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Christmas All Year Round

I love Christmas … but not for the reasons maybe you think I love Christmas.   I love getting presents (but that’s not why I love Christmas), and I love flashy bright decorations (but that’s not why I love Christmas).  I love baking Christmas cookies and pies (but that’s not why I love Christmas), and I love visiting people and having people visit me (but that’s not why I love Christmas).

I love Christmas because it helps to remind me that Christmas isn’t just one day out of the year, and it’s not just the whole month between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

It’s about family and friends and strangers.  Yes …. and strangers.  Because part of the Christmas spirit is caring about people who need help either because they don’t have something or they don’t have someone in their lives.

It’s about sharing what you have and sometimes if all you have is a good heart and great listening skills, then you should probably volunteer your good heart and great listening skills to a local senior living residence.

My Great-Uncle Earl lives in a senior living residence.  He’s my one grandpa’s oldest brother.  He fought in the war and he has the best stories to tell about what it was like when he was as old as me and growing up in the olden days.  I go to see him every single week unless I’m sick, then I don’t because I don’t want anyone to catch what I have when I’m sick.  Anyway, when I go see him, I don’t just go see him.  I talk to a lot of his friends at the residence, too, because they have really great stories to tell me about the old-fashioned days.

Why do I talk to Great-Uncle Earl’s friends when we go visit?  Because I think that when I’m sick and I don’t visit my Great-Uncle Earl, he’s probably a little sad about that (maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so).  I think about maybe one of his friends not being able to see someone they care about because maybe that person is sick and can’t come visit, or because that person (like a brother or a sister or one of their kids or grandkids) lives really far, far away and only can come visit sometimes even if they send them mail and email a lot in-between times.

So I visit with them, and we talk about whatever they want to talk about mostly because I can talk about pretty much anything a person wants to talk about, and what I don’t know anything about, I can ask a bazillion questions.

My Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers like to be sneaky, especially when it’s Christmas time.  They know some seniors that live in senior living residences are missing some Christmas traditions that matter to a whole bunch to them.  They like to surprise them with things like Swedish Gingerbread cookies and Dutch Speculaas and Glazed Pfeffernuesse and Apple Streusel and sugar-dusted Polish bow-tie Fritters.  My grandma also makes almond sugar cookies with jam in the middle and they’re superly delicious.  I don’t know what country those come from so if you want to know, ask me and I’ll ask my grandma and let you know in the Comments section below.

Here’s the thing.  They don’t just make surprises like that at Christmastime.  It’s just that at Christmas, it’s more festive.

Anyway, on Friday, the Missy Barrett Holiday Tea Parties are happening.  There’s one at 2 in the afternoon (that one got sold out already last month) and there’s one at 4 in the afternoon (there’s still tickets to go to that one).  The whole idea behind all of my monthly tea parties is for all kinds of people from kids to teens to grown-ups to seniors to get together and enjoy a real tea party together — with zero zip technology!!!


So if you know someone who needs some Christmas cheering up, call Christie (she’s the mom of Mom’s Vintage Kitchen) at 865-446-2343 and get your tickets right away.  And when you come to the Holiday Tea Party, for a whole $4 a person, you’ll get tea and sweet treats (as in Christmas cookies) and there’s going to be giveaways and surprise gifts and plus you have no idea what else is planned that’s superly fun for both tea parties on Friday!

Be a Christmas light this holiday season.  If you do that, it won’t be long before you feel tingly warm about being a loving and caring person all year long.  Try it and see for yourself.  And remember to smile at everyone you meet.

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The Magic of Tea Parties

I think tea parties are magic.

For as long as a tea party is, the magic fills the room and brings so much lovingness and fun to the tea partiers.  Cellphones get put away, and for a while, even the Internet doesn’t exist.  For a while, all that matters are the people you’re enjoying the tea party with, and everyone talks about important things that matter to them.

On Friday, I had my Missy Barrett Thanksgiving Tea Party at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen (that’s at 118 Bruce Street in downtown Sevierville) and it was a SOLD OUT full house event.  I was so excited when Christie (she’s the Mom of Mom’s Vintage Kitchen) told my mom every ticket got sold for the event.

Every tea party, me and both of my grandmas, we make things that are special for the tea party.  I made tea’n’treats pouches — all of them!  My two grandmas and me, we hand sewed felt napkin rings that were gold and light green and dark green with orangey-gold embroidery thread.  Then my Grandma Two Rivers, she made all of the origami owls (she’s a expert at making origami everything).

My mom bought some Thanksgiving napkins with turkeys on them, so I got to roll them up one by one, and slip them into the napkin rings.

Christie (she’s the Mom of Mom’s Vintage Kitchen) made way so delicious food for the event.  She made things like pumpkin soup (it was really delicious) and it came with these homemade toasted pumpernickel bread that were about the size of a Melba toast with a superly yummy topping.  The sweet part of the event was the puffed corn in two different flavors.  Of course, there was tea in different flavors, too, and they were delicious — all of them.

Here’s some pictures of what the tea party looked like (that’s Erik Dobell in the top picture).

The entertainment was awesome and amazing.  How do I know?  Because I was there!  The Master Mentalist, Erik Dobell of Impossibilities playing at the Iris Theater in the Gatlinburg Space Needle did magic and showed of his mentalist tricks.  I still have zero zip idea how he did what he did but I can tell you that everyone at my tea party was superly surprised and astounded (that’s a new word I learned at my tea party) by what he did.  I don’t know if anybody knew how he could tell what people were thinking.  I sure didn’t know.  Everyone had a good time, and we laughed a whole lot mostly because Erik Dobell is a lot of fun.  If you want to see his show, you should just buy tickets and go to his show.

Just so you know, the Impossibilities people (that’s Erik Dobell and Chris Collins) they’ve been on NBC television and on Fox Television and on America’s Got Talent.  Also, big people like the NFL and Sony Electronics and Carnival Cruise Lines and other big name companies got entertained by them. That’s how excellent their show is.

Here’s some more pictures that got taken at my Missy Barrett Thanksgiving Tea Party!

Can you guess what the people in the last picture are doing?  They’re buying tickets for my Missy Barrett Holiday Tea Party on Friday, December 15!  The 2 in the afternoon Missy Barrett Holiday Tea Party is already all SOLD OUT but there’s still tickets for the 4 in the afternoon Missy Barrett Holiday Tea Party, so be sure to get a hold of Mom at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen and buy your $4 a person ticket for my next tea party.  Tickets for my tea parties sell out fast and it’s because we have so much fun together, and the food is amazing!

I also want to let everyone know that Mom’s having a special Breakfast with Santa party and lots more at her place.  You can get all the details (and tickets to Breakfast with Santa for $5 a person) by calling Christie (she’s the Mom of Mom’s Vintage Kitchen) at 865-446-2343.  If there’s any tickets left for my 4 o’clock Holiday Tea Party on December 15, you should buy those tickets at the same time you buy your Breakfast with Santa tickets.

Just wait till you find out who the entertainment is going to be for my Holiday Tea Parties in December.  Just start following my Facebook event page by clicking HERE.  Click GOING and then INVITE your friends because maybe they don’t know about my fabulously fun tea parties and they really need to know about them because they’re fabulously fun.

And yes, my tea parties are for boys AND for girls, and they’re for all ages so that means little kids and big kids and teenagers (like my brother Josh) and young adults (like my other brother Aaron) and grown-ups (and that’s people like parents and grandparents and all their friends).

See you at my next tea party, and in the meantime, visit my Facebook page and let’s talk about all the great stuff happening in the next few weeks all the way up to Christmas and New Years, and then into next year.


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