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First off, I want everybody to know that most people do not know how amazing a illusionist and magician Chris MacPherson of Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is.  Not even his assistant!  Last week, my family and me, we went to see “Vaudeville Extravaganza.”  For part of the show, Chris MacPherson is a illusionist and plus a magician, and every time he’s on stage with Emma, his assistant, he holds up this piece of rope and tells everybody in the audience it’s six feet long.  Except everybody — even Emma, his assistant — only sees a piece of rope that’s maybe two feet long.  Here’s the thing:  If Chris MacPherson says the rope is six feet long, then it’s six feet long, and if the audience and plus Emma, his assistant, only sees a rope that’s two feet long, then that’s like David Copperfield disappearing the Statue of Liberty like he did that one time in front of a live audience and plus everybody watching  the illusion on their TVs.

So if the only reason you go to see “Vaudeville Extravaganza” is to see the amazing illusions of the Great Chris MacPherson, you totally will be amazed at how awesome his magic illusions are!

But that’s not the only reason you should go see this new show.  There’s lots and lots of good reasons to see the show.  One of the other excellent reasons is that in this show, they even do a complete retelling of a special children’s fairy tale.  I won’t tell you which one because that probably would spoil the surprise because if I tell you which one and then show you pictures, you for sure are going to know what to expect and where’s the fun in that?  So I’ll just post some pictures of the fairy tale, and when you see the show for yourself, you’re going to say to yourself, “Hey, that’s the fairy tale I read about on Missy’s blog.”

There’s lots of royal skits this time around and that’s probably because Prince Harry and Megan Markle just had a baby.  They called him Archie, probably after the comic book character, but I don’t know for sure.  I just think probably that’s where they got the name from because who doesn’t know about Archie and Veronica and Betty and Reggie and Jughead and Moose and all that?

Also, there’s lots of explaining at the beginning of the show about how come the playbill isn’t going to be exactly what the playbill says the playbill is going to be, but don’t worry because Emma and Stephanie and Christopher and Chris are superly talented, and even when a playbill isn’t going to be exactly what the playbill says the playbill is going to be, it turns out that it really isn’t so different after all.  That’s just how everybody at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre rolls … making the surprises superly huge surprises even when they’re not surprises after all but turn out to be surprises all at the same time.

There’s no Ollie this time around but that’s okay because there’s lots of singing and dancing and corny jokes.  Okay, maybe they’re not corny jokes but you sure can’t call them sugar-coated chocolate box jokes either.  They’re more like out of the ark jokes (that’s what my Grandpa Two Rivers calls them and he loves those kinds of jokes).  Also, some of them are very educational so those are the kind of jokes you really want to hear.

Every show has a sing-a-long segment and I really love those sing-a-longs, mostly because the songs are way old songs from the old-fashioned days from way back when, and it doesn’t matter if my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett go with us to see the show or if my Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers go with us to see the show, they always know all the words without even reading them off the handout you get when you get seated before the show starts!  How cool is that?

Like always I put together a excellent collage of the most recent show I saw at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, and I’m giving this show a bazillion cool jokes rating with a special mention for the most awesomest illusions ever done live in front of a audience that loves getting entertained by actors and comedians and magicians and all that great stuff.

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