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Superly Busy These Days

So the last few days, I’ve been superly busy with opening up packages that are getting sent to me from lots of really cool places.  There was this one package from the National Air Transportation Association and it had a special certificate inside just for me.  That one I posted a Breaking News entry about on my blog.

In the newspaper, there was a article even.  I took a picture of it so I could share it on my blog with all of you guys.  Here’s what it said.

The Mountain Press_24 August 2016

I’m thinking that some more great stuff is going to happen between now and when the book launch happens plus all the great stuff that’s going to happen at the book launch.  I’m thinking this could be the event of the season.  Maybe I should ask my mom if we can rent a red carpet and get Aaron to take pictures of people that show up for the book launch.


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National Aviation Day

Today is National Aviation Day and as a honorary member of NATA I want to thank everyone involved in aviation for what they do!

This holiday was established in 1939.  It’s also Orville Wright’s birthday.  If you don’t know who he is, him and his brother Wilbur were the guys who flew an airplane at Kitty Hawk.

That plane was called the Wright Flyer and boy oh boy were they ever right (get the pun?) about flying.  It’s a lot of fun.  I should know because my book launch on August 30th is all about going for a ride in Marc Hightower’s 1927 Waco biplane.

So Happy National Aviation Day everybody!  And remember to give a great big Missy Barrett style hey hello and thank you to anyone you know that works in the airplane business from flying to building to everything!

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