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Snow-tasia (like Fantasia Except With Snow)

Today is another snow day after yesterday being a snow day because, well, it snowed. We got snow and it’s below freezing so the snow is sticking around, and that’s always a great thing because slushy snow is not as much fun as frozen up snow.

One of the things I like best about snow days is that my mom makes hot chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies on snow days, and then my Grandpa and Grandma Two Rivers come over for a visit, and they tell stories about back in the old-fashioned days when they were kids, and their snow days were even way more awesome than our snow days. When they were little, sometimes they got snow that was piled up higher than them, and then my grandma goes in her big bag of surprises and pulls out photos of her when she was little and it was a snow day. She’s not lying when she says there was that much snow when she was growing up.

Then my mom says that the more north you go, of course you’re going to have way more snow in winter, and my grandpa probably saw the most of any of us of snow because he’s a Mohawk from Tyendinaga and that’s in Ontario up in Canada. That makes my Grandpa Two Rivers laugh because he says what you’re not used to is very cold or very hot. That means for him that snow is snow, and he likes it even if there’s not so much as what he grew up with when he was as old as me.

The funny thing is last week when it was cold, the power went out in lots of places in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, but this week, I never saw anything on the Internet or on the news that said the power was out. It for sure did not go out at our place this week but it went out last week and for kind of a long time. Supper wasn’t even cooked in the oven last week when the power was out. We had what my mom calls fancy snacking.

In case you never heard of fancy snacking, that’s when you get crackers and cheese and meat like ham and salami and pepperoni and plus a salad. Then you sit around the dinner table with candles instead of lights, and you talk about when you were little. I hardly have anything to say because it’s not so long ago since I was little, but Aaron has some great stories about when he was little, and mom has the best stories of when she was little because she’s the most oldest in our family.

Anyway, yesterday when it was a snow day, I went outside with my camera and took some pictures so you could see how pretty everything was yesterday when the snow stopped falling for a bit.

That picture looks like a old-fashioned picture that’s just black-and-white except I took it with my Fuji camera and it’s in color.  You just don’t see any color because snow is white and most trees are dark greys and light black and stuff like that in winter.  When the sun starts shining, you can even see some blue and pink in the snow, except it’s not really bright blue and really bright pink.  It’s just blues and pinks like what you see in Christmas glitter that’s white except it’s not totally a hundred percent white.

How are your snow days going where you live?  Are you going outside and having fun in the snow, or do you stay inside and stay warm, or do you do something else?

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S’no Power

This week we had a bit of a snow problem and what happened is that we got snow and wind and then no power.  My big brother Josh was making jokes up about that and said at our house there was “s’no power” (Get it — s’no power and snow power?).  Anyway, our power was off for so long that my mom didn’t make supper the way she almost always does and that’s in the oven or on the stove top.

Anyway, when something like that happens, it gets me to thinking about the old-fashioned days when people didn’t have power at their houses the way we have power at ours in the new-fashioned days (that’s my Grandpa Barrett’s word that he made up for every time I say old-fashioned days).  Back then people had coal and wood to get their houses warm, and they cooked on stoves that had wood in them which is kind of like barbecuing everything except it’s indoors instead of outdoors, so I guess it’s not really barbecuing at all because of it being indoors.

I’m guessing that probably that’s where moms and grandmas learned to tell people to go put on a sweater if they were cold because back in the olden times they didn’t have thermostats to make their houses warmer.  It was just more coal or more wood on the fire and so that was a lot more work than just putting on a sweater.

I love cold weather but not as much as I love warm weather as long as it’s not too hot of warm weather.

Did you know that polar fleece only got made in 1979? I was superly surprised to find that out. My Grandpa Barrett was telling me about it on the phone yesterday and he said things like polar fleece didn’t exist back when he was little. In case you’re wondering, polar fleece does not come from the arctic or the antarctic. I don’t know exactly where it comes from but I know it doesn’t come from those two places. My mom thinks it comes from Massachusetts but that sounds weird to me.

Also, she said there’s this other stuff called synchilla and it’s synthetic chinchilla, and that’s funny because I never saw a plastic squirrel and that’s pretty much what chinchillas are if you ask my Grandpa Barrett (and plus, he knows lots of stuff like that so I know he’s not just making stuff up to make me stop asking questions). Chinchillas live in South America.

Also, my Grandpa Barrett said that there was this guy in the 1930s and his name was Eddie Bauer and invented coats with feathers in them for wearing in the winter because he went on a fishing trip and his coat was made only out of wool. Wool is really, really warm, but it was so cold that his wool coat froze up and I guess he was walking around like his coat got made out of wood and sometimes if a house doesn’t have good insulation, you can get really cold inside when it’s cold outside. So the cold weather got inside his coat and he got hypothermia and that’s dangerous because that’s way worse than frostbite. So he made a coat with feathers inside of it and the next time he was fishing in the wintertime, he didn’t almost get frozen to death.

I forgot to ask my grandpa if that Eddie Bauer is related to the Eddie Bauer that makes coats and boots and other neat stuff for going outside to play and work. Maybe he’s the dad of the one that started that store. I don’t know. I have to do more research on that so I know for sure.

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