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Sevierville Style Safety

on April 15, 2018

Yesterday was Saturday, April 14 and guess where I was?  I was at the Safe Harbor Safety and Fun Day at City Park in Sevierville, and the whole event was about what kids can do to keep safe and plus there were lots of fun things to do because there were games and celebrities at the event.  What kind of celebrities?  Celebrities like the Chick-fil-A cow!

I love this picture that author Thomas Taylor took because it looks to me like the police are doing security detail for the Chick-fil-A cow.  One of them is maybe checking Sevierville Police Department alerts to make sure they know about any strange things that maybe are headed in their direction.  Probably also he would check to see if there was any dangerous bad weather headed to City Park so they could evacuate the area and keep everybody safe.  I love make believing what maybe is happening in a picture.

Anyway, every tent area gave away stickers to put in the Safe Harbor Passport and every sticker had a different safety tip.  Here’s what the sticker said at my table.

The only time you should answer the phone if you are home alone is if you have Call Display and you can see that the person calling is for sure your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa except even then you have to be superly careful because some bad people know how to fake where a phone number is coming from, so probably yes it’s just a good idea to not answer the phone if you’re home alone.

And if someone is trying to get in your house and they’re not supposed to be at your house because either you don’t know them or they don’t have permission from your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa to be at your house, just call the police right away and tell the person of 9-1-1 what your name is, where you are, and why you need the police.  That way, they person of 9-1-1 doesn’t have to guess about anything, and the police will come to your house even faster than if there’s information missing.

Anyway, the Safe Harbor Safety and Fun Day was superly lots of fun and there was even the LifeStar helicopter that was there. This is a picture of the workers that were in the helicopter.  You can tell from all the smiling that they had boatloads of fun being at this event.

Then the Chick-fil-A cow danced with some kids there, and I was amazed of how excellent of a dancer that cow is!   Here’s the video that’s on the Chick-fil-A Facebook page (you really need to watch this video for sure, and then share it with all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter and stuff).  That cow sure has some great dance moves that’s for sure.  I never saw any chickens ever dance like that!  Not ever!!!

What a fun day, right?  And plus, at my table, I got to tell everybody about the 2nd Annual Missy Barrett Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt in support of Relay For Life of Sevier County.  Lots of people were interested and they were really happy surprised to find out what some of the prizes are going to be that I’m drawing for at the Relay For Life event on June 2.

Also I had a draw at my table for someone to win the Missy Barrett middle grade reader chapter book “Roar Like A Lion” all about autism and bullying, and what to do when someone is getting bullied even if they don’t have autism.  I only asked moms or dads or grandmas or grandpas to fill out the entry because kids should not be giving out personal information like their name or their contact information to strangers.

The Executive Director of Safe Harbor pulled the winning entry, and the person that won “Roar Like A Lion” for someone they love is Bethany Thomas.  My mom is contacting her so we can get my book to her.  I think Ms. Thomas going to be really excited to find out she won, and so will be everyone in her family I think.




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