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Are You Ready For A Party?

on March 22, 2017

It’s countdown time (that’s what my mom calls it when she has a big event coming up) and in five more days, I’m going to be having boat loads of fun at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater because that’s where the “Pinwheels and Pearls” book launch party is going to be.  I know you guys already know that because pretty much that’s all I’ve been talking about on my Facebook page and on the Facebook event page.  Except now it’s even more real than before and before it was already real.  You know what I mean, right?

Anyway, this is what the postcard invitation that went out looked like if you didn’t already know (which you probably already do know but maybe you want to see it again on my blog without having to hunt around for it).

I love this invitation.  And on the other side of it, there was more information and place for people to write an address on if they wanted to send the postcard along to somebody else they knew that might want to go to my book launch party.  Here’s what it said on the other side.

If you can’t make it to the book launch party, don’t worry.  You can buy my book by going to Amazon and buying it right there online.  Just CLICK ON THIS LINK and voila! you can buy “Pinwheels and Pearls” from there.  Or you can come to the Emery 5 & 10 General Store book signing on May 17 at The Island at Pigeon Forge in Pigeon Forge.

On Monday, we’re going to set up another Facebook Event page for the book signing at Mr. Emery’s store but not before that because people might get mixed up about where to go on Sunday or on the book signing day in May.

This is what the cover of my new chapter book looks like.  I think you’re going to love, love, love the cover.  I know I do!

You have to read the book to get what the pocket watch has to do with pinwheels and pearls and what the book is about but after you read the book, you will for sure get it and then love the cover and the book just as much as I love them.

So hope to see you at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater in Gatlinburg on Sunday afternoon, and remember that all my events are rated E for Everyone and plus they’re always lots and lots of fun.  So come for the fun and stay for the excitement, and let’s make Sunday the most funnest day you’ve had since the last time you had a superly fun day.

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