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I Got Heart and I Got Soul

on February 5, 2017

On Saturday night, my mom and me, we went to the Grand Majestic Theater to see this show she had tickets to go see.  She won the tickets at a meeting she went to so that’s how she got the tickets.    Here’s the tickets she got and it was to a sneak peek of a brand spanking new show the people at the Grand Majestic Theater put together.


We got to eat supper there and everything because it’s a dinner theater so that’s what you get to do — you get to eat dinner, and then you get to see a theater show.  So let me tell you about the dinner part first.  It was superly delicious.  There was lemon chicken (delicious) and pork with bacon on it (delicious) and those cute little roasted potatoes and they had rosemary sprigs on them (delicious) and vegetables (my mom said they were delicious).  After that, they gave us monkey bread (delicious).  So when it comes to food, I’m giving this a four hearts award (because it’s not their fault I don’t like cooked veggies and besides my mom said they were delicious).

Then they started the show but they didn’t start with the sneak peek show.  They started with the Valentine’s Day Elvis show because Valentine’s Day is coming fast you guys so if you want to go somewhere romanticky with your sweetie and you don’t know where to go, this would give you the idea to go to the Grand Majestic Theater for dinner and a show.  On Valentine’s Day, there’s going to be three Elvis Presleys, but last night only two of them were there.  After I saw them performing, I told my mom we should tell Grandpa Barrett to bring Grandma Barrett to the show because she’s always singing and playing Elvis songs.  And plus, every time there’s a Elvis movie on television, she drops everything just so she can watch all of it.


Then the sneak peek show started and it was called “Soul of Motown.”  Motown is a kind of music and also it was a record label a way long ago before I got born, and when my mom was my age and even younger than that!  I loved the music because it made me want to dance.  There was lots of singing and choreography (my mom just showed me how to spell the fancy word for dancing) and I tried to remember lots of moves so I can do them at home when I’m dancing in my bedroom by myself.

There were four boy singers and they all took turns singing, but they all danced the same dance steps at the same time together so it looked really cool to me.   My mom said it reminded her of seeing some of the original Motown singers on television (I’m going to ask my brother Josh to help me find videos of them on YouTube later on today).  Here’s a picture I took with my camera that needs to get replaced (I mean my camera needs to be replaced, not the picture I took).


They had three girl singers and they took turns singing just like the boy singers, and they danced, too (but not the same way the boy dancers did).  They even did a lot of songs from a girl group called The Supremes.  My mom told me that one of the Supremes grew up to be a famous solo recording artist and her name is Diana Ross.  Here’s a picture I took of the girl singers pretending to be The Supremes.


It was a superly fun show!  I’m giving this show a four hearts award (that’s the most hearts you can get on my one to four hearts ratings) just like the food got because just like the food, it’s a four hearts award kind of show in my opinion.  To help you remember the name of the show, I’m going to share one more picture with you with the four boy singers and the three girl singers and the five musicians that played all the music for all their songs.


This was the best Saturday night fun my mom and me have had since December 31st, 2016 (and that’s because my mom always has the best New Year’s Eve celebrations ever at our house) and December 24th, 2016 (because Christmas Eve also is a celebrating day at both my grandparents’ houses and at our house).  So if you want a fun time with dinner and a show, you should go to see this show.  I just know you’re going to love love love being there!!!


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