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Once In A Lifetime Events

So in the middle of the night, Sali Dali Cat was in my bedroom making a whole lot of noise because sometimes cats just do that for no reason at all.  Sometimes it’s for a reason so when my cat woke me up, I figured I should check to see if maybe mom forgot to fill up the water dish for Sali Dali Cat and Oreo Speedwagon before she went to bed.  So I got up, put on my house-coat, and went downstairs to the kitchen to check.  It was superly late (I know because the clock on the stove said it was 2:35 in the morning) and really dark out.

I just finished putting fresh water in the water dish for the kitty cats (mostly because if I was already up I figured I should just do that so it was nice and cold for them in case they needed a drink) when Aaron came home.  Sometimes on Friday nights, him and his friends go out together and he gets to be the destination driver.  He doesn’t drink alcohol or beer when he goes out with his friends, so that makes him the destination driver because he makes sure they get back home safe and sound with zero zip car accidents.

Anyway, he said, “Hey Missy!  How come you’re up so late?” and I told him about Sali Dali Cat bugging me awake.  Then he said, “How about we go out on the back porch and look at the stars?” and I said okay because I was thinking maybe he wanted to talk about something important before going to bed.  Maybe he met this really cute girl when he was out and he wanted me to be the first to know about it.  So we went out on the back porch.

We were just kind of standing around, staring at the sky, when all of a sudden I saw this bright streak of light go across the sky.  It was blue with a orange tail and a little light yellow and white around it.  It didn’t last long.  Just kind of blink-of-an-eye fast and it was gone.

“Woah!  Did you see that?” Aaron said.

“That was beautiful!” I said.

“That was a fireball.”

“A fireball?”

“That’s what astronomers call a really bright meteor,” Aaron explained, “and Missy, they’re so rare that the chances of seeing one is like once in a lifetime.”

“No way!”  I was so excited.  Here it was the middle of the night and I was awake when I’m usually asleep, and me and my big brother got to see the same once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor shooting across our backyard, and it was all because Sali Dali Cat woke me up and I listened.  Maybe Sali Dali Cat didn’t want any water.  Maybe he woke me up because he had a feeling that there was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor streaking across the sky in our backyard, and he didn’t want me to miss it.  I just love that cat so much!

After we saw the once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor in our backyard, Aaron and me, we went to bed  (well, Aaron went to bed, and I went back to bed).  When Aaron got up, he checked online to see if we really did see a once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor.  First Aaron put all kinds of information on the page asking about what we saw on the back porch.  Then after that, the information went into their database.  Here’s what the website said about the once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor.

Aaron even got a special number to go along with the report he made about it, and that means we can check the website and see what else is going on with the once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor.  I cannot get over how special this is.  When I called my Grandpa Barrett and told him about it,  he was really impressed (mostly because he’s a science kind of grandpa), and when I called my Grandpa Two Rivers and told him about it, he was really impressed (mostly because he’s a nature kind of grandpa).  So everybody’s impressed and they should be.

I kind of wish I could’ve taken a picture of the once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor but even if I had my camera with me, I never would’ve been fast enough to take a picture of it.  That’s how fast those once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteors are!

I wonder if Pluto or Jupiter were watching Earth and saw the once-in-a-lifetime fireball meteor, too.  Wouldn’t it be neat to find out that me and Aaron and my two favorite planets saw the same thing at the same time?

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More Than Just Frivolous Entertainment

Slick productions usually mean glitz and glamor.  Sometimes it also means a great show.  Great productions usually mean entertaining.  Sometimes it also means glitz and glamor.  Last week, my family and me, we saw “Frolic: Something Amusing This Way Comes” at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre and I learned a lot about all kinds of production related stuff.

This show we saw – “Frolic: Something Amusing This Way Comes” — is the show on red days (check the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre calendar HERE to see what days this show is on).

The theater (or theatre because that’s how it’s spelled on the outside of the building and on their website and everywhere else) is just the right size for a vaudeville show. It’s not too big and it’s not too small and a full house is 159 seats with lots of place for people to ‘park their cabooses’ (which is what my Grandpa Two Rivers says when he means sitting down).  When I say that I mean there’s lots of place for sitting in your seat so don’t worry about being a grown-up and having to squish into a seat.  The seats are perfect size roomy but not so roomy that you feel weirdy weird sitting in them.

The four actors of this show are Chris MacPherson (he’s the director of this show and all the other Great Victorian Amusement Company shows, and I know that because it says so in the program you get when you go in the theatre), Christopher L. Sullivan (that’s kind of funny all by itself because they have bookend Christophers at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre), Stephanie Butters, and Scott Johnson.

NOTE:  The show on blue days – “Perfect Nonsense featuring Captain Malinger Flies Again” – also has Jennifer MacPherson-Evans and she’s Chris MacPherson’s sister.

SECOND NOTE:  I’m going to go see “Perfect Nonsense featuring Captain Malinger Flies Again” sometime soon so I’ll be posting a review of that show on my blog, too.  Stay tuned for it.

ANOTHER NOTE:  Chris and Jennifer’s mom and dad, Pat and Don MacPherson, started all of this 41 seasons ago and I don’t mean 4 seasons in a year 41 seasons.  I mean 41 theater seasons so this theater goes all the way back to 1977 which is back in the old-fashioned days!

The show opens with a welcoming song and I like that.  I didn’t have to jump right into the show and then spend ten minutes trying to figure out what it was about.  The opening song said it all:  The show is all about having boat loads of fun!

There’s a romantic song with funny lyrics that Chris and Stephanie sing together.  There’s amazing juggling by Christopher.  There’s some contortioning that gets done but it’s not going to make you squeamish because it’s busy making you laugh so hard you cannot believe how funny it is.

There’s some excellent magic tricks and then there’s some more romantic singing, this time with Scott and Stephanie.

One of the best parts for me was Ollie the Clown, especially when he got some of the audience to come on stage to help him make a old timey movie.  I laughed so hard at this I thought my sides were going to get unstitched (they didn’t).  My mom had tears running down her face she laughed so hard.  My big brothers kept bobbing back and forth like those wooden birds that fake pretend to get a drink of water in front of them.

Then we did a singalong. I won’t tell you what happens on the singalong because that would wreck some of the fun when you go there to see the show.  I just want to say that you’re going to want to singalong because not singing along is not a very good decision.  You’ll find out how come when you go to the show and see for yourself.

I’m going to send Christopher L. Sullivan a message on Facebook and ask him to teach me how to sing the amazing song he sang after the singalong.  If you sing the song right from the start to the end, you have to have a fantastic memory and a whole lot of talent.

I loved it when Scott kept coming out to sing his favorite song (I think it’s his favorite song because he kept coming out to sing it).  Maybe it’s because I watched the original movie the song comes from a whole bunch of times with my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett.  I just love love love that movie and Scott does a super great job dancing it.  He does it so good I could see him in the movie doing the song and dance and doing just as great as the original actor in the movie.

Now my brother Josh is in high school and he says that Shakespeare is really hard to understand.  Either he’s just being a fooler boy or I’m going to totally ace English when I get to high school because the show  has two places where they do Shakespeare and I didn’t think it was hard to understand at all.  When I get to high school, I’m going to really like “Romeo and Juliet” and “King Lear” for sure.  If you have kids, you should tell them they’re going to learn some important school stuff.  I did!

One more thing I want to say is that I want to learn how to dance the way Erik the Viking dances.  When you see the show, you’ll get how come and you’ll probably want to learn to dance the way Erik the Viking dances.

Most reviews are usually up to 5 stars but I cannot give this show 5 stars.  I can only give this show 5 BILLION stars because that’s how excellent it is in my opinion (and you know you can trust my opinion to be right).


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