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Ghosts and Other Scary Stuff

on October 18, 2017

Hallowe’en is almost here.  Just another week and a few days and everybody’s going to spend a few hours pretending to be scary things they wouldn’t want to know about any other day of the year.

Now I don’t like Hallowe’en costumes that are from scary movies. I don’t like Freddy Krugers or Jasons or bad things like that because killing people should not get made into costumes I don’t think. I don’t like the Grim Reaper and you should probably figure out how come (and it has to do with killing people).

No serial killers. No crazy doctors cutting up people into parts.

Witches are okay because they’re totally make-believe. If someone is making potions and stuff to hurt people, then they aren’t witches. They’re criminals. Same thing with warlocks. Also vampires and werewolves aren’t real so they’re okay even though they’re pretty scary.

Headless horsemen like the one that’s in the Ichabod Crane story are okay, too, because they’re not real. So are skeletons because I heard everyone’s got one in their closet, so even if you don’t have one now, don’t worry because everybody gets one eventually I think.

Cartoon characters are okay as long as they aren’t super evil bad criminals.

Also any of the evil step-mothers from any of the fairy tales, woodcutters (like from Hansel and Gretel), hunters (like in Snow White), and all those costumes — they’re good for Hallowe’en.

But here are the two most worst things ever to be on Hallowe’en and I hope nobody I know is going to be one of these two things: A clown or a zombie, and the most worst thing to be would be a zombie clown.

Just no.

Don’t do that.

Also, no mummies because mummies are just really old zombies dressed in hospital supplies. So no to them because they count as zombies.

When I was a baby, I was just two months old when Hallowe’en happened. I was too little to trick-or-treat but my mom made a special costume just for me. She got some nice warm, soft white material and made a costume that looked like those little take-out boxes you can get at Chinese restaurants. She did all this great artwork in red ink on the front and when she took my brother Josh out trick-or-treating, he told everybody that I was left-overs.

I think that’s funny.

When I was older (I think I was like three or something like that), my mom took some blue plastic cups and painted two cardboard boxes the same color, and then she put the blue plastic cups on the boxes so the cups wouldn’t fall off. One box was big enough for me to wear like a dress, and the other was a hat for my head. Then I wore blue pants that were the same color blue as the boxes and the cups.

I went as two building blocks.

Anyway, if you’re going to dress up for Hallowe’en, just be sure to make fun costumes. Be creative and make your own. You don’t have to be a bad costume character and scare everyone in the whole wide world. Just make or get a fun costume, and do a bunch of pretend stuff that makes people laugh instead, and maybe with just a little bit of scaring in it.

I don’t know what I’m going as this year. I still have a whole week and a few days to figure it out.


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