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Thank You For Your Service

on November 8, 2017

Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day and it happens on November 11 every year because World War I ended at 11 o’clock in the morning on November 11, 1918. Next year will be 100 years of World War I ending except not really because after that day in 1918, Germany didn’t formally surrender.

November 11, 1918 is when the fighting on the Western Front ended. It took seven more months for the peace treaty part to get signed (my Grandpa Two Rivers told me it was called the Treaty of Versailles and my grandpa should know because he knows a lot about treaties).

In America, President Eisenhower signed a Bill that officially made November 11 Veterans Day so that’s why we call it Veterans Day instead of Armistice Day.

In other countries like Canada and the UK, everyone is silent for two minutes and remembers the sacrifices members of the military have made and keep on making for everyone.

So probably you’re wondering how come the day went from being called Armistice Day to being called Veterans Day. Both of my grandpas told me that World War I was called the Great War. It was supposed to be the war that ended all wars. Armistice Day was supposed to be the beginning of world peace … except it wasn’t because World War II happened in 1939 and didn’t stop until 1945.

There’s been other wars since World War II so world peace didn’t happen yet (but it will someday).

Veterans Day is a day to remember the sacrifice that members of the military made in the past and are making today to keep the world safe. That’s why it’s important to remember the veterans that died and why it’s important to say thank you to the veterans that are alive and the military people that are in the military.

Now that you know why Veterans Day is so important, you can always make Veterans Day important.  But you don’t have to wait until November 11 to thank a veteran or someone serving in the military for their service.  You can thank a veteran or someone serving in the military anytime you see them because it matters to let them know that you know what their sacrifice means to someone like you.


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