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A Fra Poco, Pollo Loco

on February 12, 2018

P.S.  Just so you know, I know the first part of my blog headline is Italian and
the second part of my blog headline is Spanish, but they rhyme and besides
the Italian-English dictionary my Grandpa Barrett has says that a fra poco
see you soon, so that’s why it works for me.

As a official member of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce since last Monday, my first official member event was going to the ribbon cutting on Friday at Pollo Loco with my mom.

If you go there, you’re going to love it because it’s decorated so the minute you walk inside, for sure you think you just went on a vacation south of the border (meaning Mexico, not North Carolina). The colors inside are bright and happy, and the tables are not crowded to each other so you don’t feel like you just got squashed in a school bus.  There’s the one side that’s the restaurant side, and then if you go through a open doorway part, the other side is a lounge.

I loved all the great atmosphere and I especially loved the music because it was real Mexican music and it made me feel like dancing (except I didn’t because when you go to a business event you have to not act like it’s a party event).  It was just the right loudness, too, and that’s important because even when it’s a festive place, customers should be able to talk without having to yell at each other to get understood.

I was waiting for pictures to go up on the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce page and the Pigeon Forge Chamber of Commerce page but they’re not up yet and I really wanted to get this blog entry up so the pictures are from the Pollo Loco Facebook page.

This picture is one that I think everybody is going to like because there’s lots of color and the food looks in the picture like what the food looks like when you go to the restaurant.  It’s fresh and gets made when you order it.  The pineapples and tomatoes and peppers and stuff that are part of the decorations aren’t part of the food order, but your order is going to look this beautiful when the server brings it to your table.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pollo Loco Restaurant

    PHOTO CREDIT: Pollo Loco Restaurant

When my mom and me were there, I sampled some nacho chips (delicious) and also some flautas that were superly fantastic delicious. Also, do not mix up flautas with taquitos because they are not the same thing at all. Taquitos are made with corn tortillas then fried, and flautas are made with flour tortillas then friend. Both of them have meat fillings. At Pollo Loco, the filling in the flautas I had were chicken.  The ones in this picture look a hundred percent like the ones that were at the Grand Opening ribbon cutting.

       PHOTO CREDIT: Pollo Loco Restaurant

Special Note To Fellow Chamber Members
If you took pictures at the Grand Opening ribbon cutting event,
you can share them in the Comments section below.

What I also like is the menu isn’t too big or too small.  That means there’s not so much to choose from that you get mixed up and don’t know what to order, and it’s not so little that you haven’t got too much to choose from.  To my way of thinking, they have just the right size menu for making good choices and pretty much all of what’s on the menu is good (I don’t like some vegetables so the pretty much part has to do with my personal taste and not how the restaurant makes food).

So if you’re looking for superly yummy Mexican food, try Pollo Loco at 1732 Newport Highway in Sevierville.  You can’t miss them because they’re in a mall and plus they have this big sign outside that tells you when you get to their restaurant.

                                                        PHOTO CREDIT: Pollo Loco Restaurant


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