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Helping My Neighbors

on April 22, 2015

Yesterday, when my mom’s friend, Roy, was at our place, I helped him check out any cracks on the outside and inside of the cement of my mom’s house (you know, the basement part on the inside, and the part that sticks up out of the ground on the outside).  He helps my mom make sure that “the little things” get taken care of so she doesn’t have to pay “big bucks” to somebody else to come fix things around here.

He got his trowels (that’s the right name for them but they look like the thing my grandma uses for taking cake pieces out of the cake and putting them onto dessert plates) and some already-made cement in a pail that was in the back of his truck, and he let me help him patch up a few things.  That was a lot of fun, and really important work because someday when I’m a grown-up, I’m going to have a house of my own, too, so I need to know how to fix “the little things” all by myself.

Anyway, when he went in to talk to my mom, I saw that a grandma neighbor having trouble walking down the street on her way home from the grocery store a couple blocks down from us.  She has one of those buggy things on wheels that she pulls behind her that she puts her groceries in so she doesn’t have to carry the bags back in her arms, and maybe fall down and get hurt.  When she walked past our house, I asked her if she wanted me to get one of my brothers to help her but she said, “No, thank you.”

It bugged me that the sidewalk was making things really hard for to make her buggy follow right, and when I looked at the problem, I figured out what was wrong all by myself.  There are cracks in some of the blocks of the sidewalk, and sometimes from one block to the other block, it’s not very equal.  Some are higher and some are lower, and I could see how that it was probably stuff like that, that was making the buggy get wibbly wobbly all over the place.

When Roy came back out, he was in a hurry and he left pretty fast.  He left so fast I didn’t even get to tell him anything about what I just figured out about the sidewalk.  But that’s okay because when he comes back over today, he’s going to be really proud of what he showed me to do yesterday.

I borrowed some of his trowels and the pail with the already-made cement, and I fixed the most worst cracks on this block so that the grandma neighbor won’t have so much trouble anymore when she goes up and down our block with her buggy.  I hope Roy brings another pail of already-made cement so I can finish the job right.  There’s this one crack at the end of the block that’s really bad and it needed so much already-made cement to fill it up that I used up everything I already had.

And plus, I remembered the lesson I learned that time when I made Missyglyphics and got in trouble for not cleaning things up so they didn’t get wrecked.  I cleaned the trowels I borrowed with water from the garden hose when the already-made cement was still mushy so it didn’t get dried on and impossible to get off like last time.  I even dried them up nice with a dish towel from my mom’s kitchen so they wouldn’t get rusted up and yucky to use.  I even cleaned the pail so he can put more already-made cement in it to finish the job.

I think Roy’s going to be real proud of showing me how to fix cracks in cement.


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