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Eclipse Update

So this afternoon, nobody in my family went to school and everybody was at our house for the eclipse.  Even though we weren’t in the 100% path of totality, we were superly close because we had 99.7% totality (I think that’s what the people on the news said last night anyway).  Anyway, 99.7% totality is almost 100% even if it’s not exactly 100% and that meant we didn’t have to go somewhere else to see the eclipse.  We just got to stay in our backyard to watch it.

My Grandma and Grandpa Barrett got here around lunch time and my Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers showed up 90 minutes before the moon almost completely obliterated the sun by being in front of it.  My mom had all kinds of neat snacks.  She made solar eclipse cupcakes (they were vanilla on the inside with chocolate icing on the outside and star candies sprinkled on top) and she made eclipse cookies (they were sugar cookies with half the recipe mixed up with cocoa so the cookies had a half-and-half sun-and-moon look on them).

My big brother Aaron made a superly huge surprise for everyone!  He made enough pinhole projector boxes for everybody but they weren’t all the same size.  He made cereal box ones for him and Josh, and he made already-delivered-to-my-mom post office boxes for the grown-ups, and he made a special one just for me.  Here’s what mine looked like.

It’s called a pinhole projector box because on the top where the shiny aluminum foil is, there’s a little pinhole to let the light into the box.  The smaller the hole, the better it is for watching the eclipse. Here’s what the pinhole looked like.  See how superly small it is?

Also Aaron said that the more the edges are taped up so no light sneaks inside the edges, the sharper the picture inside.  That’s why there’s blue painter’s tape on the bottom of my box.  The cut out part is where I got to look inside.  Aaron said if I held the box up to my eyes and then pressed my hands against my head, the box would smoosh up on my face and that would make the eclipse inside the box even better (he was right about that).

Before it got really eclipsy outside, I took a picture with my camera of what was on the inside of my pinhole projector box.   A little bit of light got in but that’s because I only have two hands to work with and one of them was taking the picture.  I still think it shows a good idea of what I was seeing when I watched the eclipse happening.

The blue tape on the end of the box and the front of the box is how fantastic Aaron made all the boxes so zero zip light was going to get inside and wreck the light the pinhole was letting in.

So everybody watched the eclipse and we didn’t take any chances that maybe we had fake NASA-approved eclipse glasses.  My Grandpa Barrett told me that there’s no pain receptors in your retinas so that’s why it’s dangerous to look at the sun when you don’t have the right kind of looking-at-the-sun glasses on.  He said you could go blind and not even know it until after the eclipse.

I guess we probably looked pretty funny standing in a row like a people hedge, but everybody was having so much fun and we talked a lot when the eclipse was happening.  It was like everybody being at the same football game except instead of two teams it was just the sun and the moon playing.  It was the most superly amazing awesome thing ever!!!!!

I just want to take one more moment to thank my big brother Aaron for making all those pinhole projector boxes for all of us.  They were excellent and everybody had the right size box for them.

So how much fun did you have during the eclipse?  Were you in the 100% path of totality or a little outside of that or a lot outside of that?  Did you take pictures of the eclipse?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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A Goulash of Good Deeds

Lately there’s been a lot of very not nice things happening all over the world.  Also, there’s been a lot of very not nice things on social media with people saying superly rude things to people they don’t even know.  So I decided it’s time to do something about that.  I figure it’s time to serve up a goulash of good deeds on August 30 (my birthday) and make a tidal way of caring take over the world.  So here’s my idea.

International Missy Barrett Day is all about doing good deeds and sharing lots of positivity in your community, around the world, and on the Internet.  Just go to the Event page on Facebook and click GOING and then do these four things.

1.  Do a good deed (or more if you want to) on Wednesday, August 30.
2.  Take a picture of your good deed.
3.  Share your good deed on all of your social media.
4.  Remember to include the hashtag #DoAGoodDeed.

See how superly easy that is?  Easy peasy.  And plus, anyone can do this because everything that’s a good deed matters.  If it’s small, it counts.  If it’s big, it counts.  If it’s inbetween, it counts.  Every single good deed counts!

If you want to start good deeding right away, you can start by spreading the word about this awesome idea.  Just download this flyer and put it up at your house, at schools and libraries, in offices and businesses, houses of worship, and anywhere else you think caring people might probably get found.

Or you can download and share this postcard (it’s the one at the top of this blog entry) with all your friends and family.

When you’re on Facebook, be sure to share the link to the International Missy Barrett Day Facebook Event page by clicking on INVITE and sending invitations to all your Facebook friends and acquaintances.

Instead of letting all the bad stuff take over the world, let’s all get together and make #DoAGoodDeed a hashtag that trends on August 30 because of all the good deeds we’re going to do that day.

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