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Good Deeds From Last Week

Last Wednesday was officially International Missy Barrett Day thanks to a Proclamation by the Mayor of Sevierville.  Probably you think I’m only thinking it was official, but no it was 100% totally official.  Here’s a picture of the Proclamation.

Anyway, Wednesday was International Missy Barrett Day and I was asking people to do good deeds on that day, take pictures of those good deeds (or the effects of their good deeds), and share it on social media with the hashtag #DoAGoodDeed.  I wish I could share everybody’s social media posts because there were so many people doing good deeds.  What really counts is that so many people were doing good deeds, and that means the world was a better place on Wednesday because so many people were caring about others.  Here’s a collage of some (but not all) of the good deeds that got done by some (but not all) people.

Even journalists got involved.  Kyle Grainger lives where I live, and he did so many good deeds on International Missy Barrett Day.  He was a one-person dynamo, that’s how awesome he was.  I put together a collage of just some of the good deeds Mr. Grainger did last Wednesday, and it’s superly awesome!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s International Missy Barrett Day when I’m going to ask people to #DoAGoodDeed on August 30 and then share it on social media to inspire other people to #DoAGoodDeed as well.  And plus, if people want to #DoAGoodDeed every single day between now and next year, that would be fantastic!  Can you imagine how great things are going to be if lots of people decide to #DoAGoodDeed every single day until August 30, 2018?  Oh boy, it would be the best year ever I think.

If you want to add comments about what you did on International Missy Barrett Day, you can do that in the Comments Section below.  I would love to find out how you made International Missy Barrett Day 2017 amazing in your own special #DoAGoodDeed way.



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One Week To Go

In one more week, it’s going to be International Missy Barrett Day, and everybody knows, what I really want to see happen is this:  I want a whirlwind of compassion to sweep across social media.  I want a torrential downpour of caring on people all over the world.  I want good deeds to rule the day.

Now some people have told me that they love this idea but it’s not realistic and I ask them, “Why not?”  If people can go on social media and be mean and nasty, they can also go on social media and be caring and loving.  If people can be horrible in person, they can also be pleasant in person.  This isn’t about manners.  It’s about choosing!

My mom says it’s superly important to look for the good in people instead of griping about how bad they are.  She says that if someone is acting badly, chances are that there’s a reason for that and if you can figure out the reason, you can deal with the bad acting someone is doing.  Like for example, if someone’s pet dies one morning and at school they’re sad and angry and just not being nice, instead of being mean right back at them, maybe you should find out if there’s a reason they are acting like that.  Don’t make matters worse (my Grandpa Barrett says that a lot when people ask him what they should do in a bad situation).

Yes, some people are just really mean and those people you steer clear of (my Grandpa Two Rivers says that a lot when people ask him what they should do in a bad situation) so things don’t go worse than they’re already going.  But don’t gripe about how bad they are.  Just walk away and don’t even think about their meanness anymore.

That’s why International Missy Barrett Day is so superly important for everybody to do.  Just think of how amazing the whole day will be with so much good deeding and sharing of good deeding going on.  And maybe when people see how easy doing a whole day of good deeding really is, the next day they’ll decide to do a second day of good deeding.  And then another and another and another.  Pretty soon, it’s going to be a week of good deeding, and then a month of good deeding, and then it’s pretty much just going to be your default setting every day.

So if you haven’t shared International Missy Barrett Day with your friends and family, now is a good time to start doing that so everyone can start thinking up what good deeds they’re going to do next Wednesday (that’s August 30).   Make up a checklist so you don’t forget any of your great ideas.  That way you can just check things off as you do them, and maybe along the way, you’ll find some other good deeds that need doing, and you’ll do those good deeds, too.

Remember, I have faith in you because I know inside everyone there’s goodness.  Let that goodness show up in your life, and it won’t be long before the goodness of your good deeds starts making the goodness in other people’s lives show up as they do good deeds for other people.

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