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I’ve Been To Alcatraz

on January 18, 2017

Honest, I have been to Alcatraz and I’m not making that up at all.  My mom took me there after school today and I can prove it even.  Well, I can’t exactly prove it but mostly I can prove it because here’s a picture I took with my regular old camera that doesn’t work so well anymore.


I’m guessing that there’s another Alcatraz and it’s probably called Alcatraz West, and it’s probably somewhere in the Wild West part of America because back in the Wild West days, there were lots of criminals in the Wild West and if there’s a Alcatraz East, there has to be a Alcatraz West, right?

Anyway, there were lots of exhibits, and there was this one with a chopping-off-your-head thing (I forgot what it was called and I don’t want to bug my mom and ask her because she’s tired like me from doing so much walking at the museum).  But then I looked through the part where the head is supposed to go and it had a sign in it.  Oh wait, I just read the sign again and there’s the word for what it is.  So there was this guillotine and the sign on the table behind it said:  Trying to tempt death?  Please do NOT climb on the guillotine!  So I didn’t.  I just took a picture instead.


There was loads of information at the museum and that’s good for a kid like me because when I grow up, I’m going to be a private eye detective.  I read almost all the information put up on the walls, and looked at guns and bullets and hanging ropes and prison stuff.  And you know what else I saw when I was there?  I saw the Bonnie and Clyde 1934 Ford car!  Bonnie and Clyde were criminals in the very old-fashioned days and every time they robbed a bank or something like that, they always made their getaway in a ’34 Ford car.  After they got away safe, they would write a nice thank you letter to Henry Ford because they were happy he made such excellent Ford cars.  Here’s a picture of Bonnie and Clyde’s favorite car to steal when they were busy being bad criminals.


NOTE TO READERS:  You can read all about the Bonnie and Clyde ’34 Ford cars in my book,Barracudas and Impalas.”

There were lots of bullets and handcuffs and badges and guns in lots of cases all over the museum.  Some were from the Wild West days and some were from modern days, but the ones I liked most were the ones from the Bonnie and Clyde days.  And plus, the Dillinger days because John Dillinger was Public Enemy Number One and that was back in the Bonnie and Clyde days so that’s interesting, too.


I took so many pictures that my mom said my camera batteries probably were going to give out and when they did, she just put more batteries in and gave me that look she gives that says, “Don’t go thinking I’ve got more of those in my bag because I don’t.”  So I tried not to take so many pictures but I couldn’t help it because there were so many exhibits that had important stuff in them that I have to know for when I’m a private eye detective for real, and get money to solve crimes nobody else can figure out.

And now I’m going to show you my last picture for this entry and do you know what it is?  It’s fingerprint powder and a fingerprint powder brush (I guess that makes it a fingerprint kit).  If anyone wants to know what to get kids like me for Valentine’s Day, fingerprint powder and a fingerprint powder brush would probably be better than regular old every day chocolate and stuff like that.


So now you know why my Wednesday entry got put up at the end of the day instead of the beginning of the day, and it’s probably going to get put up later than I’m allowed to stay up because all my entries have to get approved by Editor Mom or Editor Aaron (my big brother) before they go up on my blog.  I hope Editor Aaron is in charge of okaying this.



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