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Up In The Clouds

This week, my mom took me to Anakeesta. We never went there before so this was another exciting adventure for me and my mom. I like that when we got there, I saw this sculpture of a daddy bear and two cubs on vacation at Anakeesta. I took a picture of it and pretended the mommy bear took the picture and I saw it on the Bear Family Facebook page (which does not exist but I was pretending it did).

When we got there, we met Miss Autumn, and we went up to the top of Anakeesta in a chair lift.

Before we got on the chair lift, Miss Autumn asked me if I was scared of heights and I said no because I already went up in Marc Hightower’s 1927 WACO biplane and that was so much fun pretending to be a barnstormer just like him. It was kind of the same as a biplane but not exactly because it’s a chair with a safety bar, not a old-fashioned airplane.

It was a lot of fun, and plus I got to see the Smoky Mountains in a different way than when I was in the WACO biplane and a different way than when I go hiking with my family.

Then when we got to the top, we got off the chair lift and my mom walked superly fast like she was getting chased by a bear. I think maybe she thought if she didn’t maybe the chair lift was going to scoop us back up and take us back down to where we started, and then we would have to go back up all over again.

That didn’t happen, so that was very good.

Then we got to meet Miss Karen and she works at Anakeesta, too! Miss Karen and Miss Autumn showed me and my mom around, and you probably won’t believe how amazing this place is until you go up the chair lift or up on the chondola to see it for yourself!

There’s lots of very cool stuff for everybody, and if I wrote about everything that’s up there, this blog entry would be a bazillion words long with a bunch of great photographs, so I’ll just mention a couple of things you need to check out.

For one thing, they have a tree walk rope bridge of sixteen bridges and trees connecting all of them. I was thinking it was a great place for lots of make believing. For part of it I pretended I was Maid Marion from Robin Hood, and for part of it I pretended I was a Ewok from Star Wars, and for another part of it I pretended I was in the movie ‘Willow.’ I really love I could do all that pretending and I didn’t have to worry I wouldn’t have enough time to do all that pretending.

In case you’re wondering how safe the tree walk rope bridge is, here’s a picture that shows how strong they made it.  Superly strong.

Also, they have people that always are making sure that everything is safe, And you know what else they have besides people making sure everything is safe for people? They have people making sure Anakeesta is safe for trees and flowers and plants and animals and stuff like that. I know because Miss Karen told me they have a real arborist and a real horticulturalist working there. If you don’t know what a arborist and a horticulturalist do, this is what the dictionary says.


And plus, Discover Life in America (DLIA) is at Anakeesta, too. Scientists and volunteers are on the lookout to discover life forms in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that we didn’t know about before, and Miss Autumn and Miss Karen told me that already they identified thousands and thousands (for real, I’m not making that up) of life forms that nobody knew about before they got discovered here.

Another thing you need to know about is they have ziplining and I took this picture of somebody that ziplined to that tower and then rappelled down to the ground. That’s the right word for what he was doing because that’s the word Miss Karen said when I was taking this picture.

There’s stores and places to eat up here and other stuff still getting put together that I’m going to write about in other entries on my blog. You are going to be so surprised at all the great stuff up there.  It’s like a dream in the sky!

Then we had to say good-bye. I didn’t want to go but sometimes you just have to go home and come back another day. Besides, my mom said we were going to come back so I don’t have to worry about that because my mom keeps the promises she makes.

Then we got to go down in the chondola. My mom said it would a good idea to have two different experiences so I was a hundred percent okay with that.

I can hardly wait to go back. Anakeesta is one of my brand new favorite places, and when you go there, for sure it’s going to be one of your brand new favorite places, too.

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