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Blue Heaven

on November 11, 2016

Both my grandpas love old fashion music and that’s how come I know lots of old timey songs that nobody at my school knows (sometimes not even my teachers).  One of those songs is called “Blue Heaven.”

Now that you know the song I’m talking about, I want to tell you about something else that’s related to my Barnstormin’ adventure!  I want to tell you about a email I got from Mr. Ciochetti from Heaven’s Landing.  He sent me a superly long email about what it’s like to have a airplane at his place because he heard I went flying in a 1927 WACO biplane with Marc Hightower.


Before this email, I never even ever heard of a fly-in community before!

Did you see when he said there’s even a fly-in community in a place called Great Exuma?  That’s in the Bahamas and it’s part of a bunch of islands called cays.  My mom told me that.  She said a cay is a island made up of rocks and sand and coral.  She said that sometimes cays are called keys as in the Florida Keys.  All I can say is that you sure do learn a lot when you fall in love with flying!

Anyway, Mr. Ciochetti put links to some videos and because you can’t exactly click on the links when a email gets made into a picture, I’m putting the videos in my blog today.  The first video got made for the television show “The Aviators” and that’s on The Discovery Channel.   When I watched it with my mom, I said we should move there.  She said I had to finish school and get a job first.  Then we’ll talk, she said.

Then my mom and me, we watched the other video Mr. Ciochetti had in his email.  When my mom watched it, she said we should move there.  I said I had to finish school and get a job first.  Then we’ll talk, I said.  We both laughed really hard when I said that.

Mr. Ciochetti even sent a brochure about his fly-in community so if you click HERE, you can download it to look at because maybe if you have a plane, you’re going to want to know all about Heaven’s Landing.

Maybe if I’m lucky, Marc Hightower can just, you know, fly me and my grandpa to Georgia to look at the place so mom doesn’t have to interrupt her day just for fun.  We can take a lot of great pictures and then come back and show them to her.

Note to myself:  Find out if it’s too far and costs too much money to go there in the WACO biplane.


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