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To The Moon and Back

Last week, my mom and me, we went to the Farmers Market that got moved from the Bruce Street gazebo to the parking lot that’s in front of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce (where I’m my mom and me are members), and when we were there, so was the Fire Department except they were not there for a fire. They were there with the vintage fire engine they have, and I just love how brand new it looks even if it’s way old.

Old Fire Engine 2

The two firemen that were there talked with me about the fire department, and I told them about how I took way lots of pictures at the new fire house when it opened up a few months ago. They didn’t remember seeing me there but I let them know I have lots of pictures that I could only get if I went to their Open House event. They said they believed me even without seeing the pictures, so that was nice of them. Probably all their fire training is what makes them a hundred percent good at figuring out if someone’s not telling the truth.

Then I looked at more stuff at their tent, and then I took a picture of this bag, mostly because it’s superly cool and plus, I just like how it was all floppy on the table and stuff like that.  Also, it’s the kind of thing my big brother Josh sometimes likes to draw just because it’s neat.  So this picture kind of does double duty, if you get what I mean.

Fire Department Bag

That’s when I saw something so weirdy weird in a good way that I asked my mom if we could do the Farmers Market backwards because she likes going in a circle that always turns to the right. I needed to go in a circle that went to the left.

If you look at the picture of the fire department bag, you can see what I saw, and maybe you can figure out what was so weirdy weird in a good way.  Can you see it?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a tent like in the olden day movies of tents in the desert with camels and Lawrence of Arabias.  Now do you see it?  It had green and purple and blue flowy drapes just like in those olden day movies!   I mean, that the drapes were flowy like in the movies, not that the drapes in the movies were green and purple and blue except some of them were on the inside but they weren’t drapes.  They were more like walls made out of carpets that didn’t fly like the ones in the Disney show “Aladdin” do.

When we got over there, we met the people there, and they  have this business called Sublunar Inspirations, and everything in their booth was amazing.  Mostly I liked the purple unicorn earrings because they were so pretty and just the right size for me.  They were not too big and not too small.  That’s how I knew they were just right for me.  Anyway, the two people are married with each other, and they were the makers of everything in their tent that was for sale.

Just so you know, I think they were probably makers of everything in their tent that was not for sale, too, but when it’s not for sale, you don’t ask questions like that because maybe you’re kind of being rude to ask because probably they did make even that stuff, too.

My mom asked the lady for a business card so I could go on their website and see what else they have for sale because you can’t bring everything with you when you have a tent at a Farmers Market.  You can only bring so much as my Grandma Two Rivers says.  That’s why I needed to know what their website address was, so I could see everything, not just a lot of things.

I hope they don’t get mad at me, but I wanted to show you guys some of the earrings from their website that I really, really, really love.

Sublunar Inspirations

They don’t just make earrings.  They make a lot of stuff.  It’s just that earrings are my thing right now, and especially when there’s kitty cat or puppy dog paws involved or turtles or penguins.  Mostly I want to get the penguins because I just love penguins so much.  They don’t make any Pluto the Planet earrings yet, but probably they are going to soon because of the name of their business.  After all, it’s got the word LUNAR in it and that means the moon, and that means outer space which is where Pluto the Planet is.

This weekend, I’m going to a couple of fun events, so read all about it next week on my blog and plus on my Facebook fan page.

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Making Up Jokes and Telling Them

I like to make up jokes, and I love puns especially the most.  Sometimes my jokes are superly funny, but sometimes they are so superly funny that my brothers don’t get them.  That’s what happened to me way earlier this week when I was telling my brand new, hot off the press, new jokes to my big brother Josh.  Here’s what happened.

“Hey, Josh, what kind of alcohol does a cow drink?”

“I don’t know.”


Then I waited for him to laugh, but he didn’t.   So I told him my next joke.

“Why did the cow leave the comedy show early?” I asked him.

“I don’t know.”

“Because he cud not take the jokes anymore.”

Josh groaned.

“Bulls are really great drivers. Wanna know how come?” I asked.  I didn’t wait for Josh to say “I don’t know.”  I just told him.  “Because they know how to steer.”

Josh gave me a weird look, probably because I was laughing at that joke for being so crazy funny.

“Okay, now tell me this,” I kept on going, “How can you tell if a cow is from Hoboken?”

“I don’t know.”

“His birth certificate says he’s a Jersey.”

When he forgot to laugh again, I said, “The cow’s birth certificate?  A baby cow just born is new.  You know New Jersey?  Hoboken?”

Josh gave me that look grown-ups sometimes get except he’s only half grown-up, and he rolled his eyes.  I don’t know why because these were superly hilarious Missy Barrett jokes.  I didn’t even tell him the jokes I didn’t think weren’t any good to tell.  But you know, sometimes big brothers just do things like that when they think jokes are funny but it’s not cool to laugh at them because they’re teenagers.  I know because my mom sometimes asks him if he’s too busy being a cool teenager to laugh at her jokes, so probably that’s the same reason for him not laughing at my jokes.

“Okay, how about this?  What did the one cow say to the other when she was bragging about stuff?”

“I don’t know.”

“Bully for you.”  And then I laughed a really loud belly laugh so he’d know that was the punch line, except I was the only one laughing.

“Bully for you?” I repeated.  “You know, like what Grandpa Barrett sometimes says to people when he’s not impressed with their bragging, and a boy cow is a bull, so you know, bully for you.  Cows.  Bulls.  Bragging.”  Then I laughed again really, really hard, but Josh didn’t even crack a smile.

“Missy,” he said to me, “just because you find your jokes funny doesn’t mean other people are going to find them funny.  I’m one of those people.  Those jokes aren’t funny to me.  Maybe they’ll be crazy hilarious at school tomorrow, but they totally are not working for me when I hear them.”

“They’re puns, Josh,” I explained so he would know they weren’t grown-up style jokes.  They were kid style jokes and me being a kid, those are the kinds of jokes I always make up.  They’re funny to kids because we don’t have to worry about making them what my mom calls sophisticated humor.  They’re good old regular kid funny.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to get too far with Josh when it comes to trying my jokes out on someone, so I’m going to tell those jokes and some new ones I’m working on tomorrow to my other brother, Aaron.  I’m pretty sure Aaron is going to laugh, mostly because he has a great sense of humor (and plus, he’s not a teenager any more so he knows funny when he hears something funny).  That’s what he says.  He says his friends all say he has the best sense of humor ever.  I’ll let you guys know on my Facebook page how Aaron reacts when he hears all my cow jokes.

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