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10 Years and Counting

Last week, I went with my mom to a very special Sevierville Chamber of Commerce member event.  The Hillside Winery celebrated 10 whole years of making excellent wine in Sevier County!  They had all kinds of neat things there for their celebration including this delicious cake with purple and blue icing on it.  The only thing that would have made this even more delicious is if the cake was chocolate.  It was vanilla and it was superly yummy!

Anyway, Mr. Stanfill (he’s the Membership Coordinator for the Chamber) and Ms. Clabo (she’s the Comptroller of the Chamber, and I don’t know exactly what that means except I know she’s in charge of knowing where all the money is coming in from and going out to at the Chamber) and Ms. McCroskey (she’s the Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber), they were all there, too, and I think maybe I saw Ms. Marr (she’s does Marketing for the Chamber) but I’m not sure because there were so many people at this event.

In fact, here’s a picture I took of people just coming to the event at the beginning of it!

That’s in the store part of Hillside Winery and there were way more other people in the other room by the exit sign that’s actually a enter place to get to the wine tasting section of Hillside Winery and even past that is where they make all the wine.  And plus, if you want, you can go there any day they’re open and ask for a tour, and if it’s tour time, one of the Hillside Winery people will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of where they make wine.  I went on that tour and it was crazy what I learned about how wine gets made,.  Also it was superly interesting.

So anyway, while we were at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Hillside Winery, I made sure I took a look at all the neat stuff in the store part and I even took pictures.  First off, I like this place a whole lot because they’re Chamber members just like me (I’m a Chamber member) so that means we’re kind of like business cousins.  We know each other, and we’re sort of related and that means we’re a lot like family, except we’re business related, not grandparent related.

Just like me, Hillside Winery totally loves kitty cats, and they have a lot of kitty cat and wine related things for sale on the store side of the winery.  I took pictures of some of the sayings you can put up on your wall, and then I saw this superly cute kitty cat corkscrew.  I don’t know what it means that it’s a double-hinged corkscrew but I know kitty cats like to play with corks from wine bottles, so I think probably this corkscrew makes sure the corks don’t get stuck in the bottle when you try opening it up.

My one grandpa had trouble this one time at our house opening a bottle of wine with a cork in it.  He used my mom’s corkscrew she had for like a bazillion years and it broke.  So my mom got her back-up corkscrew out (the one she won in a gift basket from another Chamber event she was at I didn’t get to go to with her), and my grandpa broke that one, too.  Next, he went out to his truck and came back with a screwdriver and I said I didn’t know there were screws on a bottle because that would be way easier to open the bottle than trying to pull a cork out with a corkscrew.  And then he used the screwdriver the same way he used the corkscrews, and this time the cork came out and the screwdriver did not break.

I’m thinking maybe a double-hinged corkscrew is probably superly strong like my one grandpa’s screwdriver is.

Also, the Hillside Winery store side has lots of other great stuff for sale (besides the wine on the wine side).  For example, they are totally a hundred plus percent ready for Hallowe’en, and I love Hallowe’en.  This year, I’m going trick-or-treating dressed up as a Ninja Princess, and maybe between now and when Hallowe’en happens, I can get my mom or grandma to buy some of these great Hallowe’en things from Hillside Winery.  I especially love the orange wine bottle with the black spider and spider web on it even though I really don’t like spiders in real life.  But if it’s just a painted spider on a painted web on a orange bottle, we’re good to go on loving that kind of spider.

And I saved the best for last because in just two more weeks, it’s going to be the Missy Barrett Treasure Chest of Hope Pirate and Swashbuckler Party where I’m going to raise as much  money as I can for the Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries and that’s on Thursday, August 30 from 5 in the evening until 7 in the evening at the All Season Suites at 239 Dollywood Lane in Pigeon Forge.  The good news about that is that the day after is a day off because that’s Labor Day weekend.

Hillside Winery has this great pirate display area and I didn’t take pictures of everything in that corner because I think you should go there and see for yourself how cute all their pirate and mermaid stuff really is.  Here is a sneak preview of that pirate area though.

So Happy 10th Anniversary to Sevierville Chamber of Commerce member Hillside Winery, and I hope you’re around for another 15 years (because 25th Anniversary parties are the best) because then I’m going to be old enough to drink some of your wine that my mom and lots of other people say is superly delicious especially with steak grilled on an open flame in the backyard.


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Tea Party Central

Probably you already noticed that lately I’ve been having a whole lot of parties and that’s because lots of people are asking me to bring my Missy Barrett Tea Parties to them, and so me and my we do that.

Last week, the week started with a fantastically fun tea party for the 4th Quartermaster, Company “A” Battalion service members that were stationed in Germany between 1957 and 1960.  You might think that they wouldn’t want a tea party, but they did so we brought them a superly fun Missy Barrett Tea Party and I made all kinds of homemade stuff for them to take home like I make for all my tea parties, and the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, they put together a really great package of attractions and sights to see while they were here and for when they come back to visit again.  Here’s a picture of some of the people as they were getting settled in the tea party area, waiting for the tea party to begin.

After I took this picture, my camera broke for good and forever, so I don’t have any other pictures from this event.  But you can already see that people there were a lot of people coming to the party, and there were even more that showed up after my camera stopped taking pictures.

Then on Wednesday, we went to Knoxville with author Thomas D. Taylor, and we had another Missy Barrett Tea Party.  This one was a English Garden Tea Party so it was a little more fancy.  Thomas read part of his one book called “Life Is A Journey” and then part of another book  of his called “Ghostly Quintet.”  My mom played songs everybody knew so everybody was singing “You Are My Sunshine” and “Bicycle Made For Two” and songs that my brothers , Aaron and Josh, call campfire songs.  I told some funny stories about my Grandpa Two Rivers, and we then we had a draw for some prizes.  When all of that was happening, everybody was enjoying tea and sweet treats.  It was so much fun.

The handmade surprise was something I thought would be perfect for people to use over and over again.  It was a tea pouch that also doubles as a coaster so tables don’t get marked up when you’re having something to drink and you have to sometimes put the drink down between sips.  I made cross-stitched roses for those, and then sewed them on green felt.  I made a lot of them, and when we left, there were zero zip ones to bring back home so that’s a very good sign that I had a great idea to make those for this tea party.

Then on Friday, there was another tea party and that one was the Missy Barrett Stars and Stripes Tea Party because it was between Memorial Day and Independence Day, and the day after Flag Day (and that’s on June 14 every single year).  This party had more kids than grown-ups at it but there were still lots of grown-ups so you know that means there were way lots of kids, too.  I was so excited to see so many people brought their patriotic selves to the party and worse patriotic colors and some even had stars and stripes on them.

The donuts at Courthouse Donuts were delicious, and everybody got to choose the special toppings they wanted on top of their donuts.  This is just one more reason that Ms. Dyer and Courthouse Donuts won a Missy Barrett Seal of Awesomeness Award in January this year.  Anyway, the take home surprises I made for this party were little notebooks I painted up and decorated patriotic, and at the end of the party there wasn’t even one single book left for me to take back home so that made me superly happy.

Also at this party, we learned a whole lot about how come the flag looks the way it does, and how Betsy Ross told George Washington she wasn’t going to put six-sided stars on the flag, and how she showed the committee how to make five-sided stars super fast and easy just by folding paper a special way and then cutting it with two snips, and other important stuff.  I never knew before that Betsy Ross got told to just make the flag the way she wanted to make it but to kind of stick to the idea of stars and stripes and that.

This week, recording artist and author Artie Q is in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  If you don’t have a copy yet, you need to download “Artie Q’s Guide To Moving in LA” from Amazon or Audibles or iTunes.  Also, you can buy his music on Amazon and on CD Baby.

So my next blog entry is going to be all about meeting Artie Q and what happened, and maybe there’s going to be a way enough time to do a small interview for my blog.  That would be superly fun I think.

P.S.  All pictures after the first tea party were taken with a camera I’m borrowing right now.  I’m looking for a excellent camera to replace my broken Fuji Fine Pix S 1500 that was majorly old but about the best camera ever.

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