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Fun At Emery’s 5 & 10

on May 17, 2017

I love it when they day I’ve been waiting for finally gets to be the day I’m at and today, the day I’m at is the “Pinwheels and Pearls” book reading and signing day at Emery’s 5 & 10 General Store at The Island in Pigeon Forge!  Mostly I can hardly wait to hear what part of the book is going to get read this afternoon.  There’s even going to be “Pinwheels and Pearls” book for sale so if you don’t have your very own copy yet, you can get your very own copy at the book reading today!  Isn’t that great?  I think it is!

After, if you have or get a copy of “Pinwheels and Pearls” you can start collecting stamps and stickers for the Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt Contest.  If you don’t know what that’s all about, you can read all about it by clicking HERE.

Anyway, there’s 6 places at The Island that you can collect stamps and stickers from so already if you come to the book reading today, you can just go get those 6 stamps and stickers for your book and you’re pretty close to having half the stamps and stickers you can get.  Here’s all the places you can get stamps or stickers from at The Island.

  1. Arcade City
  2. Cosmic Pen
  3. Doc’s Magic Shop
  4. Nourish Natural Bath Products
  5. Pepper Palace
  6. Sweet

If you get all those 6 stamps and stickers, on June 2 when you go to Relay For Life at Patriot Park and you go to the Kids’ Zone Tent, Elyse Bruce will give you 6 numbered tickets for a chance to win a prize on that day.  

So I hope you’re going to come to the “Pinwheels and Pearls” book reading and signing this afternoon because it’s going to be superly fun and plus there’s going to be some prizes to give away and great stuff like that.  Besides who wouldn’t want to be at The Island on a great day like today when the weather is so nice and you can do so many neat things all at one place?  Remember to come for the fun and stay for the excitement.  See you there!



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