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The Best Open House Ever

Yesterday it was the Open House at SMARM also known as Smoky Mountains Area Rescue Ministries.  I really love this place because they do a whole of to help people that need help in our community.  This summer, two of my parties raised some money for SMARM, and Mr. Wellons (he’s the Executive Director of SMARM) said every little bit of money helps because it comes from the heart.  And you know what their thrift shop is called?  Treasures from the Heart!  How cool is that?

All of the photos that are part of this blog entry got taken by somebody at SMARM, and they posted it on their Facebook page just so you know that these are not my pictures.  I forgot to bring my camera when my mom and me went to their Open House on Tuesday.

When we got there, we saw this beautiful balloon entrance at their front door.

It says Welcome on the window so I really felt welcome, but when the balloons aren’t there, the window still says Welcome and that’s because SMARM is a place that always welcomes people.  It doesn’t matter if you have a bazillion dollars or zero zip dollars, SMARM always says Welcome to everybody that goes in their office.  So if you want to help SMARM help people in our community, you’re Welcome.  If you’re a people in our community and you need help, you’re Welcome.  If you’re downtown and you get mixed up about the direction to go to get to where you want to be and you accidentally go to SMARM, you’re still Welcome.  So that means everybody is always Welcome even if you don’t exactly know how you got to SMARM in the first place.

Anyway, when my mom and me walked in, Mr. Wellons waved at me and smiled, and said, “Hello, Missy.”  I said hello right back.  I really like Mr. Wellons because he has a superly big heart and he really cares about people.   Ms. Kelli made sure we have a program so we could go to all the “stations” at the Open House.  We went to all of them in the right order and every “station” had a sign that talked about what SMARM does to help people in our community.

The one I liked best was #6 because it let everybody know that when you buy something at their Treasures From The Heart store, 100% of the money (that means all of it) goes to help people that need help.    So when you buy a book for $1, all of that $1 is going to help someone, and when you buy a table and chair for $150, all of that $150 is going to help someone.  And look at the picture of everything that was at #6.  Everything is in superly great shape so you can just buy it and take it home and there you go, it doesn’t need any extra fixing or cleaning to just look great at your place!

Here’s another picture of some more excellent things you can buy at Treasures from the Heart.

I spent a lot of time in the library part of Treasures from the Heart because I just love books so much.  I had enough money with me to buy four books, and my mom bought some books, too, and plus some DVDs and some VHS tapes.  The library was #4 and it’s set up like a livingroom library with chairs and a table and book shelves like you find at your house probably.  I liked reading the poster at that “station” because it talked about feeding people hot meals and about giving them winter coats so they don’t freeze in the winter time.

So if you’re looking to buy some really great stuff for your house or apartment or cabin, or you want to surprise a friend with something neat, just go to Treasures from the Heart and see what they have on sale at their location.  If you feel like volunteering, just ask if you can talk to Mr. Wellons.  If you tell him what you’re good at, he can say what kind of volunteering they need and then there you go, you’re going to be a SMARM volunteer helping people in our community that need our help.

I talked with my mom after the Open House and asked her if we could volunteer for SMARM starting in 2019 and she said yes, so the next time we’re at Treasures from the Heart (probably next week for sure), we’re going to ask Mr. Wellons where SMARM needs us to help out at so we can do our bit to help SMARM help others.




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Summoned To A Party

Last week was the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office 3rd Annual Hallowe’en Spooktacular Block Party, and I got to be there with a tent and a table and candy to give to kids and everything.  This is what the event poster looked like from the Sheriff’s Office.

Our sheriff doesn’t look like the one drawn for the poster but he is a excellent sheriff and he does a lot of hard work with all the police officers to keep our county and all of us living here safe.  I don’t know how he got the nickname Hoss, but there’s a lot of important information about Sheriff Seals AT THIS LINK.

My one grandpa loves this really old television show called Bonanza and there’s this one character on there named Hoss Cartwright, and he’s the son of the rancher that owns this superly huge ranch.  Hoss is really tall and if you don’t know how nice he is, you maybe think he’s very mean (but he’s not) except you wouldn’t want to do anything bad because he for sure would fix the bad thing that got done and the person that did the bad thing.  So maybe that’s how Sheriff Seals got nicknamed Hoss.

Anyway, this was a crazy great event with boatloads and boatloads of people.  There were so many that my mom and Aaron and Josh and me, we ran out of candy to give but that was okay because it was almost the end of the event.  All I know is that my mom said thousands and thousands of people were there because she was in charge of all the candy and the plastic spider rings we gave away and she know how way  much candy and rings she bought for the block party.

You guys know how much I love making montages of events I’m at so here’s the montage of the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office 3rd Annual Hallowe’en Spooktacular Block Party.

My mom says next year when we do this event, she’s going to have more of everything good to go so maybe we won’t run out of everything before the end of the event.  I told her not to feel bad about running out this year because it was the first year we had a table and a tent, so we didn’t know how totally successful the event was going to be.  Now we know, so next year, we’re going to be ready for all those trick-or-treaters.

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