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Saturdays at Mom’s with Santa

on November 29, 2017

The mom I’m talking about is actually the lady that owns Mom’s Vintage Kitchen in Sevierville, not my own mom, Jenna Barrett, and the reason I’m talking about Christie is because of what goes on at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen on Saturdays.  You see, Santa is at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen every Saturday morning from 9 in the morning until almost lunchtime, and if you call her and let her know you’re coming, you can even have breakfast there!

But you know what else is at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen?  A letter box so you can write a letter to Santa.  You can go to Mom’s anytime her place is open (it’s on Bruce Street in case you didn’t know) and either write a letter while you’re there or drop your letter off in the letter box.  And guess what happens to your letter!  Every Saturday morning, when Santa shows up at Mom’s, he empties the letter box and gives the letters to his Number One Assistant Elf to make sure all the letters go back to the North Pole with him when he goes home Saturday night.  How cool is that?

My Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers and me, we’re going to Mom’s Vintage Kitchen on Saturday, partly to see Santa, and partly to give Santa my letter and plus something else I made just for Santa and his wife (her real name is Mary Christmas).  I’ve been working hard on my knitting skills, and I made scarves for both of them.  If they don’t want to keep them, that’s okay because they know lots of people who need stuff like that but can’t buy or make them so if they give them to someone else, the spirit of Christmas is going to be inside those scarves to keep two people warm.

The last time my mom and me we were at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen, the Mom of Mom’s Vintage Kitchen was talking about all the cool Christmas things going on at her restaurant shop.  I could tell she loves Christmas.  She turned the whole restaurant shop around and decorated it superly special.  There’s a decorated Christmas tree and everything, but most beautiful is a great big green chair as soon as you walk in and that’s where Santa sits when he’s visiting on Saturday mornings.  When he’s not there, there’s a red fedora hat on the chair to let people know Santa is coming back the next Saturday.  How cool is that?

Now I know a lot of people think Christmas is all about presents and food and stuff like that, and that’s half right.  There’s presents and food and stuff like that happening at Christmas.  But you know, there’s this animated movie called “The Polar Express” and in that movie, Santa says what he’s said for hundreds and hundreds of years, and this is what Santa’s said every year for so long.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make presents and food for people, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go places to visit Santa when he’s there (like at Mom’s on Bruce Street).  It means that inside of all that specialness, remember not to forget what Christmas is really all about.  It’s not about the outside things that are like decorations on a great Christmas tree.  It’s about the inside things most of all and those inside things are things that need to be there all year long.

Christmas just reminds you what’s inside you so you can be good and do good things on the days that aren’t Christmas.


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