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Pepper Palace and Tempting Tastes

on March 1, 2017

My Grandpa Barrett loves to make his world-famous 5-alarm chili, and when he makes his world-famous 5-alarm chili, he always gets hot sauce from the Pepper Palace to make his chili 5-alarm superly hot.  Last week, he warned my Grandma Barrett he was going to make some this week.  I asked if I could go with him to the Pepper Palace and you know what he said?  He said that better than just going with him to the Pepper Palace, he was going to ask his friend Will if me and him could see the behind-the-scenes part of the Pepper Palace.  Will said we had permission to do that.

So we went to find out all the behind-the-scenes stuff about the Pepper Palace, and that’s how we wound up at the Pepper Palace on Newport Highway in Sevierville.

When we went in, we met Toby and he’s the Pepper Palace Master Chef who comes up with all the fantastic recipes for all the hot sauces and salsas and spicy blends and stuff like that.  If it has Pepper Palace on the label, Toby’s the Master Chef that came up with the recipe for what’s inside that package.

I liked meeting Toby mostly because he’s really friendly and he didn’t get tired of me asking way too many questions.  Also, I liked his Master Chef uniform because his chef hat had hot red peppers on the trim, and his jacket had hot red peppers on the collar and sleeve cuffs, and he had hot red pepper pants.  That’s what Master Chefs that make excellent pepper recipes wear.

If you don’t believe me, just go to the Pepper Palace Facebook page and that’s Toby standing in the picture with his Master Chef uniform on.

Then Grandpa and me, we got to go behind-the-scenes and see how everything gets made at the Pepper Palace.

P.S.  If you have trouble reading the pictures,
just save them to your hard drive and open them
in any of your photo apps to see them better.






So now you know a lot about the Pepper Palace and how they make their hot sauces and salsas and barbecue sauces and mustards and marinades and relishes and steak sauces and snacks and everything else that has the Pepper Palace logo on it.  And plus, you know what else?  If you go on their website, you can download some excellent delicious Pepper Palace recipes.

Next on the list of things to do with my grandpa is to find out what else is in his world-famous 5-alarm chili.  That means I’ll have to be his kitchen assistant.  I wonder if that’s how Toby got started as a Master Chef.  I’m thinking probably the answer is yes.



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