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Barbeque, Bluegrass, Bloomie and Missy B

on May 3, 2017

Sometimes so many things get budged up on each other that I don’t know if I have time for everything to get done.   One of the things I’m making sure doesn’t get budged out of the things I want to do is the Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass weekend that’s on Friday, May 19 and then the next day, Saturday, May 20.  My family and me, we’ve been going to see Bloomie the Pig for so many years I can’t even remember the first time we went there.

Anyway, my big brother Aaron downloaded the information about the bands that are playing on the main stage and when they’re going to be on stage and it’s amazing how much superly great music is going to be there this year.  He even sent me the list for my blog and here it is so you know all the important stuff about music at Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass.

Friday, May 19
5:00 – Hogslop String Band
6:00 – Paul Williams and Victory Trio
7:00 – The Church Sisters
8:00 – Thrown Off the Train (founding members of Pine Mountain Railroad)

Saturday, May 20
Noon – Grammy award-winning recording artist Bill Mize
1:00 – Mountain Ruckus presented by Dixie Stampede
2:00 – Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road
3:00 – Kenny and Amanda Smith Band
4:00 – Joe Mullins and Radio Ramblers
5:00 – Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road
6:00 – Kenny and Amanda Smith Band
7:00 – Joe Mullins and Radio Ramblers
8:00 – Ricky Skaggs

So you know it’s going to be a whole weekend of great music and dancing and singing and having fun and that’s just at the main stage.  There’s going to be music in other places at Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass.  There’s the Mountain Soul Singing Competition and that’s where the singers get to compete against all the other singers, and plus they have to sing Dolly Parton songs (and there’s lots and lots and lots of Dolly Parton songs to pick from).   On the Friday night there’s a jam (that’s when a whole bunch of musicians get together and play songs like they were just one great big huge humongous band) and that’s not on a stage.  That’s at the Court House doughnut place across from the Court House.

That’s just the bluegrass part of Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass.  There’s the barbeque part that’s really exciting.  Lots and lots of barbeque people come from all across America and they do competitions for all kinds of best barbeque.  Chicken.  Pork.  Desserts.  Everything.  There’s a public’s choice award that gets awarded, so if you want to be a judge of that, all you have to do is buy a ticket and you get so much food to eat you think you’re going to die and go to heaven!   And plus, all of it is delicious so it’s up to the judges to figure out what’s the most delicious.

But that’s not all the food that’s there.  Up and down Bruce Street (I think it’s Bruce Street but if it’s not, just walk around and you’ll find the street I’m talking about) there’s food vendors and they have superly yummy food.  Hot dogs and pulled pork and corn on the cob and popcorn and there’s so much I can’t even remember everything.  But it’s all delicious even if you don’t get to taste everything and you know it’s delicious because it smells so delicious you can hardly believe your own eyes!

I’m going to write more about Bloomin’ Barbeque and Bluegrass on my blog, all the to the end of it and probably even a couple days after that because I’m going to bring Missy Bear with me and take pictures of Missy Bear with people there just like I did last year.  And be sure to check in on Friday because I have a new letter to share on To The Letter and I think you’re going to love finding out who it’s from this week.



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