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Artie Q Reviews

Last month (that was December), Pandora said “No!” to Artie Q getting his music played on the Pandora station.  I couldn’t believe it when I found out because that’s just crazy talk, right?  I mean, Artie Q has one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole wide world ever and it’s called “Good Morning!”

A special note for people that maybe never heard of Artie Q or his superly special song:   You can click ON THIS LINK and you can read about it on another part of my blog.  And plus you can listen to “Good Morning” the song if you click ON THIS LINK so you know what I’m talking about.

I was so upset at the Pandora people that I put on my Facebook page that we should make a lot of noise about this.  I just didn’t know what the noise should be.  This is a screenshot of what I wrote on my page when I found out Pandora said “No!” about playing Artie Q’s song on their station.

But after I put that on my page, Artie Q wrote a answer and it said this:

The rejection may hav enothing to do with whether they agree with Good Morning being “one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole wide world ever” but about technical/financial issues.  Such as how many fans am I going to bring to their radio station if they allow me to join the Pandora Club.

Well, I don’t exactly know what a “technical/financial issues” means exactly but I know that Artie Q has fans.  So here’s my idea for making some noise.  It’s really easy.

1.  Listen to your favorite Artie Q song.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM MISSY:  You can hear his songs for free by going on his website, http://www.artieq.com or you can listen to some songs for free on the CD Baby place, http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/ArtieQ.  They even have Artie Q songs on iTunes if you go to the right place of iTunes, https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/artie-q/id290930948.

2.  Come to the Missy Barrett blog.

3.  Click on the Artie Q Reviews tab.

4.  Make one comment for every Artie Q song you want to review (if you like 4 songs, write 4 different comment reviews).

Okay, so what does #4 mean?  It means that if Missy Barrett (that’s me) listens to “Good Morning” then Missy Barrett writes some of the reasons why she likes the song “Good Morning.”  So that’s really easy to do and plus, it will let people know that Artie Q needs to be on good radio stations, even ones like the Pandora station that made a mistake and said “No!” to Artie Q.

That’s how we should make some noise.  I hope everybody will write something about their favorite Artie Q songs.  Thanks.  That is all.



8 responses to “Artie Q Reviews

  1. […] Now that you’ve heard the song, pop over to Missy Barrett’s blog and read what her big noise solution to the Pandora problem is.  Everyone who reads her idea thinks she’s probably on to something good.  To read all about Missy Barrett’s solution, CLICK HERE. […]

    • ArtieQ says:

      Surely, though, that solution is here on this page, E1. We are on big noise solution page? Yes? Or should I be going to another page? Am I missing something? Hmm …
      – Not That Bright in London & LA

      • Elyse Bruce says:

        No this is the big noise page that Missy Barrett came up with. We just have to keep helping her get the word out that people need to post their reviews on this page and make a big noise so everyone hears about Artie Q and his excellent music.

  2. Hey, Missy! Because I’m not that bright, I like Ber Dat Dat Dat! by Artie Q. There are few lyrics and lots of Lah Lah Lahs! 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/artieq2/ber-dat

  3. You know, it really doesn’t matter which Artie Q song I listen to, I generally enjoy the selection very much.

    But my number one preference consistently seems to be “Good Morning (The Man Who Lost His Smile).”

    It’s a straightforward, catchy, fun to listen to song that imparts a nice message.

    It also has an ’80s feel to it, so that’s a definite plus with me, and of course, I’m in the US, and Artie Q is across the pond, and so listening to his accent as he sings can at times be an enjoyable diversion.

    I am a writer by trade, and one of the things I like to do when writing certain types of stories, or certain stretches within stories, is to have some music going in the background. I will often loop “Good Morning” as I write. I find when I do that that word count generally increases, diction improves, and I come away from my writing session feeling good. In fact, I am listening to “Good Morning” even as I write this!

    But what a wonderful thing it must be to be able to write music that inspires writers to write songs!

    Another thing I like about “Good Morning” is that you can listen to it as many times as you want without it becoming what is euphemistically called an “ear worm.” That is to say, “Good Morning” is a memorable song that you want to hear over and over again, but, after you stop playing it, it doesn’t stick in your head and play all day like to the point of driving a person insane.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here, saying only by way of closing that there are many more Artie Q songs which to my way of thinking are every bit as good as -and sometimes better than- songs from some of the most popular singers/songwriters/musicians of the last few decades.

    So give him a try, and make your morning a good one!

  4. ArtieQ says:

    Yo, Thomas … Wow! Thank you for that (second to) last paragraph. A great compliment. 🙂

  5. […] NEW PAGE ADDED:  Artie Q Reviews […]

  6. […] you didn’t go to “Artie Q Reviews” when it got put up on my blog, or if you went but didn’t remember to go back, you can […]

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