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This Pretty Much Never Happens

on April 8, 2015

I’m in a bad mood today.  That pretty much never happens to me, but today it happened.  Most of it had nothing to do with me, and that’s what got it all started.  Then once it was all started, it had everything to do with me.  😦

This morning, I was asleep in my bed, minding my own business, having a great dream about dancing with a unicorn, when I heard really weird noises that messed up my dreaming.  When I opened up my eyes, I saw Sali Dali Cat sitting on the bench at my window where I put out my next day clothes at night when I go to bed.  He was sitting there making weird noises and then he kakked all over my dress!!!  I don’t know the right word so I made one up that sounds like the sound Sali Dali Cat made, and that was this:  kaaaaak!!!

Well, that didn’t make me very happy at all because I had to figure out what different clothes to wear for school, and I hate when I have to pick stuff out real fast because I’m not one of those kind of people.  I’m not a faster chooser person.  I like to make sure everything is just right.  It doesn’t have to be fashionable like from magazines, but it has to be what my mom calls classic Missy.  So that made me be already at least fifteen minutes behind time and that meant my mom was yelling at me to get downstairs pronto.  She only uses that word — pronto — when she thinks me or Josh or Aaron aren’t moving fast enough.  So I ran downstairs to the kitchen for late breakfast.

When I got there, Josh said it looked like I got my hair caught in a rice picker, so I looked at myself in the silver toaster on the counter and I was so mad because I brushed my hair so fast before running downstairs that it looked like I never brushed it at all.  My mom called it bed head, but it wasn’t.  It was just bad brushing.

Then I went to put cereal in my bowl and so much come out too fast that it went all over my bowl and all over my place mat and then all over the floor, and my mom got mad at me for that.  Josh laughed, but then he helped me get it all cleaned up off the floor.

So there I was with cereal in my bowl (and the mess cleaned up) and I poured milk on it, except that the milk came out way fast, too, and it splashed on my second dress and that meant another fifteen minutes was going to get put on my late schedule so I could get another dress on for school.  And because I had to do that, I ate real fast so I could catch up some time except that there was this one piece of cereal that got caught in my wind pipe and I coughed so hard that I had my very own Sali Dali Cat moment on my mom’s kitchen table.

Then after that got cleaned up with help from my mom, I had to run upstairs and just put on any old thing to go to school because my mom said I didn’t have fifteen minutes for classic Missy styling so I just grabbed a skirt I really like and a t-shirt with long sleeves and a vest kind of thing and changed into that.  I was almost at school when my mom’s friend Roy drove by in his Ford truck and he stopped to let me know that the back part of my skirt wasn’t right and then when I checked, I was so mad at me because everybody that saw me going to school probably saw my undies and that’s not right.  I was so mad at me that Roy drove me all the way to school to help make my day better.

Except once I got to school, things didn’t get better.  They just kept on crashing down, down, down.

We had a pop quiz for math (and out of all the subjects I can do a good job on, math isn’t it) and it was way harder than most pop quizzes for math and that’s because we had a substitute teacher instead of the regular teacher we usually get every single day.  And the substitute teacher kept calling me Melissa instead of Missy even though I kept telling her that everyone calls me Missy.  It got so bad that I told her, “You should scratch out my wrong name in the teacher’s book and put my right name in.  That way you can stop being wrong so much.”

She didn’t like that I told her how to fix the problem because I got sent to the principal’s office.  After I had to talk to Mrs. Cho and promise I was going to behave way better, I went back to class but then at recess everybody was making fun of me for getting sent to the principal’s office, so that made me even more mad.

Anyway, my whole day was like that, and when it was lunchtime, I got to eat a lot of stuff that I don’t like … even a yucky brown banana for dessert instead of a yummy apple!

So when I got home again after a whole day of disasters, my mom said to me, “I’ve had a rough day, Missy.  How was your day?”

And I said my day wasn’t so good, and then I asked her how her day was that it was so rough.  Then she said, “I was on the phone most of the day straightening out some problems with the insurance policy on the house.”  She said that it took all day but finally it got figured out, and then she said all of that put her behind on making supper.

So I said, “Cry me a river.”

And then I got sent to my bedroom to think about what I said to my mom.  Except that I was just letting her know that I totally understood how she probably was feeling because my day was bad, too.  My day was so bad, I wanted to cry, and I could probably cry a whole river of crying, and I thought maybe she could, too.  That’s why I said, “Cry me a river.”

Now I’m writing my blog entry and Aaron’s going to put it up on my blog for me, and that’s because I don’t need to say a wrong thing to my mom and get in even more trouble that I already got myself in.

And that’s why I’m in a bad mood today.


One response to “This Pretty Much Never Happens

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Cheer up. Tomorrow you get to start over.

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