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Is Something Bugging You?

Yesterday I told my teacher I was going to have to be late getting to school today because I was going to the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce Coffee Talk at the Sevierville Civic Center.  I told her it was going to be superly educational because the people of Johnson Pest Control were going to be doing the talking.  I don’t think my teacher believed me until I said I would even write a report and share it with the class so everybody would know lots about pests and stuff like that.  She phoned my mom, and I don’t know what they talked about, but this morning, I got to go to Coffee Talk with my mom.  It’s really exciting to be a Chamber member.

Anyway, when we got there, it was just a little bit after 8:00 a.m., and Miss Emily (she works at the Chamber, or SCOC as some people call it) was already taking pictures.  This is a picture she got of people starting to show up for Coffee Talk.

The ladies of Starbucks had all kinds of great stuff for people to eat for breakfast.  It sure wasn’t the kind of breakfast I usually get at home.  I think it was better but don’t tell my mom that because it maybe will hurt her feelings and it’s not her fault that she’s only great at making lunch and dinner and snacks, but kind of has a boring breakfast menu that only has cereal and milk and fruit.  The ladies of Starbucks even brought banana bread with walnuts (I think they were walnuts but maybe they weren’t but they were delicious whatever they were so I’m pretty sure those were walnuts).  They even had something that looked like lemon pound cake with icing on it!

My mom made me bring milk with me in a travel mug because she thought probably they would only have coffee there, and she was right, so it was a good thing she made me bring that with me.

Just so you know, that’s Missy Norris and another Chamber member person behind the ladies of Starbucks.  I think they’re talking about how delicious the Starbucks breakfast is.  I think one of them maybe is saying, “This is a really superly excellent breakfast spread” and the other one of them maybe is saying, “I really like those apples they have, too.”

Anyway, the person that took this picture is from Johnson Pest Control.  Maybe someone can let them know I shared their picture on my blog so they can say in the comments of this blog entry, “I took that picture” so everybody knows who took it.  It’s very good picture taking I think.

Anyway, Coffee Talk today was very educational.  I learned about different kinds of cockroaches and different kinds of bees. Also, I learned about ants and bed bugs and pillbugs and earwigs. And I even learned about hornets and paper wasps. But guess what I was superly surprised to find out about mosquitoes. They’re the most dangerous of all because they’re the deadliest of all the insects all over the world!

If you would have asked me if mosquitoes were that dangerous before Coffee Talk this morning, I would have told you I think stinging bees are a hundred percent most deadly, and spiders are next most deadly. It’s a good thing I was a good listener at Coffee Talk this morning because now I’m going to make sure everybody I know wears insect repellent because I don’t want any mosquitoes killing people I know.  I don’t even want any mosquitoes killing people I don’t know!

So don’t forget: Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect on Earth, and maybe in the whole entire galaxy, too.

Also, my table was crazy lucky for winning prizes.  I won a whole jar full of Skittles because my swatter had the winning sticker on it for my table.  Then when they did door prizes, someone at our table won a basket of great stuff (I think his name was Josh and I think he was from Biblical Times but I’m not a hundred percent sure about that), and someone won a ticket for the Picnic Wine Trail event on June 2 (the same day as the Relay For Life event in downtown Sevierville), and someone won a whole jar full of M&Ms.

This is a picture Miss Emily took of the Johnson Pest Control people.  They look friendly because they are friendly.  And plus, Ms. McCroskey of the Chamber told everybody that their business has been around for 34 years, and you don’t get to stick around that long if you aren’t good people.

I’m going to do a little more work learning about some of the insects that got talked about this morning so I can have a superly fantastic report for my class because I think everything I learned this morning probably hardly anyone in my class knows.  I hardly knew any of what they talked about this morning until Coffee Talk happened.


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Sevierville Style Safety

Yesterday was Saturday, April 14 and guess where I was?  I was at the Safe Harbor Safety and Fun Day at City Park in Sevierville, and the whole event was about what kids can do to keep safe and plus there were lots of fun things to do because there were games and celebrities at the event.  What kind of celebrities?  Celebrities like the Chick-fil-A cow!

I love this picture that author Thomas Taylor took because it looks to me like the police are doing security detail for the Chick-fil-A cow.  One of them is maybe checking Sevierville Police Department alerts to make sure they know about any strange things that maybe are headed in their direction.  Probably also he would check to see if there was any dangerous bad weather headed to City Park so they could evacuate the area and keep everybody safe.  I love make believing what maybe is happening in a picture.

Anyway, every tent area gave away stickers to put in the Safe Harbor Passport and every sticker had a different safety tip.  Here’s what the sticker said at my table.

The only time you should answer the phone if you are home alone is if you have Call Display and you can see that the person calling is for sure your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa except even then you have to be superly careful because some bad people know how to fake where a phone number is coming from, so probably yes it’s just a good idea to not answer the phone if you’re home alone.

And if someone is trying to get in your house and they’re not supposed to be at your house because either you don’t know them or they don’t have permission from your mom or dad or grandma or grandpa to be at your house, just call the police right away and tell the person of 9-1-1 what your name is, where you are, and why you need the police.  That way, they person of 9-1-1 doesn’t have to guess about anything, and the police will come to your house even faster than if there’s information missing.

Anyway, the Safe Harbor Safety and Fun Day was superly lots of fun and there was even the LifeStar helicopter that was there. This is a picture of the workers that were in the helicopter.  You can tell from all the smiling that they had boatloads of fun being at this event.

Then the Chick-fil-A cow danced with some kids there, and I was amazed of how excellent of a dancer that cow is!   Here’s the video that’s on the Chick-fil-A Facebook page (you really need to watch this video for sure, and then share it with all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter and stuff).  That cow sure has some great dance moves that’s for sure.  I never saw any chickens ever dance like that!  Not ever!!!

What a fun day, right?  And plus, at my table, I got to tell everybody about the 2nd Annual Missy Barrett Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt in support of Relay For Life of Sevier County.  Lots of people were interested and they were really happy surprised to find out what some of the prizes are going to be that I’m drawing for at the Relay For Life event on June 2.

Also I had a draw at my table for someone to win the Missy Barrett middle grade reader chapter book “Roar Like A Lion” all about autism and bullying, and what to do when someone is getting bullied even if they don’t have autism.  I only asked moms or dads or grandmas or grandpas to fill out the entry because kids should not be giving out personal information like their name or their contact information to strangers.

The Executive Director of Safe Harbor pulled the winning entry, and the person that won “Roar Like A Lion” for someone they love is Bethany Thomas.  My mom is contacting her so we can get my book to her.  I think Ms. Thomas going to be really excited to find out she won, and so will be everyone in her family I think.



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