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Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Sometimes you have days that go perfect and sometimes you have days that go not so good.  But sometimes you have days that make you say, “Hey, what’s going on?” because everything is so weirdy weird.  Ever had one of those days?

Today was one of those weirdy weird days for me.  First of all, I went with my grandpa to visit my Great-uncle Earl at the retirement residence.  It was in the morning at coffee break time except this time when we were over there,  Great-uncle Earl kept falling asleep when we were talking to him.  He never did that before when we were visiting but I guess probably all the hot weather knocked the Skittles out of him so he was sleepy.  Sometimes that happens to me if it’s superly hot when I’m playing outside.  When I go inside, I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open except I do because if I don’t and I fall asleep, then at night-time I have boatloads of trouble going to sleep.

Then my grandpa and me, we went to this fast food place he likes for lunch, and I got the three-piece chicken strip lunch deal.  Except I got four strips instead of three, so I let the lady know there was a extra strip and she said, “That’s all right.  They’re small.”  That was kind of weird I think because my mom says restaurants order stuff by knowing how big servings are and how many servings the restaurant sells every week and stuff like that.  I hope she doesn’t get in trouble with her boss for giving me a extra chicken strip.

On the way home, we went past the same gas stations we went past when my grandpa picked me up except that all the gas prices changed in the little bit of time in between going and coming back, and every gas station changed the gas prices the same exact amount of pennies.  How weird is that?

The next thing that was weirdy weird was when I got back home and my mom was looking at my blog with a funny look on her face.  She said there were a couple of messages she didn’t want me to see because they didn’t feel right to her.  That was superly bizarro because who writes weirdy weird stuff on a kid’s blog anyway?

And like that’s not enough weirdy weird stuff happening all in one day, I asked my mom what she was making for supper and she said she forgot to take meat out for supper!  She never forgets to do that.  I didn’t want her to feel bad so I told her that maybe we could just have grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade fries, and she said that was a great idea (so that’s what we’re having for supper tonight).  That’s also kind of weird because my mom doesn’t usually make lunchtime food for supper, and she hardly ever lets me pick what everybody gets to have to supper.

So that’s how my day went (plus some other weirdy weird things I didn’t write about).  How about you?  How did your day go?  Was it weirdy weird or good or not so good, and how come you think it went that way?  You can let me know either here on my blog or over on my Facebook page or even maybe on my Twitter feed if you want.

P.S. You ever think the word weird looks weird?  Me, too.

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Lots of Flash For Not Much Cash

In 6 more days,  people and businesses are going to be shooting off fireworks all over the place because next Tuesday is the 4th of July.  Dollywood’s going to be setting off fireworks, and Gatlinburg is going to be setting off fireworks, and Pigeon Forge is going to be setting off fireworks (I think).  Everyone’s going to be either setting off fireworks or watching fireworks get set off.  That’s part of what makes the 4th of July so much fun.

Yesterday, my mom and my brothers (Josh and Aaron), we went fireworks shopping.  My mom told my brothers to be mindful of what they wanted to buy.  So guess where we went for fireworks?  We went to the big circus tent on Newport Highway.  It’s one of the Parker Fireworks tents and if you don’t know exactly where it is, it’s beside the Citgo gas station, across the street from the Dollar General store, kittycorner from the Subway fast food store, and just down the street from the Chambers Market Exxon.

P.S. #1:  It’s not Parker Brothers Fireworks.  That’s mixing up 2 different businesses.  Parker Brothers makes board games to play.  Parker Fireworks has fireworks for celebrating.

Okay, so when you see all of those places there, go to the humongous tent on the lot just before the Citgo gas station with the sign that says “Parker Fireworks” in the driveway to their tent.  That’s the place you have to go to if you want to be where we were at yesterday.

Going to look at what’s on the long tables made me feel like I was going inside a real circus tent, and the people that worked there really made me feel welcome. This is a picture of some of the fireworks in the tent!

P.S. #2:  Just so you know, the tables say “Black Cat Sold Here” but they don’t sell kitty cats.  They sell fireworks by a company called Black Cat Fireworks.

The people of the tent didn’t treat me like I was some annoying 9-year-old bugging them.  I asked some questions that were superly important to me, and they talked to me exactly the same way they talked to my brothers and my mom.  The man let me know that fireworks can be dangerous but as long as there’s adult supervision (meaning my mom and probably Aaron, too, because he goes to college), kids can set off some fireworks safely.  That made me smile because I want to set off Roman candles this year, and maybe one of the small sparkly shower fireworks that has to be on a flat concrete surface so it’s safe.

There were so many neat fireworks on all the tables that I could not believe my eyes at how many different kinds of fireworks that were there.  It guess it was like a candy store except it had fireworks in it instead of candy.

Josh and Aaron spent a whole of time looking at all the different fireworks, and they asked the man a lot of questions.  My mom looked at some fireworks (mostly for me so I can have fun on the 4th of July, too) and she asked the lady working there some questions.  What my mom and brothers liked a whole bunch is that the people of that tent sure knew a lot about all the different kinds of fireworks for sale, and I like that because it means they weren’t guessing about things (which would be superly dangerous for sure I think).

Then I saw some incredible superwild amazing fireworks!  Here’s a picture of what I saw!!!

Mom said that if I want one of those boxes for celebrating, I’m going to have to save up my money to buy one when I’m older (probably she means when I’m as old as Aaron) because she doesn’t have that kind of money in the fireworks budget this year (but maybe next year, Josh and Aaron can put all their money together and get one of those boxes because it looks like there’s everything you could ever need for the most sparkly noisy 4th of July celebration ever!).

Anyway, we got some really great fireworks from the Parker Fireworks tent on Newport Highway, and my mom even got some fireworks just for me that I promised I wouldn’t set off unless she was supervising (she said not Aaron because she’s the mom so the adult supervising thing is her job, not Aaron’s, and plus, she has to check with the police to find out if I’m too young to have permission to do the kind of fireworks she got for me).  So I just have to wait 6 days and then the sparkles and noise fireworks celebrating can begin (probably about 8 at night when it’s kind of dark but not too late at night).  I can hardly wait.

So go to the Parker Fireworks tent and get some fireworks, too.  You’ll be so happy you did because fireworks are a way lot of fun!

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