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Deck The Halls With Ollie’s Festive Follies

It was snowing outside when everybody left Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre last night but that wasn’t weird because it’s December and this is the Great Smoky Mountains!  What was weird, in a superly funny way, was that earlier on, it was (fake) snowing inside Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre for one of the skits that was part of “Ollie’s Follies.”  Who knew snow could be so hilarious, even if it’s fake snow?  I never knew.

The hardest part of reviewing this show is not giving away all the gags.  But right away off the top, I’m going to tell you it’s probably a good idea for you to bring some muscle liniment with you because your sides are going to be sore from laughing so hard even before the intermission, and that’s for real, not just one of those things a review person writes to be dramatic.  After I saw “Ollie’s Festive Follies” my sides were sore from laughing way hard and pretty much with no stopping except for some parts that weren’t laughing parts.

Pretty much the whole show was brand new skits with a couple exceptions and those exceptions happened because the repeated skits are skits that are loved so much like watching “A Miracle On 34th Street” or “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  It’s just not Christmas unless you get to see those skits.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t boatloads of new skits and song-and-dance numbers and singing because there is.

There’s this thing called pacing.  My big brother, Aaron (he’s in college) told me about it at supper before we went to see “Ollie’s Festive Follies.”  Basically pacing is how fast or slow a skit goes and how fast or slow a show goes when you put the skits together in a line-up.  This show has excellent pacing because some skits are wild and zany and crazy funny, and some skits are very heart touching and loving.  If I was a big New York City theater producer, I would want to have “Ollie’s Festive Follies” at my theater at Christmastime.  It’s a good thing I’m not a big New York City theater producer because part of the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre magic is that it’s in Gatlinburg, not New York City.  But the show is that good.

The only joke I did not get was the thespian joke but my mom said that was okay because someday I will but everybody else in the theater laughed a lot when Tim Coleman and Chris Macpherson said it so I know it was funny even if I didn’t get the joke.

Also, I loved the costumes.  Some were superly beautiful like the long, sparkly dresses.  You can see them in the first montage below.  It’s the very first picture beside the “Ollie’s Festive Follies” poster picture.  If they have a extra one, maybe my mom can buy it for me and make it into my prom dress for when I get to high school because that’s how pretty they are.

Even the ugly dresses aren’t that ugly, even if it’s not a woman wearing it.  There was this teacher and my brother, Josh, said it reminded him of the teacher he had in Grade 2 and I think maybe it was a man dressed in a ugly dress because for sure it was not Emma or Stephanie or Jennifer.  Anyway, the teacher had these huge, humongous earrings except I really liked them a whole lot, so I’m going to make two pairs of earrings like that and give one pair to my Grandma Two Rivers for Christmas and one pair to my Grandma Barrett for Christmas.  I think they will love them so much they probably are going to wear them to fancy events they get to go to like any New Year’s parties maybe they’re going to with my two grandpas.  Everybody for sure would tell them they noticed their beautiful homemade earrings, and then they could tell everybody their earrings got made by me after I saw them at a Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre show.

So ya, there’s even lots of Christmas gift giving ideas at this show so how cool is that?

I separated the pictures I took to make two montages and there’s a reason for this.  There was way too much fun going on at this show to only have one picture montage.

In the second half of the show, the cast does a excellent version of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens except they needed more actors so they picked two people from the audience to help out.  They were superly great at picking the right people because I think it was the best version of “A Christmas Carol” I ever saw — and I think I saw pretty much every single version including the one with Fonzie from the Happy Days television series and the version with a woman that didn’t make any sense to me when I watched it.  It was not too short and not too long a version, and it had everything in it and it was sad in some places and happy in other places.  Oh, and shiver, shivery in a few other places.

Now, this show is called “Ollie’s Festive Follies” and because it is, I want to point something out.  Words are magic but the most heart touching magic comes from Ollie who doesn’t say any words at all.  I don’t want to wreck the magic for you by explaining what I mean by that.  I just want you to go to the show and have Ollie’s magic touch your heart by itself.  When you go to the show, you’ll understand what I mean, and then you’ll get why I said that the most heart touching magic comes from Ollie who doesn’t say any words at all.

After writing a lot of reviews, I think I finally got the hang of things so I’m giving this show a 5 Christmas stocking rating.

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