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Figuring Out Easter Dates

So everybody knows this year Easter and April Fool’s Day are on the same day, and that day is April 1st (as in this Sunday).  But last year, Easter was on April 16 and April Fool’s Day was still on April 1st.  And the year before that, Easter was on March 27 and April Fool’s Day was on April 1st like always.

This got me wondering how come Easter jumps around like the Easter Bunny but April Fool’s (which is all about being a fooler on that day) never fools anybody by being on some other day that is not April 1.

I asked my brother Josh and he told me I had to ask Grandpa Barrett because it’s all scientific and stuff like that, and plus you have to do some weirdy weird scientificky math that’s like this:

If x is the First Day of Spring and y is the full moon, then x + y plus other stuff means it Easter.

I said I didn’t get it and Josh said I probably wouldn’t because x and y are algebra and I’m not in high school yet.  I think he’s just trying to mix me up because I know that x and y are letters of the alphabet, not numbers like 1-2-3, and I knew that before I even went to kindergarten.

Anyway, I phoned Grandpa Barrett anyway because before he was a grandpa, he was a scientist, so he knows all about this kind of science stuff.  He kind of explained like Josh did except his way made way more sense.

He said that first you have to have the First Day of Spring, so that was last week on March 20.

Then he said you have to have the first full moon after the First Day Of spring, so that’s this Saturday, and also it’s March 31st.

And the next day, is Easter!

That’s how to figure out when Easter is and how come Easter isn’t always on the same day.

But you know what else I found out?  I found out that the full moon before Easter is a blue moon, and a blue moon is what you call a full moon that’s not the first one that month.  Like in March this year, there already was a full moon on March 2 so having a full moon on March 31 makes is the second one, and it’s called a blue moon.

My Grandpa Barrett said the moon on March 2nd was called a worm moon because of earthworms but I didn’t exactly understand how earthworms and the moon have much of anything to do with each other.  But I guess they do because my grandpa wouldn’t make something like that up just to mix me up.

But you know what I didn’t know?  I didn’t know that when my grandpa came over with his telescope on the last full moon and I got to see Jupiter and Mars and Saturn and Mercury and Venus and plus the moon, NASA called that a Parade of Planets.  If someone had told me that, I would have had a party to celebrate the Parade of Planets.  Now I’ll have to wait until that happens again but I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long because Grandpa said there was a Parade of Planets in 2015 and that was only three years ago, and a Parade of Planets in 2014 and that was just a year before the one in 2015!

So I’m going to start planning a celebration and I’ll get my grandpa to find out when the next Parade of Planets is happening, because I love parades, and I love celebrations.

I think this should be the Parade of Planets music.

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You and Me and Coffee and Tea

Being a Chamber member sometimes means I want to go to a Grand Opening but I can’t because there’s conflict on my calendar (that’s what my mom calls it).  When that happens, I have to miss one event because something else is already planned.  That’s what happened when Smoky Mountain Espresso had their big Grand Opening on February 28. I already had something else planned (school actually) so I couldn’t go to this Chamber event.

But that’s okay because my mom said we could go to Smoky Mountain Espresso on a different day so I could take pictures and let everybody know about this new place that also has a Sweet Frog in the same location.

This is a new business and it’s on Middle Creek Road in Sevierville, just a little bit off Veterans Boulevard on the same side of Veterans as Dollywood (except Dollywood is still a long drive up before you get to it).  Before it got opened, everybody was trying to guess what it was going to be.  Then it opened and it was the Smoky Mountain Espresso and plus also a Sweet Frog (and that’s a frozen yogurt place) right in the same building but on other sides of each other.

Inside it’s really nice.  This is what it looks like.

It’s got a nice comfortable look and feel to it I think, and if the fire was going, it would be even better.   If you look on the right side of my picture, you can see a fire extinguisher.  That makes me feel superly safe because if a fire breaks out at the fireplace, the workers of this place can put it out before it takes over the whole place and someone gets hurt maybe.  So I’m giving having a fire extinguisher in that good of a place a two thumbs up from me.

Maybe you’re wondering what the saying over the fireplace says.  It’s a really good idea so I took a picture of it so you can read it without any trouble.  Here’s what it says.

Isn’t that excellent advice?  I think it is.  And you know what else?  There’s other signs with sayings on them at Smoky Mountain Espresso, like this one bunches.

I know it says coffee but I’m pretty sure it means tea, too, because you have to brew tea and lots of people like tea, and when you go to one of my tea parties, you know that’s true because of how much fun we have.

I know the sign over the muffins and cookies says “Never Enough Coffee” but I think they also mean never enough tea and never enough sweet treats.  Also, I like that there’s not a bazillion things to choose from because that means people don’t have to worry about not knowing what they want to get when they go to Smoky Mountain Espresso.  It looks like it’s easy peasy pickin’s (that’s what my Grandpa Two Rivers says lots of times).

So if you want to support a new Chamber of Commerce member, you should go to this location with some friends and check Smoky Mountain Espresso out.  I think maybe it’s going to wind up being one of your favorite places for a quiet cup of coffee or tea.

If you do go, you should come back to my blog and share what it was like for you in the Comments Section.

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