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What Do You Prefer

on March 10, 2017

When my Grandpa Barrett and me went to see Mr. Snyder (he’s one of the pharmacists at Preferred Pharmacy on Middle Creek Road), I was hoping he maybe could help me get the word out about my two fundraisers.  My grandpa said there was no harm asking because even if the answer was NO, I didn’t lose anything by asking nicely.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I explained my fundraisers to him and he said YES for putting up a poster about Quarter Corners and that.

My mom likes this pharmacy a whole lot.  She says it reminds her of when she was a little girl because everyone there makes customers feel like friends and family.  They remember all the important things not just the medicine things.  They remember other important things like if somebody has a health condition and something comes in that might help them deal with that health condition, they take time to tell the person about that the next time they see them.  That means they really care about people, and that means people matter to them.  I like that because people matter to me.

So yesterday, I went to Preferred Pharmacy with my mom to get the monthly vitamins for kids like me, and this is the new beautiful display in the middle of the store!  It’s so colorful and plus it feel like Spring, right?  Anyway, I peeked at all the neat things in the little baskets and I looked at the new stuff that was on that table.  There was so much cool stuff there that I almost forgot we were in a pharmacy because usually pharmacies don’t feel like neat stores but Mr. Snyder’s pharmacy sure does!

Preferred Pharmacy in Sevierville (TN)

Preferred Pharmacy in Sevierville (TN)

Just so you know, Mr. Snyder isn’t the only pharmacist of Preferred Pharmacy.  There’s Mr. Bullington and he’s a pharmacist just like Mr. Snyder, and he’s superly nice, too.  It’s just that I usually go when Mr. Snyder is there and that’s how it goes sometimes.

Like I was saying, my mom and me went there because Preferred Pharmacy has a vitamin program for kids from 2 years old all the way up to 12 years old, and every month kids that are part of the vitamin program get a bottle of vitamins for free because being healthy is what the pharmacists want for kids.  That kind of sounds weird to some people because usually you go see the pharmacist to get a prescription filled because you’re sick and there’s Preferred Pharmacy working hard to make sure kids probably don’t get sick.  But you know, for me, that means they care and that’s what I want from my pharmacist and my doctor and the nurses that work with my doctor and everyone that works with Mr. Snyder.

I asked my mom to take me to Preferred Pharmacy with her so I could thank Mr. Snyder for his letter to me, and to tell him that for sure I’m going to be walking some Relay For Life laps with him on June 2 in Patriot Park.  And plus, him and Mrs. Snyder are going to love the Pinwheels and Pearls garden party for sure.

The letter Mr. Snyder sent me was so special that I want to share it with everybody on my blog because it shows how caring the people of Preferred Pharmacy really are.  You should go there and meet all of them.  Just tell them that Missy Barrett sent you.  It won’t make them treat you different.  It’s just going to help them know how you found out about them.

Preferred Pharmacy in Sevierville (TN)


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