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We Are A Community

on December 4, 2016

Yesterday, my family and me, we went to the Rescue Squad on Dolly Parton Parkway to volunteer.  With everything that happened here last week, everybody is volunteering to help everyone else but especially to help people that lost everything.

My mom and two grandmas and me, we worked where clothes and shoes and toys and blankets were getting sorted.  I folded a lot of clothes and so did everyone else.  My mom and me, we went through one bag at a time together.  I folded the easy stuff like pants and sweaters, and my mom folded the stuff that was hard to figure out (like hoodies and that).  She got done faster than me because she has way more experience folding clothes, so she helped me finish folding the clothes I was folding.  Then she’d get another bag of clothes for us to fold.  We did lots of folding.

My two grandmas folded bunches of stuff, too.  When I was taking a break, I watched them fold bed sheets together.  The bottom sheets (the ones that go on the mattress) are superly hard to fold into a nice rectangle, but my two grandmas sure know how to fold those bottom sheets.  When they were done folding those, they looked like they just came off the store shelves!

My one grandpa stayed with us on the folding side of the work area, and he was moving boxes of folded and marked things to pallets that got loaded on to trucks to get sent to where they needed to go.  My other grandpa went with Aaron and Josh to the other side of the work area, and they unloaded food items from the big trucks that came in.

Now the reason I’m writing about all this isn’t so people say, “Oh, what a nice kid that Missy Barrett is.”  That’s not why.  I’m writing this because sometimes people say that kids are too little to help or that grandparents are too old to help.  That’s not true because yesterday, I saw lots and lots of kids and lots and lots of grandparents helping.  I saw lots of other adults helping, too.  Everyone was helping.

So the next time you think you can help someone, just do it.  Don’t think that maybe you’re not old enough (or you’re too old) to help.  Just help.  If you don’t know if you can help, just ask because maybe the answer is YES.

Today, we’re going back to the Rescue Squad to do more volunteering because there’s still a lot that needs to get done to help people.  If you can come help, come on down.  If you can’t help in person, you can help in other ways maybe like donating to the “My People Fund” that’s going to give people that lost everything or can’t live in their houses now because of so much fire damage some money to live on.  Just go to www.dollywoodfoundation.org and give what you can even if you think it’s not very much because every penny counts.  It really does.


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