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Camel Lot and Musicals

on November 16, 2016

This week when I watched the news on television, the television station news people sent some reporters to Pigeon Forge because of what’s going on, especially at places that have Christmas stuff going on already.  One of the places was the Smoky Mountain Opry and that’s on the Parkway.  The reporters there interviewed some people but also they interviewed some camels.

Ya, camels.  There were camels in the parking lot.  It was a camel lot.  I asked my mom if we could get in the car and go visit the camels but she said the camels would probably be having supper by the time we got there, so we didn’t go.  I asked her how come the camels would be having supper so early and she said it was because they were musical camels and they get to eat between performances.  That made sense to me, so I was okay with not going to the camel lot to see them.

Then the reporters interviewed the Professor from WonderWorks and I didn’t even say a word about going.  I think my mom was thinking I was going to because she gave me that look that means, “Don’t even think of asking the question you’re thinking of asking.”  Except when she gave me that look she sometimes gives me, I started thinking we should go to WonderWorks so the look sometimes backfires I guess.  I still didn’t ask though.  I know better than to push my luck (that’s what my Mohawk grandpa calls it when you ask for something you know already you shouldn’t be asking to get).

After that, the reporters went to the Christmas Place where there’s Christmas decorations and displays up all the time every single day of the year.  It’s one of my most favorite stores even if I hardly ever get to go there most of the time.  But sometimes my Grandma Barrett goes there with me because she knows that we both love that store the most of all the stores we like together.

Then after that, the reporters were back at the beginning of where they were before at the Camel Lot.

Probably now every time someone drives past the Smoky Mountain Opry and WonderWorks and I’m in the car with them, going by there is going to make me think Camel Lot.  Then there’s going to be trouble because my Grandma and Grandpa Barrett have this really big vinyl album (that’s like a superly huge CD with music on it) called “Camelot” and one of the songs is called “Camelot.”  I know how that song goes and I’m going to want to start singing “Camelot” in the car.

Probably that’s going to get me into a whole bunch of trouble because not everybody likes listening to old-fashioned Broadway musicals (that’s what the writing on the cover of the really big vinyl album calls it).

Anyway, that’s what was on the news this week, and I thought maybe you guys would like to know that in case you were thinking of coming to Sevierville for the holidays.  If you do and you like camels, now you know where you can find them no trouble because maybe there aren’t camels at any zoos you go visit.


One response to “Camel Lot and Musicals

  1. I love it! Camel Lot! Thanks for sharing your perspective, Missy.

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