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Winning With Laughter

There are lots of ways to win at life.  Sometimes it’s the unexpected things in life that make you win.  Things like knowing when to let other people bring the win right to you.  Probably you’re wondering what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about how every time I see a new Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre show, I go home feeling like a winner because of how entertaining their shows are.  Just like their website says, it’s hilarious entertainment in the Smokies.

This review is about “The Biggest Little Show On Earth” and just like the poster says, it’s LIVE-ON-STAGE.  I don’t know why they had to put that on the poster because it would be silly to have the show not on stage and even sillier if it wasn’t live and the audience had to imagine a show was going on.  But it probably makes sense to other people, so I’m just going to say it’s a very good thing “The Biggest Little Show On Earth” is LIVE-ON-STAGE and even better that it’s a Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre show.

This show has some new (to me anyway) people alongside Christopher L. Sullivan, Chris MacPherson, and Stephanie Butters, and they’re Emma Lesniewski and Tim Coleman.  My brother Aaron says that Tim is a repeat comic offender so I think that means he’s been a Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre cast member from before and now he’s back.  That’s great because he’s superly hilarious just like the rest of the cast!  Everyone is so fantastic, and all the skits are side-splitting fall-down funny.  Emma is a brand new cast member and she’s superly hilarious, too.

I don’t want to give too much away in this review but I can tell you this:  There’s the very popular sing-a-long everyone loves (and we would all be sad if it got cut from any of the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre shows), and there’s Ollie the Clown (it just wouldn’t be a Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre show if Ollie the Clown wasn’t part of the show).

One of the skits I really enjoyed a whole lot was the one-man show by Chris MacPherson.  It’s not the costume changes that makes the audience think he’s a bunch of different actors, it’s his acting and plus the faces he makes.  This is where he does a excellent job of being Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, a lady that works with him, and a surprise I can’t tell you because maybe that would wreck this bit for you.  Also, he plays himself, so that’s 5 different people all at the same time and you feel like it’s five different people, so just that part all by itself is a 5-star performance (one for each personality).  Yes, it really is that excellent of a piece.

There’s musical comedy from Christopher L. Sullivan and Stephanie Butters and Emma Lesniewski (that name is just crazy hard for me to remember how to spell right so everybody needs to learn how to say it right and spell it right so Emma doesn’t think people don’t like her because totally we love her).

There’s old-timey songs from Cole Porter (that’s what my one grandpa told me and he should know because he watched all the old-timey movies with song-and-dance men in them) and dancing that goes with those old-timey songs from Cole Porter.  I think I almost knew one of those songs they sang but I couldn’t remember all the words.  Maybe I was just remembering the old-timey fancy suits and top hats.

I laughed really hard when the school teacher character kept coming out on stage.  I was kind of scared but also kind of laughing too hard to not be scared.  I just hope that school teacher never substitute teaches at my school next year … or maybe ever.  But it would be okay if she substitute taught at my brother Josh’s high school because then it would be superly funny.

Also, there’s the “World Famous Classical Paper Dance” and if you never saw that before, I can tell you that even if you watch it with your hands in front of your face like my one grandma does, you’re still going to laugh really, really hard.

This show has a new announcing voice.  I’m used to hearing the lady with the beautiful accent announce skits and players, but this time it was this guy making the announcements.

I don’t know his name, but he sure looks like he belongs at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre because his smile says he likes to laugh a whole lot, and that’s what Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre shows are all about:  Making people laugh a whole lot.

I rate this show a 35-star review.  That’s a 5-star for everyone in the cast, and bonus stars.  This is how it works out.

* 5 stars for all 5 of the cast members (25 stars)
* 5 bonus stars for the Frankenstein bit by Chris MacPherson
* 1 bonus star for the man selling tickets at the window
* 1 bonus star for the man selling popcorn
* 1 bonus star for the best popcorn ever
* 1 bonus star for the sound guy
* 1 bonus star for the announcing guy

And here’s the collage of pictures I put together for this show so you can get a idea of how much fun and how hilarious “The Biggest Little Show On Earth” is.  Probably you need to go online right now and get your tickets for the next show, so check out the link just below the collage.

Because there’s two shows happening at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre and plus the Jessica Jane Magic, Comedy, and Variety Show, just CLICK HERE to see the schedule so you get to see the show you want to go see.

In a couple more weeks, I’m going to write another review, and that’s going to be for “Lady Fanny’s Nitwit Revue” also playing at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre in Gatlinburg.

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How Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre Flies

Everybody knows that when I reviewed “Frolic: Something Amusing This Way Comes” I gave it 5 BILLION stars because I loved the show so much.  Someone on the Internet told me that you can’t give more than 5 stars or 10 tomatoes when you review it, so I think my review is going to speak for itself and you guess how many BILLION stars I think it should get.

When I went back to Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre (don’t forget how to spell the word theater in case you want to find them on Facebook or on the Internet) to see their other show, “Perfect Nonsense featuring Captain Malinger Flies Again” I already made up my mind that I was going to have boatloads of different fun at this show.  To make things even better, there was another cast member more than at the other show I saw.

I would’ve been superly disappointed if “Perfect Nonsense” started the same way “Frolic” did so right off the top let me tell you I was so excited when the show started because they made sure everybody in the audience knew that this show was not the other show.  I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you everything that was in the First Act, but I can tell you that Scott danced with two ladies (one was very pretty and the other had a great personality) and Christopher L. Sullivan and Stephanie Butters sang a hilarious romanticky song together. 

There was some serious clowning around thanks to the bookend Chrises (I’m not sure exactly how to spell that but if you go to the show you’ll get what I mean), and my grandpa said there was a nod to Marlene Deitrich (he had to spell her name for me mostly because that’s a superly hard name to spell when you’re my age).  Everybody at the show laughed a whole lot, and that’s because the show was a whole lot funny.

The Second Act was something I never saw before ever in my life, and that’s because it was a original story by Chris MacPherson based on a original character by Chris MacPherson.  I especially loved Victoria because she kind of sneaked into the First Act a few times and that made me want to see the Second Act.  She was really funny and plus really scary all at the same time.

My brothers, Josh and Aaron, loved it a hundred percent.  When I asked what kind of acting it was they said it was steam punk and that makes sense because the advertising outside said “Captain Malinger Flies Again” is a steam powered story.  I don’t know too much about what steam punk is but I think it’s probably a cross between the future meets the old-fashioned days of Sherlock Holmes in London.

Instead of giving away all the best parts, I’ll just say that there were a lot of unexpected things that went on in “Captain Malinger Flies Again” and if there’s another episode of Captain Malinger at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, I’m going to ask my mom if we can go see it.

Now that you guys read my review, it’s time to give this show a rating.  Like I said, I got told last time that a show can’t have more than 5 stars when you really like it so if you want this show to get another 5 BILLION stars, you should send 1 BILLION people to Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre in Gatlinburg to see the show.  Then you know what you should get them to do?  You should get all of them post 5 star reviews.  

P.S.  I looked up  malinger in the dictionary, and guess what?  It’s in there!  If you go to my Facebook page tomorrow after reading this review, you’ll find out that I posted what a malinger is


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