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Old MacDonald’s Got A Farm

on February 23, 2017

Yesterday, Aaron asked me if I could wait one more day for my blog entry this week and I thought maybe it was because he had some important college homework to get done so he wouldn’t have time to okay my blog entry on time.  But that’s not how come.  It’s because today Aaron and me had special brother-sister time together at the Old MacDonald’s Farm Mini-Golf place!

When I got home from school today, Aaron said, “Hey, let’s go for a game of golf!’   I wanted to go but I wasn’t sure what mom would say so I asked her.  Except she was working in her office (and that’s down the hall close to the kitchen) and I hollered, “Mom! Aaron wants to go golfing.  Is that okay for me to go with him?”  She came out of the office laughing and said we could go, and she gave Aaron the keys to the family car so we could just drive there and not walk forever and then be too tired to play.

You know me, I take my camera everywhere I go (that’s probably why I need a new camera because this one is getting so old it doesn’t take every kind of picture I try to take).  I made sure I had extra batteries in my camera case just in case the ones already loaded up gave up and died in the middle of picture taking (and that would make me mad so it was important to have extra batteries even if my camera didn’t die in the middle of picture taking).

I was superly excited because it’s been so long since I got to golf and double plus because it was just me and Aaron and sometimes just hanging out with Aaron is boat loads of fun, mostly because he’s still kind of a kid even though he’s kind of a grown-up, too.  Anyway, when we got through the gate (and after Aaron paid for us to get in), Aaron let me pick if we were playing “The Udder Course” or the “Chicken Egg-spress Course” or the “Porky Putts Course.”  The last one is the most hardest one to play because most of the holes are called par 3 and one of them is so hard it’s called par 4.  The other two courses don’t have a par 4 at all even.

Here’s some pictures I took of the “Porky Putts Course” me and Aaron played.


Aaron got a hole-in-one at one of the pars, but I got two and here’s where I got them!


Aaron got so surprised when I got a hole-in-one at the last spot because it’s really hard to get a hole-in-one there.  You have to make your ball go up a hill and then back down and down a wooden chute that’s so hard to get just right.  But I guess it was my lucky day and my red golf ball went right up that hill and right back down and then it went right in the wooden chute and into the chicken coop.  Then a yellow sign came up behind the first chicken and it said I won a free game of golf.  Aaron laughed really hard because he said that was the best golfing he ever saw in a whole long time.

Then Aaron tried but his purple ball went right up the hill and right back down the hill and it kept on going past the wooden chute.  Then a yellow sign came up behind the second chicken and it said that Aaron didn’t win a free game of golf.  It made a funny wa-wa-wa-waaaaaaaan sound afterwards and that made me and Aaron both laugh because it sounded like we were in a cartoon world.

I think Aaron was giving me a break on some of the pars because there was this one that was a par 3 but it took me 4 swings and it took Aaron 5 swings.  So I that’s why I think my brother gave me a break because he plays real golf sometimes and I hardly ever play mini-golf, so he probably did that so if I didn’t get any hole-in-ones, it would still be a superly close game with maybe him winning and maybe not.


But you know what? I never thought I would get even one hole-in-one never mind two hole-in-ones, and I never thought the second hole-in-one was going to win me a free game but it did.


So if you go to the Old MacDonald’s Farm Mini-Golf place and you get a hole-in-one at the chicken coop, your free game ticket is going to look like mine in the picture I took of all three tickets.  Then you have to make sure you go back and play another game of golf before one year is up because that’s how long the ticket is good.

Also when you go there to play golf, you have to remember to do what the workers of that place tell you to do because if you don’t you could maybe get hurt.  I don’t think it’s like on a real golf course where maybe you could get hit in the head by a golf ball that’s going really high up in the sky and then comes back down and bonks you on the noggin, but I think it’s more like tripping over something and falling down and bonking your own head on the sidewalk (which would not be good at all and could give you a humongous bump on the head).

On the way home, Aaron and me had another adventure but I think I’ll wait a couple more days to write about the second adventure (and also I have pictures of where we went to next so probably on the weekend, you aren’t going to be wondering anymore what the second adventure was).



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