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Did You Win

on June 3, 2018

So last month I didn’t write any blog entries because I was superly busy with the 2nd Annual Missy Barrett Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt, and yesterday was the wind-up at the Relay For Life of Sevier County event in downtown Sevierville.  I was there at my table and got to talk to bunches and bunches of people, and it was fun counting up all the stamps and stickers in people’s books so they could get the same number of draw tickets for chances to win one of the draw prizes.

For people that didn’t know about the Scavenger Hunt, they could still buy a book at the Relay For Life event and get 2 draw tickets for a chance to win one of the draw prizes.

If you weren’t there when tickets were drawn, here’s a picture of all the winning draw tickets.  You should check your draw tickets to see if you won anything because lots of people were there to collect their draw prizes but some people were not so  I’m trying to find them by sharing a picture of the winning draw tickets on my blog.

Probably you’re wondering how come there’s yellow duct tape on the board and stand.  That’s because two times, really  heavy rain came in with lots of what my mom called gusty wind so my mom made sure ahead of time the board wouldn’t go flying away if bad weather came in.  She said it’s because the smart thing to do is to plan for anything that maybe could happen and then be happy if it doesn’t happen at all.  Yesterday, the gusty wind happened a couple of times after the two times it rained superly hard.

Also, the one time it rained, the drains got overloaded and there was water all over the place and it started filling up the streets and pretty soon the water was almost ankle-deep in some places. This is a picture I took from my tent of the tent right next door just when the rain started up.  The drains weren’t all full up yet but it wasn’t even 5 more minutes and there was water all over the place and even when I stayed right under the tent like my mom told me, my dress got almost 100% wet from the rain because it started coming down sideways which was weird because the sky is up above, not on the side.

Also I don’t want to forget to say a great big humongous thank you to the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce for lending me their little tent for this event because if they didn’t do that, all of the draw prizes on my table would have been soaked and wrecked.  So thanks Sevierville Chamber of Commerce and especially thanks to Dave Stanfill, Membership Director for helping THIS Sevierville Chamber of Commerce member out like that.

Anyway, this month is busy but not so busy as last month, so I’ll be doing a way more better job of writing here on a regular weekly basis so stay tuned.


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