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Representing Tennessee

I’m sharing another fantastic letter with you guys that has to do with my Relay For Life fundraisers.  This one is from State Representative Andrew Farmer and he’s the Representative for the 17th legislative district.  That’s the district I live in because District 17 has parts of Jefferson and Sevier Counties in it.

State Representative Farmer even lives in Sevierville just like me so maybe someday when I’m somewhere with my mom and brothers and he’s somewhere with his family and it’s the same somewhere, maybe we’ll even get to meet for real!  That would so great I think!

Anyway, Representative Farmer does a lot of important things to help people in Tennessee.  He’s a lawyer so he knows a whole lot about legal things.  That’s probably why he’s the Chair of the House Civil Justice Committee.  That means he’s the lead person on that committee but all the people on the committee are important.

Also, he’s on the committee that’s in charge of the General Assembly Calendar and the rules all the Representatives have to follow.  That’s a good thing to know because that means to me that he likes things to get done right and in a orderly fashion.  My Grandma Barrett likes things to get done in a orderly fashion too so I’m going to tell her that Representative Farmer is on that committee.  She’s going to like hearing that for sure.

And he’s a committee member of the Criminal Justice Committee because civil law and criminal law are two different things.  Like Perry Mason is about criminals and Matlock is about criminals, but  I don’t know of any lawyer shows on television that are about people arguing about stuff and then going to court to get a judge to say who’s right.

But both kinds of law are super important (that’s what my mom told me) so that’s how come we have criminal and civil law.

Representative Farmer is a lot like me because he likes to help people in our community, and lots of people think he’s the right person to do that because they voted for him to be our Representative.  That means lots of people know about all the hard work he already did up to right now and also what’s he’s doing right now, too.

I’m going to write back a thank you letter to Representative Farmer because that’s the right thing to do when someone sends you a letter.  While I’m doing that, I’m going to share the letter he sent me so you can see what he wrote.  It’s so beautiful I’ve been smiling ever since I read it!


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Autism Puzzle Pieces

So April is Autism Awareness Month, and I know that because there’s autism in my family and that’s how I know about these kinds of things.  When I was on Facebook yesterday, I saw a lot of things people wrote about autism and some of it made me happy.  Some of it mixed me up, and mostly that had to do with people that were crazy mad about puzzle pieces and autism.

The crazy mad people were saying that puzzle pieces and autism don’t go together, and then they said it was a bad thing to have puzzle pieces and autism go together.  That’s what made me get mixed up because my way of thinking is that puzzle pieces and autism are perfect together.

Here’s my thinking.

Everybody has one life they get to live, and because they never lived it before, everything about the life you get to live is a puzzle.  Every day gives you more puzzle pieces to put into your puzzle, and the more puzzle pieces you put together, the more you can figure out what the picture of your life puzzle is going to be when it’s finished up done.

Every puzzle piece you collect is perfect for your puzzle and that’s how come they’re so important to collect and put in your life puzzle.  If you don’t pick up all your puzzle pieces, your life puzzle is going to look wonky (or hinky like my Mohawk grandpa says sometimes).

So everybody is actually a puzzle piece because people are part of everybody’s life puzzle.  When someone with autism or any disability is part of your life puzzle, that’s a good thing because they’re helping your life puzzle be perfect.  When someone that doesn’t have autism or any disability is part of your life puzzle, that’s a good thing too because they’re helping your life puzzle be perfect.

If you’re one of the Facebook people that was crazy mad about puzzle pieces and autism being together, don’t be.  Maybe you didn’t realize before that every single puzzle piece is beautiful and plus, superly important.  That means that people that have autism are just like people that don’t have autism.  Everybody is a important puzzle piece.

Aren’t you happy you read my blog entry today?  Now you don’t have to be crazy mad for the rest of Autism Awareness month!  Now be sure to tell everybody how awesome (or ausome because I saw people spelling it that way on Facebook today) autism is and how everybody is a puzzle piece and that’s a good thing.

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