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Build-A-Bear Has Heart

on May 12, 2017

Today on “To The Letter” I’m sharing a letter I just got from the amazing people over at Build-A-Bear.  Just so you know, that’s the place my mom and me got Missy Bear (and her outfits) and you guys know Missy Bear from some of the pictures I already posted here and on my Facebook Fan Page.

My mom said that as awesome as the letter is, I should do some research to find out just how much  more awesome it is and when I did some research, I couldn’t believe my own eyes!  The lady that started Build-A-Bear started it not so long ago (but longer ago than how old I am) in 1997 and she started it in St. Louis (that’s in Missouri).  Fast forward only 20 years and there’s more than 400 Build-A-Bears all over the world.  How cool is that?

She’s on a lot of boards that care about people like the Teach For America National Board and the local St. Louis regional board of the National Board of Donorschoose.org.

Also, Build-A-Bear has a foundation and this is what I read on their website:  “All grants are funded by the Build-A-Bear Foundation whose mission is to add a little more to life by inspiring kids to be Helpful, Empowered, Accepting, Respectful, and Team players.”

I love that their inspiration makes up the letters of the word HEART.

On top of all that, Build-A-Bear has a Bear Hospital so if ever your bear gets hurt or lost, the Build-A-Bear Bear Hospital can get the right kind of help to get fixed or found.

Now that you know more about Build-A-Bear, here’s the awesome letter they sent me and all because I’m trying to do my kid best work to help Relay For Life raise awareness and money to help people!   Build-A-Bear even gave me a honorary title.  Read this letter to find out what it is!


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