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There’s Information Missing

There’s this math question my brother, Josh, asked me to answer but I couldn’t answer it so I put it on my Facebook page for help to answer and I still couldn’t answer it.  That’s why on my blog today, I’m going to explain how come I cannot answer this math question.  Here’s the question (it’s a picture problem).

The two pictures equal 30 so that means one picture equals 15.  The two pairs of cherries equal 20 so that means one pair of cherries equals 10.  The two whales equal 8 so that means one whale equals 4.  This is because the two pictures are identical, and the two pairs of cherries are identical, and the two whales are identical.

The math question is how much does one picture plus one cherry with a leaf plus one whale equal?  Some people say the answer is 29 and some people say the answer is 24.  I say there’s information missing.

How much does the leaf equal?

Think about it.  If a pair of cherries equals 10 and you split them up, the leaf only goes with one cherry because that’s what the picture shows.  So when you split up the cherries, one has a leaf and the other does not have a leaf.

How much does the leaf equal?

If the leaf equals zero, then 1 cherry equals 5.  That means the answer is 24.  But the picture shows that this is about identical things so when it’s about the identical pair of cherries, for sure each pair of cherries equals 10.  But when you split up the pair of cherries, the cherries aren’t identical anymore because one has a leaf and the other does not so they can’t be equal.

How much does the leaf equal?

If you say the leaf equals 1, that means that a cherry with a leaf equals 6 and a cherry with no leaf equals 4.  But there’s nothing in the picture problem that says how much the leaf equals so you can’t just say the leaf equals 1.  Maybe the leaf equals 2 because then the cherries are identical again.  If that was true, then one picture plus one cherry plus one leaf plus one whale would equal 25 because the equation would be 15 (picture) plus cherry (4) plus leaf (2) plus whale (4).

But the cherry that does not have a leaf looks a little bigger than the cherry that has the leaf so maybe the leaf equals 1 and the cherry that’s smaller equals 4 and the bigger cherry equals 5.  Then the equation would be 15 (picture) plus cherry (4) plus leaf (1) plus whale (4) and that would make the answer 24.

But the bigger cherry looks a lot bigger than the small cherry so maybe it equals 6 and the small cherry equals 4 and the leaf equals 0, or the bigger cherry equals 6 and the small cherry equals 3 and the leaf equals 2 because the leave is almost as big as the small cherry.

So that’s a big part of the problem solving the math problem because there’s missing information about the pair of cherries.  If there’s missing information, I cannot answer that question and neither can anyone else (not even my big brother Aaron and he’s in college) because you can’t guess at part of the equation and for sure get the right answer.  You will probably get a pretty close answer or maybe a right answer but if it’s a right answer, you won’t know for sure until someone tells you how much the leaf equals.

I hate math.

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Medical Emergency

Yesterday, I didn’t get my blog entry up because sometimes things happen you didn’t expect to happen, and everything else that’s supposed to happen gets moved around because of the thing that wasn’t supposed to happen happened.  I don’t know about where you live, but where we live it’s summer, and now I totally understand what someone means when they say something is going like 90 because summer around here is going like 90 — 90 degrees and higher!

Anyway, yesterday my brother Josh was running down the stairs to get to his summer job helping Roy at his shop on time.  I was in the kitchen eating breakfast and I heard him galumphing around upstairs in his bedroom.  Then I heard him running down the hallway, and then I heard something crash in the stairs.  It sounded like a herd of elephants were coming down the stairs but it wasn’t a herd of elephants.  It was Josh!

I ran over to the stairs and there he was sprawled all over the place halfway up the stairs.

“Josh, don’t move!” I told him.  I learned that from Aaron.  He says if someone looks like they might be hurt in a accident, the first thing to do is to make sure nobody moves the person that’s hurt.  That’s because if something is broken or almost broken, moving the person is going to make their injuries way worse than they already are.

Josh looked a bit stunned, but he smiled anyway.  “I’m okay, Missy,” he said.

“Oh no you’re not!”I said back.  “What happened?”

“My legs gave out.”

“Okay so did you hit your head when your legs gave out?”


“And did you hit any body parts on the walls or the railings when you fell down?”

“Of course I did, silly,” he laughed.  “I landed all over the place this time.”

“Is this maybe MG related?” I asked.  My brother Josh has Myasthenia Gravis and sometimes his muscles don’t work very well because of it.  Sometimes all it takes is a lot of hot weather to make things really bad for Josh.  That’s why I had to ask the question.  Usually, Josh doesn’t go apples over feathers down the stairs unless he trips or his MG is acting up.

“I think it might be,” he said.  “I’m feeling pretty weak.”

“Okay, so do NOT move,” I told him.  “I’m going to get a expert.  Mom’s on the back patio going over a proposal.”

Then I ran superly fast through the kitchen and out on the patio.  It didn’t take very long before I was back with Mom, and she asked him pretty much all of the same questions I did, plus a few more.  By then Aaron was coming down the stairs, so he stepped over Josh, then helped Josh stand up.  Mom told Aaron to help Josh into the front room to sit while she went to get his medication for him to take.

I got to phone Roy and tell him what happened, and Roy told me to tell Josh to take the day off and not worry about things at the shop.  I was going to hang out at the splash pad in town, but I changed my mind because maybe Josh or my mom might need some extra help around the house, so I stayed home.

Today was a way better day for Josh.  Mom made him promise he was going to take better care of himself, and to sit down at work if he felt wobbly or weird or weak.  I offered to go with him to Roy’s shop but mom and Josh both said it wasn’t necessary.  I stayed home a second day anyway instead of going to the splash pad in case I had to fill in for Josh at work.  I can’t do what Josh does, but I could free stuff up for Roy by answering his phone when it rings and filing important papers in the right places in the filing cabinet of his office.

The good news is that Josh didn’t need me to come help out.  He says that he’s going to go to bed early tonight, mostly because it was crazy hot again today and it’s going to be crazy hot again tomorrow still.  I’m just happy that his MG didn’t make him have to go to the hospital like it sometimes does.  Also, I’m happy my mom has excellent air conditioning in our house because that will for sure help Josh not have too much more trouble with his MG.

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