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The Great Smoky Mountains Firestorm of 2016

on December 2, 2016

I’m writing on my blog late again this week mostly because this week has been a week that I can’t even find the right words to use for saying the kind of week this already was.    I’ve been crying and upset and scared ever since my mom and me and Josh and Aaron had to evacuate our house.  We got allowed back here yesterday but that doesn’t mean everything is okay because it isn’t okay and I’m still upset and scared and sometimes I start crying for no reason except that there’s lots of reason to cry.

There was a really superly horrible bad firestorm in the Great Smoky Mountains and it tried to eat up all of Gatlinburg and then it tried to eat up part of Pigeon Forge.  The wind was blowing so hard and some of the embers went to new places to start more fires, and it even got over to Dollywood where it ate up some cabins and other stuff.  Here’s a picture that got posted on Facebook of what the fire looked like at the Dollywood location.  The name of the photographer is printed on the picture.


The reason I’m still scared is because the people in charge of helping to stop the fire said that the fire is still zero percent contained, and that’s not a story because it’s on the websites of those people and their official people so they’re not just scared people saying that’s what they think.


Anyway, my mom wouldn’t bring us back to our house if the people in charge of helping to stop the fire didn’t think it was safe for her to bring us back to our house.  But I’m still scared and worried, and part of it is because I’m scared and worried about all the animals that live in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Aaron and Josh say not to worry because they said that burrowing animals probably went underground and flying animals flew away fast fast fast and running animals ran away.  But I don’t know because people in cars are way faster and I watched those videos on YouTube and Facebook even when my mom already told me not to go on YouTube or Facebook.  That’s why I’m so worried about all of the people and all of the animals.

And plus, I’m worried about the baby trail me and my family adopted because I don’t know what it looks like anymore.  Maybe it’s totally burned up and everything is wrecked.  Maybe all the trees are fallen down and burned up into ashes.  Maybe there’s hot spots waiting to jump up and start being a humongous fire all over again.  Maybe all the things I’m scared of for the baby trail are all the things the baby trail is afraid of for itself.  But the worst part is that nobody can check on the baby trail because we’re not supposed to go places without permissions from the people in charge of helping to stop the fire.

So I just have to hope that the baby trail is going to be okay even when I’m crying and scared that the baby trail is not okay at all.  But my mom keeps telling me to have faith and she keeps telling me that things are going to get better, and I hope she’s right.  She printed this picture off for me to hold on to because she said it will help me be not so scared if I look at it when I start worrying.  Here’s what she printed off.


I’m keeping that on the front page of my notepad, and every time I start feeling scared or worried, I go to my notepad to write down my feelings and I see that picture.  I just hope that we can check on the baby trail soon so I know for sure how much love the baby trail needs to get better after the firestorm.  I have lots of love for the baby trail, and if it’s not enough, I know my family has lots of love to give the baby trail so it can get better.


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