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Sweets for the Sweethearts

on February 7, 2018

In one whole week (yes, in seven more days) it’s going to be Valentine’s Day.  That’s a day when you get to do extra special loving things for people you care about if you’re a kid, and if you’re a grown-up, you get to do superly romanticky things with your sweet baboo (that’s what my Grandpa Barrett calls my Grandma Barrett when he’s joking around with her).

At my school the rule is that you have to give a Valentine card to everybody in the class which is kind of weird and also kind of not weird.  I get that it’s so nobody gets left out (because that’s just not right and plus it hurts people’s hearts when they get left out) but if you ask me, maybe Valentines shouldn’t happen at school because I don’t like giving loving cards to bullies and mean people.  That’s just not right in my books.

It’s complicated (and that’s what grown-ups say when you ask them questions about what’s going on in their private life and they don’t want to tell you the truth).

Except in this case, it really is complicated.  If you give everyone a card, it’s not right and school says if you only give some people cards, it’s not right.  See what I mean about being complicated?  I don’t exactly know what the teachers and principal should tell us kids to do.  But I have a idea and here’s my idea.

We should have one great big, huge, humongous tea party because maybe if the bullies and mean people got to know the people they pick on, maybe they wouldn’t do that after Valentine’s Day.  Maybe the bullies and mean people are actually scared of everybody and not mad at everybody.  Maybe if bullies and mean people found out everybody else is nice, they wouldn’t have to be so scared and then be mean and bully other kids.  Just sit down and have some tea and maybe some sugar cookies, too (probably my Grandma Two Rivers would even be okay with making all the sugar cookies because she used to work in a bakery when she met my Grandpa Two Rivers and before they got to be boyfriend and girlfriend and then married).

Maybe that’s not what would happen but you never know for sure until you try it at least one time, right?  So maybe tomorrow you can talk to your teacher at school (I’m going to talk to my teacher at school) about maybe doing a tea party instead of everybody giving cards to everybody else.  And you know what maybe could happen if there’s a school tea party? Maybe this could happen.

So if you have a tea party at your school on Valentine’s Day next week, you should probably go to my Facebook Page and let everybody know how it turned out.  I am a bazillion percent sure it’s going to turn out superly fantastic because part of making something good happen is believing it’s going to be good when it happens, and that’s what I believe.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, but most of the time it does, so it’s better to believe it’s going to be good instead of worrying it’s going to be not good.

I can hardly wait to read all the stuff you guys are going to share about Valentine’s on my Facebook Page next week.  And plus, you can also write about it here on my blog in the Comment section below.



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