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Taking A Bite Out Of Life

on February 1, 2017

My Grandpa Barrett is always talking about how people should take a bite out of life and I don’t exactly understand why he says that except that it means to really get a lot out of life and that’s always a good thing to do.  I like getting a lot out of life.  Now probably you guys are wondering why I’m writing about taking a bite out of life on my blog today.  It’s because what my Grandpa Barrett likes to say got in my thinking yesterday when I went to the dentist.

Probably the saying and the dentist aren’t related but biting is so that’s the connection:  Biting and teeth.

My mom always makes a big deal about how important brushing your teeth is.  She’s made a big deal about it for way longer than I can remember even.  She says that even before I had any teeth when I was a baby, she had a superly soft baby toothbrush for me and she used to brush my gums so I’d get used to the feeling.  I guess the feeling didn’t bug me so much because I don’t remember ever hating brushing my teeth.  It’s just something I always remember doing since I was little.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the dentist because I have a regular two-times-a-year appointment to make sure my teeth are doing what they’re supposed to do the right way.  My big brother Aaron didn’t have such good behaving teeth and he had to wear braces for two whole years to straighten them out, and then a retainer after that.  But so far, my teeth are behaving very well.

There was another girl at the dentist’s office and she was really scared.  She had a loose tooth that was a baby tooth that wasn’t coming out even though it was loose and a baby tooth.  Her mom said the dentist was just going to look at it but the girl was scared the dentist would do more than look and that’s why she was crying.

I wanted to tell her that everything was going to be okay and to just believe her mom but it wasn’t my place to say that so I just felt bad for her and hoped she would stop being so scared.

Then it was my turn.  The dentist’s helper is called a dental hygienist (Josh helped me spell that so I didn’t get it wrong) and she did her job first.  That included taking x-rays of my teeth to see where my adult teeth are because not all of them came in yet.  Then the dentist looked at my teeth and he gave me a thumbs up because I had zero zip cavities and plus, he said I was doing a excellent job brushing my teeth (and to keep that up).

One of the ways I learned to not be so scared of going to the dentist was to go to the dentist every time my brothers went.  They didn’t cry so I figured I shouldn’t cry.  Even when Aaron had braces, he never cried when he went to the special dentist that does braces.  He just went in for a adjustment and then he was done … except for the last time when the special dentist took the braces off his teeth for good.

So whether you’re taking a bite out of life or taking a bite out of a apple, be sure to take good care of your biters (you know, your teeth) because it’s important to have healthy chompers (that’s what my Mohawk grandpa calls them).


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