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I’ve Been To Alcatraz

Honest, I have been to Alcatraz and I’m not making that up at all.  My mom took me there after school today and I can prove it even.  Well, I can’t exactly prove it but mostly I can prove it because here’s a picture I took with my regular old camera that doesn’t work so well anymore.


I’m guessing that there’s another Alcatraz and it’s probably called Alcatraz West, and it’s probably somewhere in the Wild West part of America because back in the Wild West days, there were lots of criminals in the Wild West and if there’s a Alcatraz East, there has to be a Alcatraz West, right?

Anyway, there were lots of exhibits, and there was this one with a chopping-off-your-head thing (I forgot what it was called and I don’t want to bug my mom and ask her because she’s tired like me from doing so much walking at the museum).  But then I looked through the part where the head is supposed to go and it had a sign in it.  Oh wait, I just read the sign again and there’s the word for what it is.  So there was this guillotine and the sign on the table behind it said:  Trying to tempt death?  Please do NOT climb on the guillotine!  So I didn’t.  I just took a picture instead.


There was loads of information at the museum and that’s good for a kid like me because when I grow up, I’m going to be a private eye detective.  I read almost all the information put up on the walls, and looked at guns and bullets and hanging ropes and prison stuff.  And you know what else I saw when I was there?  I saw the Bonnie and Clyde 1934 Ford car!  Bonnie and Clyde were criminals in the very old-fashioned days and every time they robbed a bank or something like that, they always made their getaway in a ’34 Ford car.  After they got away safe, they would write a nice thank you letter to Henry Ford because they were happy he made such excellent Ford cars.  Here’s a picture of Bonnie and Clyde’s favorite car to steal when they were busy being bad criminals.


NOTE TO READERS:  You can read all about the Bonnie and Clyde ’34 Ford cars in my book,Barracudas and Impalas.”

There were lots of bullets and handcuffs and badges and guns in lots of cases all over the museum.  Some were from the Wild West days and some were from modern days, but the ones I liked most were the ones from the Bonnie and Clyde days.  And plus, the Dillinger days because John Dillinger was Public Enemy Number One and that was back in the Bonnie and Clyde days so that’s interesting, too.


I took so many pictures that my mom said my camera batteries probably were going to give out and when they did, she just put more batteries in and gave me that look she gives that says, “Don’t go thinking I’ve got more of those in my bag because I don’t.”  So I tried not to take so many pictures but I couldn’t help it because there were so many exhibits that had important stuff in them that I have to know for when I’m a private eye detective for real, and get money to solve crimes nobody else can figure out.

And now I’m going to show you my last picture for this entry and do you know what it is?  It’s fingerprint powder and a fingerprint powder brush (I guess that makes it a fingerprint kit).  If anyone wants to know what to get kids like me for Valentine’s Day, fingerprint powder and a fingerprint powder brush would probably be better than regular old every day chocolate and stuff like that.


So now you know why my Wednesday entry got put up at the end of the day instead of the beginning of the day, and it’s probably going to get put up later than I’m allowed to stay up because all my entries have to get approved by Editor Mom or Editor Aaron (my big brother) before they go up on my blog.  I hope Editor Aaron is in charge of okaying this.



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49 Out Of 50 States

This week I was supposed to go back to school on Monday except that I didn’t and it’s not because I have a cold or something like that.  It’s because Monday and Tuesday were snow days and when the weatherman on television says don’t go to school, you think you probably shouldn’t go to school.  But when the school people say don’t go to school, that’s a for sure that you’re not supposed to go to school.  If the school people aren’t even going to be at school, then how are the students going to get in?  So I stayed home instead.

But if you think I just sat around the house and watched television and played video games and bugged my mom a lot, I’m going to tell you some of the stuff I did that helped my mom.  For one thing (and she didn’t even have to ask me to do this and plus I did it so Josh and Aaron would see that I’m just as good at it as they are), I shoveled our front walk and driveway.  I made sure every bit of snow got shoveled off and then I sprinkled some kitty litter on the driveway part where the ice likes to show up.  If you never used kitty litter for that before, just be sure you use fresh kitty litter just because, okay?   I’m not going to say how come because if you just think about it for a minute, you’ll get the picture, right?

Also, my mom sometimes has to send out lots of letters because her business is at our house so I let her know I was available for free envelope stuffing duty and free postage putting on the envelopes.  She didn’t have any envelopes for me to work on the first day but on Tuesday she had a lot so I spent a whole hour doing that for her.  I made sure the stamps were on straight and not wiggly woggly crookedy and falling over the side a bit messy like.  I put them exactly where they were supposed to be on every single envelope.  My mom said I did a superly great job of that.

I did some drawings of my kitty cats, Sali Dali Cat and Oreo Speedwagon.  They sleep a lot in the daytime so it was easy to get them to model sleeping for me when I was drawing them.  I worked really hard on those drawings.  I showed them to Josh (because he’s a awesome at drawing) and he said I did a really good job.  Then he showed me a few things I could do to make the drawings look more real and I can hardly believe how better he made my drawings just be telling me a couple of important things to try.  Mostly Josh told me to always remember what direction the light is coming in.

We walked around the house and he showed me how if the light comes in from one direction, there’s a shadow on the opposite direction if something’s in the way.  So if the sun is coming in the window on the left side of my picture and there’s a box on the floor, then on the right side of the box, there’s going to be a shadow that’s the shape of the box.  I figured out fast that if Sali Dali Cat is lying right next to Oreo Speedwagon and the light is on Sali Dali Cat’s side, then some of Sali Dali Cat’s shadow has to show up on Oreo Speedwagon’s fur (but not too much).  And then some of Oreo Speedwagon’s shadow has to show up on the floor or the chair or wherever my cats are sleeping when I draw them.  That was a very important drawing tip to learn.  Now my drawings are going to look way better and that’s because Josh showed me the trick of it.

Anyway, Josh and me got to make lunch for everyone together on Monday and Tuesday, and we got to make supper for everyone together on Tuesday.  I wanted to make something fancy but Josh said fancy isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be.  He said we should make something delicious and nutritious and basic for supper so we made  hamburgers and homemade fries with all the fixings.  It was a lot of work and Josh wouldn’t let me cut up the onions to make onion rings because he said if I accidentally cut my finger, it would sting because onion juice is really stingy.  I figured he was probably right because if you slice a onion, it burns your eyeballs, so imagine how much it would hurt if juice instead of smells got in a cut instead.  That probably would make you wish onions never even ever got invented.

NOTE TO SELF:  Look up when onions got invented and who came up with the idea that onions were a good idea.

I had extra time to do other things around the house, so I sorted all the laundry out but I didn’t wash it.  That’s because by the time I got everybody’s laundry sorted (because this time I even went to get Aaron and Josh’s laundry and plus my mom’s out of their rooms), Aaron was back home from college and he said he wanted to finish up the laundry so I said okay to that.  Besides, my mom says there’s no such thing as pink jobs and blue jobs.  There’s just jobs that need to get done so that’s why it didn’t matter if it was me or Aaron that did the laundry because we kind of did it together except one at a time if you get what I mean.

I got to talk to both of my grandmas and grandpas a couple different times on the phone.  I told them it was so cold outside that kids weren’t allowed to go to school so they should stay home, too, because probably it wasn’t so good for grandma and grandpas to go outside either.  My one grandpa said he had to go out to shovel the driveway so I told him about the kitty litter trick in case the ice was on his driveway like at our house.  He said kitty litter was a excellent tip and he was going to remember to try that.    After I hung up the phone, I had to call him back.  My grandpa doesn’t have a kitty cat, so he probably doesn’t have any kitty litter.  I told him not to worry because I was going to ask my mom to bring some kitty litter to their house so he wouldn’t have to go out to the store in the bad weather to get some just for his driveway.

So probably by now you’re wondering how come I called this entry “49 Out Of 50 States.”  That’s because when I was watching the weatherman on the television last night, he said that every State in the U.S. had snow except Florida.  Florida got zero zip snow everywhere so that means that 49 States out of 50 got snow.

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