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A Year Not Just A Day

on February 8, 2017

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day.  That’s the day you’re supposed to tell people you love that you love them.  Or if you’re not into saying all that romanticky stuff, that’s the day you tell people you love that you heart them.


That’s a good thing to do, and I really hope that you have someone special that you can tell you love — or heart — them to the moon and back.  I think that telling someone you love — or heart — them should go on all year long but it’s nice to have one special day to make a great big huge deal about how much you love — or heart — someone else.  Even lots of someone else’s.

Valentine’s Day is superly special for me because there’s more than one person in my life that I want to let know that I love them.  My mom and dad are on the top of the list of telling.  My dad works in Kuwait so my mom sent him my Valentine’s Day special letter already in January so it would get there in time to make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  My mom’s Valentine’s Day special letter is hiding in my knapsack so she doesn’t accidentally find it when she puts things in my room to put away.

Then there’s my brothers, Josh and Aaron.  I wrote them notes instead of letters because they say they don’t like all that mushy stuff but I think maybe Aaron does because he’s in college now and I think maybe he has a crush on a girl he never talks about but I know he’s talking to someone special on his cellphone.  I can tell because he gets all silly sometimes and he doesn’t let me see what he’s doing like he usually does if it’s just one of his regular old friends that’s texting.  I don’t know for sure.  I’m just guessing here that maybe he has a crush on a girl at his college school.

Also, my mom says that this weekend she’s going to help me make sugar cookies that are shaped like hearts and that’s for my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and for my Grandma and Grandpa Two Rivers (that’s my Mohawk grandpa in case you don’t know already).  We’re going to decorate them with white and red icing, and maybe even some candy hearts if my mom can find some at the grocery store when she goes shopping for food on Friday.

So what I’m trying to say is that Valentine’s Day should be all year long and it should look like this.


If you don’t have money to take your special person to a restaurant for supper or to a movie or something like that, just do what I’m doing.  Write letters or notes and bake sugar cookies.  It’s nice to go to a restaurant or a movie to celebrate, and also it’s nice to get something written by hand along with yummy, homemade sugar cookies.  That’s what I think.  Let me know in the comments below how you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day or pop over to my Facebook page and let me know over there what you got planned for next Tuesday!

P.S.  If you need a excellent recipe for sugar cookies, let me know and I’ll ask my mom if I can post her sugar cookie recipe on my Facebook page by the weekend.

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