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Libraries are some of the coolest places, and yesterday when I was at the King Family Library on High Street, the latest decorations and displays all over the library showed how true that is, especially where I live.

This summer is the 50th anniversary of when men landed on the moon and then walked on the moon. My Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and my Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers watched it on television, except not all together in the same house on the same television set. My one set of grandparents watched at their house on their television set, and my other set of grandparents watched in a whole different city in their house on their television set. What’s the same is that they had a bunch of people over to watch men landing and walking on the moon, and both my grandmas made a lot of refreshments and treats for everybody to celebrate this momentous (that word means it was something so big you can never forget it because it’s superly amazing) event.

Anyway, in the library, the librarians worked really, really, really hard to make the library feel kind of like a NASA location for kids with all kinds of neat things and places set up all over the library to make everybody think about outerspace. There’s planets hanging everywhere and a milky way in this one room.

All the way down one corridor, all the planets are put up with their names underneath, and the librarians even remembered to put Pluto up so I am totally loving that hallway a hundred million percent.

There’s also a pop-up café in the Bridgemont Room, and you can buy some delicious alien (as in outerspace not as in made from aliens) food for reasonable dollar amounts.  I didn’t get anything to eat at the Milky Way Café because I already had lunch at home, but I highly recommend the Mikly Way Café because with all that imagination, the food has got to be awesome!

In the main lobby, there’s a display of books that are all space related and plus there’s way more space related books in the other parts of the library, too.  There’s more books in the children’s section, and more books in the grown-ups section, so everybody can borrow a book (or a bunch of books) from the library and learn all about outerspace and all about the moon landing way back in the olden days when your grandparents were way young.

Also, there’s lots of events going on at the library, and not all of them have to do with the moon landing (which actually happened in July, not in June 50 years ago), but my blog today is all about the moon landing and outerspace so that’s pretty much all I’m going to focus on.  Well, that and plus Pluto — the most nicest planet in the whole world wide universe.

There’s even a science week coming up next week.

Click HERE (this goes to the Facebook page all about next week’s event at the library) for all the details and information you need to have your parents and grandparents say you can be part of this fun week of stuff.  And plus, there’s also a lot going on at the Pittman Center branch that maybe you want to let people know about.

So you can see how come I said at the beginning of this blog entry that libraries some of the coolest places ever, right?  Think of all the fun and learning you get to do when you go to the library!  It’s like going to a crazy expensive store and getting a boatload of free swag just for being there, and then getting invited to come back as many times as you want for as much free swag as you can take back home again!  I mean, I know you have to bring books and DVDs and stuff back to the library and all, but all the stuff you learned from those books and DVDs and stuff stay put in your brain so you kind of also get to keep everything you have to bring back to the library.

Here’s what I want everybody to do:  Go to your library and learn all about the moon landing and moon walking that went on 50 years ago.  Learn about other planets and other important scientific stuff that has to do with outerspace.  Take people that never went to your library before to your library (you are going to be a hero when you do that and they see how awesome the library really is).  Hey, even take people visiting you to your library because every single library is different, so it’s a new adventure every single time.

I can hardly wait to start reading some moon books I borrowed from the King Family Library yesterday, and I can hardly wait to start pretending about being on the moon in the old-fashioned days, and writing my own stories about a girl going to the moon to visit her grandma and grandpa living on the moon, and maybe even come up with my own outerspace dinner menu for my family members.  How fun is all that, right?

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