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How Sweet It Is

Sometimes the hardest part of putting together a excellent fundraiser is finding the right theme and then the next hardest part is getting everything to fit in with the right theme.  That’s not so easy when it’s an old fashion theme like the one for my Pinwheels and Pearls Garden Tea Party.  Part of the fun part was knowing that it was going to be a garden party like in the olden times when some people lived in mansions and had servants and ate cucumber sandwiches.  The ladies wore pearl necklaces and sometimes even pearl earrings, and the men wore dress-up clothes that matched the women’s fancy dresses.

The hard part was finding two butlers (thanks Josh and Aaron) and then finding butlering outfits for them to wear so they would look like real butlers.  I tried getting them to watch some old black-and-white movies Grandpa Barrett let me borrow so they could remember how butlers used to act back then but Aaron was superly busy college studying.   Josh watched them with me but just the butlering parts and I don’t think he was paying a whole lot of attention because he wasn’t taking any notes on what the butlers were doing.  He said he got a book from the library that told him what butlers do and how they do it, so that was good enough for me.

I was worried about the butlering outfits because I don’t know any butlers and the thrift shops didn’t have any butlering outfits like the ones in Grandpa Barrett’s black-and-white movies.  But then Aaron’s friend, Randy King, came to the rescue.  He knows Chris and Jennifer at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre (that’s not a wrong spelling — that’s how their theater spells theater).

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre in Gatlinburg (TN)

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre in Gatlinburg (TN)

That’s what the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre looks like except I didn’t take that picture.  That was a picture I found on the Internet but I think it’s okay for me to use it in this entry because it will probably help you find them when you go to Gatlinburg for a visit so you know where to go to see a great show.

Anyway, they said Aaron and Josh could borrow butlering suits if they had bultering suits that fit them.  And guess what?  They did have butlering suits that fit my brothers, and so they let us borrow them for the Pinwheels and Pearls Garden Tea Party.

Then you know what else happened?  I got a letter from Chris and Jennifer.  They couldn’t make it to my party but that’s okay because they have a really good reason for why they couldn’t make it.  Besides, they were kind of there because the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre butlering suits were there, and that’s a little bit like being there I think.  This is the letter they sent me and I think it’s so loving of them to say what they did in the letter.

Just so you know, Chris and Jennifer are not married with each other.  They’re brother and sister to each other.  Their mom and dad were married with each other and that’s how Chris and Jennifer got to be brother and sister.

In case you still didn’t make up your mind about if you should go see one of the shows at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, the answer is YES!  I watched a video on YouTube and it was so funny that I showed it to my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and asked them if we could maybe go there when the new season gets started.  Grandma Barrett said, “We’ll see” but I think that means YES except she doesn’t want me to know it’s YES.  So here’s the video.

I can hardly wait to go see Chris and Jennifer in a show at their theater.  Maybe someday I can even get a part-time job there and they can teach me some important stuff I could maybe use when I’m a private eye detective.  Maybe they can teach me some make-up tricks so I don’t look like me when I go undercover.

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Are You Ready For A Party?

It’s countdown time (that’s what my mom calls it when she has a big event coming up) and in five more days, I’m going to be having boat loads of fun at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater because that’s where the “Pinwheels and Pearls” book launch party is going to be.  I know you guys already know that because pretty much that’s all I’ve been talking about on my Facebook page and on the Facebook event page.  Except now it’s even more real than before and before it was already real.  You know what I mean, right?

Anyway, this is what the postcard invitation that went out looked like if you didn’t already know (which you probably already do know but maybe you want to see it again on my blog without having to hunt around for it).

I love this invitation.  And on the other side of it, there was more information and place for people to write an address on if they wanted to send the postcard along to somebody else they knew that might want to go to my book launch party.  Here’s what it said on the other side.

If you can’t make it to the book launch party, don’t worry.  You can buy my book by going to Amazon and buying it right there online.  Just CLICK ON THIS LINK and voila! you can buy “Pinwheels and Pearls” from there.  Or you can come to the Emery 5 & 10 General Store book signing on May 17 at The Island at Pigeon Forge in Pigeon Forge.

On Monday, we’re going to set up another Facebook Event page for the book signing at Mr. Emery’s store but not before that because people might get mixed up about where to go on Sunday or on the book signing day in May.

This is what the cover of my new chapter book looks like.  I think you’re going to love, love, love the cover.  I know I do!

You have to read the book to get what the pocket watch has to do with pinwheels and pearls and what the book is about but after you read the book, you will for sure get it and then love the cover and the book just as much as I love them.

So hope to see you at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater in Gatlinburg on Sunday afternoon, and remember that all my events are rated E for Everyone and plus they’re always lots and lots of fun.  So come for the fun and stay for the excitement, and let’s make Sunday the most funnest day you’ve had since the last time you had a superly fun day.

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