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Resolutions, Reality, and Repeat If Necessary

on January 1, 2018

My mom never makes New Year’s resolutions mostly because she says most people feel bad when they make ’em and break ’em.  Usually that happens like in the first week I think.  My mom says that if you’re going to make a resolution that’s going to make life better, you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to do that.  You can make a resolution as soon as you think of it.

So I think what I’m going to do is to repeat the resolutions I already have going on.  Probably you guys are wondering what the means exactly, so I’ll tell you.  I’m going to keep on doing things to help people.

I’m going to do things for Relay For Life because they help people — all kinds of people — that are dealing with cancer.

I’m going to volunteer at the senior living residence where my Great-Uncle Earl lives because I like making the seniors smile and laugh, and plus, I love hearing the stories they tell me about when they were my age.  That’s superly fun for them and for me.

I’m going to keep on doing monthly tea parties that are all ages family friendly because those are the best tea parties ever.  A lot of them are going to be at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen in downtown Sevierville, but some of them are going to be at other places like the Fort Sanders Sevier Senior Center (everybody with a ticket can attend) and senior living residences (where they’re going to be private tea parties by invitation only and the people of the residences get to decide who to invite to their private tea parties).

I’m going to keep on sharing opportunities with other people I know, and that includes people like Erik Dobell of Impossibilities of the Iris Theater at the Space Needle in Gatlinburg (he entertained at one of my tea parties) and Sevierville’s very own JH Dillingham (he’s going to play the part of the Mad Hatter at my January tea party at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen) and other people, too.

I’m going to keep on doing reviews of attractions and shows like I did in 2017.  I’m really looking forward to the first show of the season at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre in Gatlinburg.  They always make me laugh so hard when me and my family go to their shows.

I’m going to work hard at letting everyone know about International Who You Are Day on July 18, and about International Missy Barrett Day where everybody does good deeds and shares about it on social media with the hashtag #DoAGoodDeed and it’s all on August 30 (that’s my birthday, and plus, last year, the City of Sevierville did a Proclamation that said August 30 is International Missy Barrett Day).

And I’m going to keep on working hard at being a listening and obeying child for my mom and my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and my Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers and also any adults they tell me to listen to and obey (that means teachers and policemen and people like that).

If I make a mistake and my repeat resolutions kind of fall down a little bit, I’m not going to just throw my hands up in the air and walk away.  I’m going to have a serious talk with myself (kind of like a pep talk and a serious talk like the ones my mom has with me and my brothers when we aren’t doing what we’re supposed to do), and then I’m going to keep on doing my repeat resolutions.

I don’t have to be perfect at doing my repeat resolutions.  I just have to keep on working hard at doing them the very superly best I can because that’s what resolutions are really all about:  They’re about doing your best to make things better in your own life and in other people’s lives.

So Happy New Year from me — Missy Barrett — and let’s have the best year ever!


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