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Nice Fat Numbers

on February 12, 2017

I like even numbers.  I mostly like when the number eight shows up in a number because the number eight feels like a nice fat number to me.  I don’t know why.  It just does.

Anyway, last week on Facebook, I got to see my favorite number three times in a row and here’s where that happened.


The only way that this could have been better is if it happened the day before on February 8 but it happened on February 9 and that’s okay, too.  Nines are nice numbers even if they’re odd numbers.  Anyway, today on Facebook I got three more LIKES, and now I’m just nine likes away from getting 900 LIKES.

Then on my blog, guess what I saw?


Isn’t that amazing?  My blog is exactly nine followers away from  having 4,000 followers!  And you know what else?

So these are the facts:  I’m nine LIKES away from 900 LIKES on Facebook and I’m nine followers away from 4,000 followers on WordPress and that means I’m 18 clicks away from big even numbers on Facebook and WordPress on both places, and plus 18 has a nice fat eight in it!

Anyway, I thought I should tell everybody about this, and maybe you’ll tell your friends, and maybe they’ll either LIKE my Facebook page or follow my WordPress blog or both, and then it won’t be long before I have 900 LIKES on Facebook and 4,000 followers on WordPress.  Won’t that be neat when that happens?  I promise to take screenshots and share them when it happens!


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