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Missy Barrett and Friends’ Night Before Christmas Project

on December 11, 2019

There’s this superly famous poem about Christmas that starts like this:

I love that poem and plus, also I love “Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus.”  I know both of them are from the way back old-fashioned days, but I love them both anyway.

Now, my brother Josh has spent a whole lot of time going to the hospital for emergencies because he has this diagnosis that makes his life unpredictable (that’s how he says it’s like and he should know because he lives with Myasthenia Gravis every day).  That means that when he was little (because he’s 15 years old now so he’s almost a grown-up except not exactly because he still has a few years before that happens), my mom had to drop everything and take him to the hospital when he was having problems.  Even when he stopped being little, my mom still did that, and she still does that now when he has problems and needs to go to the hospital.

Anyway, my mom always has four knapsacks in the front closet:  One for each of us kids, and one for her.  Those knapsacks have a lot of things in them that you need or want if you’re at the hospital, and she started putting knapsacks in the front closet a long time before Josh got diagnosed because he got sick a lot back then and nobody really knew how come that was.

I asked my mom if other moms and dads have knapsacks packed and hiding in their front closets, and she said she didn’t think so because most kids don’t usually wind up at the Emergency Room at the local hospital, so there isn’t any reason for having knapsacks packed and hiding in their front closets.  That’s when I got to thinking.  What if a mom or dad had kids that never went to the Emergency Room before and had to take one of their kids to the Emergency Room because they were superly sick and needed to see a doctor right away or because they fell down and broke their arm or ankle or something like that?  They wouldn’t have anything with them when they got to the Emergency Room except all the paper stuff needed when you get to the hospital, and the kid that needed to go to the hospital!

Then I got a idea.  Not just any idea, but a great idea!

What if my friends and me, WE were like deputy Santa Clauses for moms and dads and kids that wound up in the Emergency Room at our local hospital (it’s called LeConte Medical Center) on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or even Boxing Day?  What if WE could help save Christmas for them so it would not be so sad?

So I started telling all my grown-up friends my idea, and my idea went from just being a great idea to being a great project that lots of my friends wanted to be part of making come true.

My friends and me, we’re putting together 32 small tote bags, and we’re delivering them (actually my mom and local author Thomas D. Taylor are doing the delivery part) to LeConte Medical Center on December 23rd so everything is going to be there for the next day (because that next day is Christmas Eve Day).

So a great big humongous Missy Barrett style thank you goes out to all my friends that are part of the Missy Barrett and Friends Night Before Christmas Project, and everybody reading this blog, show them how much you appreciate them and what they do by visiting their websites and going to their locations.

Here are all my friends that are part of the Missy Barrett and Friends’ Night Before Christmas Project.

Just so you know, my mom talked with Ms. Gaye Jolly at LeConte Medical Center (she’s the top person to talk to about important things like my great idea), and we got permission for me to do this before I started telling other people my great idea.

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