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Welcome To Winterfest!

on November 9, 2016

You don’t know how much fun winter is until you’ve been to Winterfest in the Smoky Mountains.  It’s always happens at the beginning of November.  Sevierville starts all the fun with Winterfest on the Monday.  Then Pigeon Forge picks up where Sevierville left off and keeps the party rolling on Tuesday.  And then on Wednesday, everyone heads up to Gatlinburg for more Winterfest activities!

You know me.  I love celebrations and I love having boatloads of fun.  I’m not the only one that loves celebrations and fun.  Lots and lots of people are just like me.  How do I know?  Because I’m going to share some of my Winterfest pictures with you.

I don’t want to give away all the fun because then maybe you’ll think you don’t have to go because you already saw all my pictures.  That’s how come I’m only showing pictures of Sevierville because when the first day is this good, you know the rest of Winterfest has to be superly fantastic!

First of all, you should know that there’s lots of activities for kids.  This year there were bouncy castles and bouncy slides.  There were face painting tents and build-and-take-home projects.  There were places you could take a picture of yourself with a mascot (and trust me, there were lots of mascots because there’s a mascot dance-off contest at Winterfest).  There was a whole lot of entertainment on stage from dancers to cheerleaders to Jimbo Whaley and Greenbrier.

But wait! There was even more than that!

The people in the top picture are my friends from McFee Hedrick.  They had all kinds of stuff in their tent including information on the Hatfield and McCoy show and the Smoky Mountain Opry show (you should go to their shows because they’re really, really good).  The lady that’s dressed up like a elf isn’t a real elf (just so you know).

The people in the bottom picture are my friends from the Dixie Stampede (and who doesn’t know about Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede?).  I love how they’re all dressed up in Christmas story costumes because that makes me think about all the Christmas parades coming up next month.


Lots of people already go to Winterfest but there’s always place for a few more.  But even with all the people there, guess what?  The Winterfest people make sure that there’s emergency people like Mr. Whaley in case you need some emergency help.  That’s him with his sister and his two daughters in the picture.  I love how everybody is smiling because that means even workers of Winterfest have fun!


By the way, if you think Winterfest is just lots and lots of people and a bunch of tents with great stuff in them, there’s also food!  Lots of food.  Hotdogs and hamburgers.  Chili and soup.  Pizza and popcorn.  Hot chocolate and donuts.  I can’t show you all the places that have food but let me tell you, there sure are a whole bunch of them.  Here’s just three places that were giving delicious food away to Winterfesters.


Like I said at the beginning of this entry, you just don’t know how much fun winter is until you’ve been to Winterfest in the Smoky Mountains.  If you never had a chance to be here this year, just put a alert in your cellphone to remind you to go to Winterfest next year.

Bring your camera, too, because they have a humongous firework display when it just dark enough for everybody to see all the explosions and sparkles but not so late that kids like me are falling asleep already.

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