld? What did Pluto ever do to you guys for you to be so mean of her?

So please, if you guys at the International Astronomical Union and SETI Institute and New Horizons and NASA would just say already that Pluto is a real planet like all the others in our solar system, that would be a great place to start, and I promise not to complain about the underworld stuff anymore.

I think that would be a great compromise. A small one but even though it would be a small one, you should know that I will NOT call it a compromoid.


Missy Barrett
Pluto Is A Planet

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