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Being A Boss Is Hard Work

My big brother Josh is a excellent drawer, and he’s in charge of making a drawing version of me for the song Artie Q did for my detectiving business.  That makes me the boss of the project (my mom said so) and that means I have the last word on everything that gets done for the video.  I really liked that at the beginning, but not s much now because it’s actually a lot of work and not so much fun as I thought it was going to be.

So Josh did this mock-up drawing of me for the video, and I said, “That doesn’t look like me.”

Then he said, “It would if you were animation instead of real.”

Then I said, “I don’t think my eyes should be that big.”  I said that because they were way huge, and when I look at me in the mirror in the bathroom, my eyes are not that humongous big.

Then he said, “It’s called animation for a reason.”  But he never told me the reason why it’s called animation when the person’s eyes are way big.

So we kind of had a argument until my other big brother Aaron came into the room.  He listened to me about how come Josh and me, we were arguing, and after that he asked Josh two questions:

1.  Are you doing all this artwork for Missy for free?

2.  Can you make her eyes smaller without making it look wrong?

Josh said he was doing it for free, but I kind of argued that because he’s getting free exposure for his art that should count for something. Then Aaron said that if Josh wanted exposure for his art, he could do any drawing and ask Mr. Carter at I See Delights to hang it up at his shop with contact information beside his artwork, or apply to have his art displayed in the art gallery location of the Makerspace area on the third floor of the King Family Library.  So I kind of lost that part of the argument.

Then Josh said he could make the eyes smaller but the smaller the eyes get on the drawing, the harder it is to make it so people know if I was superly surprised or excited or happy or mad.  I said that my eyes are not so big as in the picture Josh made, and everybody can tell when I’m surprised or excited or happy or mad without the humongous big eyes Josh drew.  But Aaron said everybody knew that from more than just my eyes, and I guess he’s right because it’s not just a person’s eyes that are surprised or excited or happy or mad.  It’s all of them.  So I kind of lost that part of the argument, too.

That’s where I had to do a compromise, and I don’t like compromises because that means I don’t get a hundred percent of what I need to get.

Josh agreed he is still going to do the artwork for my video for free and he agreed he would make the eyes on the drawing of me a little bit not so huge.  I agreed I wouldn’t be so mad at Josh for doing his best work, and I agreed that Aaron would be the decider of any more fights me and Josh have about the video.

Then Aaron asked me, “Did you tell Artie Q what to put in his song?”

“No,” I said.  “I just asked him if he could change his song Columbus In A Car to maybe Columbo In A Car for my detectiving business theme song because, you know, Columbus … Columbo …”

“You didn’t tell him how to record the song?”


“You didn’t tell him how to mix the song?”


“You didn’t tell him how to master the song?”


“You loved the song just the way it was when it was finished?”

“Yes, because it was perfect.”

“Here’s something to think about, Missy,” Aaron said.  “How come you don’t have as much faith in Josh’s art as you do in Artie Q’s music?”

And, you know, Aaron made a superly good point with that question because I guess if I was more of a boss with Artie Q, maybe I would not have a Missy Barrett big detective theme song, so I apologized to Josh, and he said everything was good between us, and that made me happy because I don’t like fighting with my family members about anything

That means that today I learned being a boss is hard work, but being a GOOD boss is even harder work.  I think that’s a very good lesson for me to learn because everybody knows that undercover private eye supersleuth detectives always need a secretary to hold down the fort at the office when they’re busy detectiving on a job.

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Brand New Undercover Private Eye Supersleuth Detective Theme

Everybody who knows me even a little bit knows that forever I said I’m the future Chief of Staff of Artie Q International, and also I’m going to be a undercover private eye supersleuth detective solving all kinds of cases.  Instead of waiting until I’m a grown-up, I’m starting my detectiving career early.  I’m already a for real member of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce (in case you didn’t know) so I’m good to go when it comes to being part of the business community where me and my family live.

It’s important when you’re serious about doing something to have a way for people to figure out who you are and what you do, and my mom says that’s called branding so I talked with my brother Josh about getting branding for what I do and he came up with a great idea.  I loved it so much, I didn’t even need to ask for any changes because it was perfect for me and plus, it says everything about how excellent my detectiving work is.

Then Artie Q agreed to turn one of his songs into my theme song mostly because it’s perfect for the kind of detectiving I do, and he agreed to do that, so now I have a superly perfect theme song and you can hear it on his website by clicking RIGHT HERE.  You’ll know you got to the right website because when your browser goes to the landing page, this is what you will see.  So click on the link, and listen to the song, and then check out all the other stuff because you probably would have boatloads of fun doing that.

I’m working on a case right now, and it’s The Case of the Vanishing Valise.   This case started because of a certain plaque on a certain wall at a certain vaudeville theater in Gatlinburg (Tennessee) that maybe you already heard about:  Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre.  You can read all about it at the end of April when the first book in my Detective Series gets launched at an awesome launch party at a location I am going to announce a little bit later on.  You don’t want to give you all the surprises all at one time so there’s no more surprises between now and then, right?  Here’s how my logo looks on the advertising for my next book.

Right now, Josh is working on some special artwork for a Columbo In A Car video.  I think it’s going to be as excellent as the song by Artie Q.

Anyway, stay tuned for more news on my blog and on my Facebook page, and be sure to tell all your friends and family about Missy Barrett — undercover private eye supersleuth detective — coming soon to a book shelf near you!

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