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Scavenger Hunt Awesomeness Abounds

Today, tomorrow, and Friday are the last 3 days to get stickers and stamps in your “Pinwheels and Pearls” books before the Relay For Life Event at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge on Friday.  If you don’t have a “Pinwheels and Pearls” book yet, don’t worry because you can buy a copy at three locations:

  1. Norma Dan Motel on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge
  2. Shear Madness / Tan Envy in Governor’s Crossing in Sevierville
  3. Preferred Pharmacy on Middle Creek Road in Sevierville

Now on Friday when you show up at the Kids’ Zone Tent, look for the Missy Barrett table.  For every sticker or stamp you have in your book, you’ll get a equal number of numbered tickets for a chance to win prizes in the Scavenger Hunt Draw.  If you buy “Pinwheels and Pearls” at the event, even with zero zip stickers and stamps, you’ll get two numbered tickets for a chance to win prizes.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book is getting donated to Relay For Life so everybody with a book is helping to save lives and that’s so awesome!!!

All of the businesses that are stamping and stickering “Pinwheels and Pearls” books are businesses you should support because they care about people a lot.  So you don’t have to wonder what businesses I’m talking about and where they are, I make a college of all the participating businesses.  Here it is!

In case you don’t remember what addresses they’re at, you can download or copy this information so you can go back and visit them and look at the new stuff going on at their locations.

I’m superly busy right now with getting things ready for the Relay For Life Event on Friday but tomorrow I’m going to post about the fantastic prizes that are getting drawn for in the Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt Contest Draw.  Be sure to come back tomorrow afternoon (probably closer to supper time so my mom has enough time to upload my blog entry) and see what kinds of fantastic prizes are part of the Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt Contest Draw.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

So I didn’t get to post on my blog yesterday because the Internet connection at our house depends on what the weather is like.  When there’s lots of clouds and lots of rain, you don’t get too much Internet.  So that’s how come my entry is a whole day late.

The weatherman said yesterday that there was a 90% chance of rain all day and basically what happened was that the 10% no rain happened when I went to school and when I came back home.  The rest of the time it sure was raining!

Today, there was a lot of rain but not 90% rain like yesterday.  I think today was probably 75% because it didn’t rain like it did yesterday when it was 90% but you know what?  I was kind of sing-songing this rhyme I learned when I was little.  Rain, rain, go away; come again another day.  That’s how I remember it going.  But when I was talking to my Grandpa Barrett on the phone he said it used to be “Rain, rain, go to Spain. Fair weather come again.”

I guess it makes sense to want too much rain go to Spain if Spain doesn’t have too much rain but that’s kind of far to want rain to go.  How about just going to some place here that doesn’t have so much rain instead?  The farmers would totally love that I think.

Anyway, Saturday there’s a Crawfish Boil at the Norma Dan Motel in Pigeon Forge and my Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers are going to be there.   This is where we’re going to be.

Now I love posters and I especially love posters that let me know how much fun something is going to be, and this poster has lots of fun written all over it.  Just look at how much fun all those crawfish are having in the poster.  There’s two in one hot tub and two others in another hot tub and there’s another one that looks like he’s saying, “Come on in and visit a while!”  The littler one at the bottom is saying, “Who’s your crawdaddy?” and that’s funny because people don’t have craw daddies if you get what I mean.

So me and my grandma and grandpa are going to go there, and there’s probably going to be “Pinwheels and Pearls” books to buy and that’s good because if you haven’t started collecting stamps and stickers for the Pinwheels and Pearls Scavenger Hunt Contest, you’ll have exactly one whole week to collect them.  Then you can go to the Kids’ Zone Tent at Relay for Life at Patriot Park on June 2 (that’s on a Friday) and you can get as many numbered tickets as there you collected stickers and stamps in your “Pinwheels and Pearls” book for a chance to win a prize!

P.S.  If you don’t buy a book there, you can get one from Amazon.  Also, one whole dollar gets donated to Relay For Life when you buy a “Pinwheels and Pearls” book.

Just so you know some places have special extra surprises like Sign Master on Oak Cluster Drive in Sevierville where you can get a Limited Edition Pinwheels and Pearls bookmark and at all 4 Pepper Palace locations (Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg) where you’ll get a free bottle of hot sauce with every $10 purchase at participating locations.  You just never know what you might get as a extra surprise when you collect stamps and stickers in this Scavenger Hunt Contest!

So I’m sorry the 90% chance of rain yesterday made my blog entry late this week but the good news is that it wasn’t quite as rainy today.  Also, just so you know, I think next week I’m probably going back to see the other show playing at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre in Gatlinburg.  If I do, watch for the review of that show.  I already read some pretty good things about that show from people that already saw it last weekend when it opened to rave reviews.

See you at the Crawfish Boil tomorrow!

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