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At Home By The Beautiful Sea

Sometimes you want to be at the beach but you can’t go there because the sea isn’t so close to you and your mom or dad doesn’t have time to go to the lake for a day or a weekend.  Sometimes you can fix that problem.

There was this one time when I wanted to go to the beach but it wasn’t even summer yet so I just set pushed all the furniture in my mom’s livingroom all to one side, and took lawn chairs in from the garage and set them up there, and then I got this TV tray and put it between the lawn chairs, and cranked the heat up in the house to like 80 degrees.  Then I made some lemonade and put it on the TV table in a pitcher and got some glasses with ice in them, and after I got in my bathing suit, I just pretended I was at the beach and it was a whole lot like being at the beach.

Anyway, when my mom got home from her meeting she wanted to know what was wrong with the furnace because it was hot in the house, and Josh and Aaron, they gave me that look that said don’t say a word because they had just finished putting everything back where it was supposed to be because they were outside shoveling snow off the driveway when I was making it summer at the beach inside our house.

But last week, it was true summer and the last few weeks have been way hot because it’s summer and that’s the kind of heat you get in July.

So we had the Missy Barrett Seaside Tea Party at Courthouse Donuts and it was a whole lot like being at the beach mostly because of all the wood on the walls at Courthouse Donuts and partly because they were in the middle of surprise renovations and repairs, so we enjoyed ice-cold bottled water and tasty cupcakes.  Ms. Mardeen (she’s my friend Aspen’s grandma), she just got back from Florida not so long ago, and she let me borrow some real life Florida seashells to decorate the tables and stuff.

I made jellyfish pouches from material, and some of that material was donated by Ms. Liz (she’s good friends with Ms. Genna), and everybody loved them.  The only exception to the jellyfish were the two blue goldfish I made and that had to do with the draws for door prizes that we have at every single Missy Barrett tea party.

Even I got a prize because Aspen made me a winner of her very own blue lei giveaway, and I got to wear that all the way home after the party, and now it’s decorating part of my bedroom.  If maybe you don’t know what a lei is, it’s a necklace made up of real or make-believe flowers, and usually people think of Hawaii when they think of leis.  I don’t know for sure where they first got made, but I know they’re pretty so that’s why the one I got fro Aspen is decorating part of my bedroom.  And plus, it’s a superly nice blue that makes me think of the sea and how pretty the sea is especially in the summertime.

My mom asked me what I’m going to make for the Missy Barrett Ice Cream Adventure Party in August, and I said it was a surprise (which it really, really is).  But I already know what I’m making for the tea party in October, and that’s partly because the Missy Barrett Hallowe’en story, “Bats’n’Cats” is coming out just in time for Hallowe’en this year so be sure to watch for it.

Now here’s the collage of some pictures from the Missy Barrett Seaside Tea Party last Friday, and if you want to be at the August Tea Party, be sure to phone BeBop’s Frozen Delights at (865) 366-1669, or go to their ice cream shop at 220 Collier Drive in the Governor’s Crossing Mall (and not too far down from JoAnn’s Fabrics or too far up from the Scrapbook Superstore) and buy your tickets in person.  You can even have some ice cream while you’re there because lately it’s totally been ice cream season in Sevier County.

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Blue Hawaii Pool Party Fun

Sometimes a little bit of nostalgia goes a long way to making a regular every day party a superly fun party, and that’s exactly what happened at last Saturday’s Blue Hawaii Pool Party.

Anyway, Miss Sharon (she’s the general manager of the All Season Suites where we had the pool party) asked my mom if she thought it maybe could be a great idea to have a Missy Barrett party at her hotel. My mom right away said that a pool party would be a great idea, and then Ms. Sharon and my mom decided it was going to be a Blue Hawaii pool party.

My Grandma Barrett totally loves Elvis so I already knew about the movie “Blue Hawaii” so I asked my grandma if we could watch the movie together a few times so I would get some great ideas of what to do to make this Blue Hawaii pool party a really truly real Blue Hawaii pool party everybody would like. My grandma was so great about it, she told me it was okay by her if we had to watch the “Blue Hawaii” movie a hundred times in a row.

The first time I watched the movie, she already had popcorn made and plus ice-cold lemonade and cut up pineapple and watermelon pieces so it felt like we were in a tropical movie theater watching this movie. I love that my grandma made the movie watching a lot like my parties because that made watching the movie even way more fun that if we were just sitting on the couch watching the TV screen.

So in the movie, there’s this guy named Chad Gates and it was easy to remember that name because, you know, Bill Gates and Windows, and plus Chad rhymes with glad so Glad Windows equals Chad Gates. He just got out of the army and he goes to Hawaii so he can surf and be at the beach all day.

So that meant my Blue Hawaii pool party had to have a Elvis Presley, too, and Ms. Sharon, she knows Stewart Chapman and he does a Elvis Presley show at Main Event Theater in Pigeon Forge so she asked him if he could come and be Elvis Presley at the pool party and he said YES!

He came to the party and then told everybody that he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and if he makes it to the part of the show where people in the television audience get to vote, you need to vote for him because he is totally Elvis when he’s busy being Elvis.

He’s also totally Stewart when he’s not busy being Elvis, and just being himself.

Well, Stewart Chapman aka Elvis Presley sang lots of Elvis Presley songs that even I knew including “Viva Las Vegas” and “Devil In Disguise” and “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” and even though it was a hot summer afternoon, he danced just like Elvis Presley when he was singing. That was so superly amazing I could not hardly believe it because it was so hot I was thinking maybe the pool chairs were going to start melting.

Ms. Sharon made sure nobody got dehydrated and she made sure there was ice and lemonade to drink, and then she even had chocolate chip cookies on a tray for when people got hungry from having boatloads of fun at the pool party.

Registered hotel guests got in for free because they already paid to stay at the hotel and not registered hotel guests paid $5 a person to get in. The money that was collected is going to get given to Mr. Wellons at the Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries to help people in our community that need help.

So I want to say thank you to Travis James of Main Event Theater and thank you to Stewart Chapman who does Elvis Presley shows at Main Event Theater and thank you to Miss Sharon VanCuren of All Season Suites on Dollywood Lane in Pigeon Forge for helping to make the Missy Barrett Blue Hawaii Pool Party the best pool party ever!

Here’s a collage of pictures from the pool party so you can see how much fun the pool party was (and plus, so you know how come you need to show up at my parties).


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