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The First Day Of Winter

on December 21, 2016

It’s the first day of winter and only four more days before Christmas is here.  This is the best week of the whole year according to me.   I keep trying to get my mom to agree with me except she says that the first day of winter is only the best day if you live in Florida.  I don’t know how it gets to be the best only if you’re in Florida because December 21 happens everywhere on December 21, so it should be the best day everywhere.

I’ve been superly busy making cookies with my one grandma that loves to bake cookies and pies and cakes and bread and all that other good stuff, and I’ve been superly busy making homemade decorations with my other grandma (she makes what she calls needlecrafts and that’s teeny weeny crocheting and embroidery pictures and stuff like that).  I can tell you right now I’m way better at the baking part.  Just so you know, I still try my best when I do the needlecrafts part because maybe I’ll get way better if I just keep on doing it for a long, long, long, long time.

Anyway, I love the way my mom and my brothers and me decorated our Christmas tree.  Mostly I love the Smoky Mountain decorations my mom started buying not so long ago.  These are the ones we already have from 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and 2015.  I think they’re so beautiful and plus, they’re all made out of wood so it kind of adds some hiking to the picture I think.


This is the newest Smoky Mountain decoration and it has a different hook part than the others.  It doesn’t just have the year of the ornament.  It also says it’s a Smoky Mountain ornament and that matters to me because maybe someday when I’m really, really, really old and I have trouble remembering things, I can look at that ornament and the ornament will make me remember all the good times of Christmas with my family.


The one from this year is different than the others because it’s not in a wood oval or a circle.  It’s in a wood leaf instead.  Next year, I’m going to ask my mom if we can decorate two trees.  We can have one in the front room like always and then we can have another tree on the second floor in the hallway.  Trust me when I tell you we have enough decorations for two trees!

Mostly that’s because when Aaron got born, my mom started buying little bear decorations for Aaron, so we have like twenty little bear decorations for Aaron.  Then when Josh got born, she started buying little kitty cat decorations for Josh so we have like fifteen little kitty cat decorations for Josh.  When I got born, she started buying little penguin decorations for me, so we have ten little penguin decorations for me.  If we make a bear-cat-penguin tree, me and Josh and Aaron have the decorations part all covered and because our bedrooms are upstairs, the second tree should be up there with us.

The downstairs tree can have the Smoky Mountain decorations and all the decorations from when my mom was little and some from when my dad was little.  That would be a superly nice tree for the front room.

I’m going to write on my blog on Christmas Eve just because I want everyone that visits my blog and my Facebook Fan Page and my Twitter feed to know how much I appreciate you guys visiting my blog and my Facebook Fan Page and my Twitter feed.  I love it when you put comments on my blog and when you talk to me on my Facebook Fan Page and tweet me on my Twitter feed.  Even if you don’t do any of that, I love that you visit my blog and my Facebook Fan Page and my Twitter feed.

So until Christmas Eve, be sure you bake lots of yummy stuff and give everybody you know lots of Merry Christmases and Happy Holidays.  Let everybody know you’re happy you know them even if you only know them from seeing them one time at a store and they’re still strangers because maybe you’re Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday is going to make their day even better than it already is.


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