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It’s Flu Season!

So probably last week when you came to my blog to read my next blog article, you said, “Hey, where’s Missy’s blog entry?  I thought she was going to write a entry every week in 2020.”

Well, I was going to do that but my editor (meaning, my mom, Jenna Barrett of Jenna Barrett Marketing) said I could not because I was sick and trying to get better from having the flu that kicked the skittles out of me so bad for almost two whole weeks.  The week before I got the flu, my brother Josh had the flu (he got it first), and I kept saying, “Josh, you better not give me the flu.”  He gave me the flu anyway, but I still love him.

The first rule for not catching the flu from somebody that’s coughing and sneezing and breathing germs all over the place is to stay three feet away from them at all times.  This is how I wound up getting sick.  It’s hard to stay three feet away from a brother that’s going up the stairs when you’re coming down the stairs, and it’s even way harder to stay three feet away from a brother that sits right beside you at the kitchen table at suppertime.  So that’s mostly how I wound up getting Josh’s flu.

Here are some other important things to do that help keep you healthy.

Wash your hands a lot, and I don’t mean just for the regular things like you get taught when you’re little.  Wash your hands a lot more often when you’re around someone that’s sick.  So that means if you pick up their clothes and put them in the laundry basket, wash your hands because there’s lots of bad germs on those clothes.  Also that means after you dump their waste paper basket out in the bigger garbage bag, wash your hands because germs jump off things and on to other things like your hands.  You get the idea, right?

Also, after you dump out that waste paper basket in the bigger garbage bag, you should clean that waste paper basket out with one of those sanitizing throw-away cloths that are supposed to kill 99% of all germs on all surfaces.  That helps make germs not feel welcome, and helps keep you more safe than if you don’t do that kind of thing to keep surfaces clean.

Sometimes my mom says if there aren’t too many dishes or cutleries (that’s a fancy word for forks and knives and spoons and stuff like that), it’s okay to wash them by hand except for when someone in the house is sick.  Then any dishes or cutleries we use have to get washed in the dishwasher because the hot water in the dishwasher is way hotter than any hot water that gets put in the sink to wash dishes and cutleries.  That helps to disinfect the dishes and cutleries, and I think it’s probably going to make those dishes superly clean like hospital clean, if you get my meaning.

If someone in your house is sick, that person isn’t the only one that should be doing a lot of good sleeping.  You have to make sure you get enough good sleeping, too, because sometimes if you get over-tired, those germs say, “Hey, there’s another person in this house that we can go bug.”  Then they do just that.

At my school, so many kids got the flu that they shut it down for three whole days and then they disinfected everything.  They disinfected the desks and the lockers and the chairs and the doors and door knobs and the lockers and the walls and even the teachers’ room where the teachers go to get away from students at recess and lunchtime.

So remember to do everything you can to make it hard for the flu to want to mess up your time being a kid, and if you do get sick, do everything your mom and the doctor tell you to do so you can get back on your feet faster than if you don’t listen to them.

I’m Missy Barrett and this is 2020.

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Appreciate All They Do

On Thursday, January 9, it’s National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!  What does that mean?  Probably not too much because most people don’t pay attention to National days unless it means they get a day off from school or work.  But they matter to me and my friends.  We care about what those national days are all about, but especially when it’s about recognizing the important things people do:  People like law enforcement people doing law enforcement.

Who qualifies to be called law enforcement?  Anybody that takes a oath to make it their sworn duty to uphold the law.  So officers who serve and protect  people in your area, this day is for you!

I love the officers of law enforcement, but especially the ones where I live because I live here and they keep me and my family and friends safe.    The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office and the Sevierville Police Department and the Pigeon Forge Police Department and the Gatlinburg Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee State Police  …. all of them put their own lives on the line every single day just so people like me and my family and friends can feel safe and be safe where we live.  But those aren’t the only Law Enforcement people out there.  There are others!

Did you know that Fish and Game Wardens and National Park Police are also Law Enforcement?  If you didn’t know that before, you know it now, and that’s a good thing.

Border Patrol Officers are also Law Enforcement, and the officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (they get called the FBI), and so are the Secret Service that protect the President of the United States of America.

So remember that on Thursday, January 9, it’s National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and my way of thinking is that the best way you can appreciate your local law enforcement is to obey the laws where you live every single day of the year.

I’m Missy Barrett, and this is 2020.

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