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Visiting the Gallery and Grapes

Yesterday there was a Business After Hours get-together at the Hillside Winery and Art Gallery that I got to go to because me and my mom, we’re both members of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce. My mom let me go but I had to promise to not go on the wine side because I’m not old enough. But I’m old enough to go to Business After Hours events, so that’s how come we went together.

When we were there, I met one of the in charge guys and his name was J.B. He was superly friendly to everybody, and then he introduced this lady to everybody and her name was Pinkie. She did paintings of butterflies and they were all over the place in the store part of Hillside Winery. J.B. told everybody that the paintings were going to get made into wine labels, and then everybody clapped really hard because that’s great news.

I didn’t take any pictures of the paintings because I didn’t know if that’s against the law because my mom is always telling me and my brothers about asking permission and not breaking copyright. So that’s how come there’s no pictures of the paintings, but if you wait a little, you can see them either at Hillside Winery or on the wine bottles pretty soon.

Anyway, there were lots of great stuff there besides wine (which I didn’t have any of but my mom did and she said the wine she tasted was tasty). First off, there were lots of glasses and wine bottles with zero zip wine in them because they were part of the display so that made them decorations, not product. But they were showing off product, so that’s why they were decorations.

Also there were mermaids at the Business After Hours event.

And hiding in a corner there was a little silver squirrel and a silver owl. They were so cute I wanted to buy them but I didn’t bring any money with me, so I couldn’t. Maybe I can go back with my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and show them the squirrel and owl so they can see how cute they are.

There was this big table in the middle of the store part and it had cheese and crackers on it, and meat and buns on it, and fruit. And plus, there were bottles of water there for people like me that don’t drink any wine. I took pictures of everything but I’m only sharing the picture of the fruit because it looks like a painting to me.  I asked my mom if maybe J.B. was going to make wine out of the leftover fruit that didn’t get eaten and she said she didn’t think so.  I think maybe J.B. will and if he does, it’s probably going to be a Business After Hours Limited Edition wine that’s superly exclusive.

J.B. and Mr. Stanfill and Ms. Clabo did draws for door prizes. There were lots of baskets that got given away and they weren’t just basket: They had all kinds of stuff inside that were from Hillside Winery.

So probably you’re wondering how many people showed up for this event, right? A boatload of people. I asked my mom to take pictures of how many, but she only took this one picture but trust me when I tell you there were even more people than all the people in the picture because they were all over the place not just in that one spot.

How much did I love the event? This decoration says how much.

I really love being a member of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce.  They do lots of neat stuff to help everybody.  I can hardly wait until my undercover private eye super sleuth detectiving business gets to have a Business After Hours event.  I already have a bazillion great ideas for making it superly fun for everybody to go to so stay tuned for updates on that idea.

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