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Spook-tacular Sightings

on November 2, 2016

The whole entire weekend plus Monday was one big old scare-o-rama because Hallowe’en was on Monday and that means that everybody started having fun on Friday.  You got it.  It was four days of frights and sights (that’s what Grandpa Barrett says it was), and I had so much fun you probably cannot even believe how much fun I had!

On Saturday, my mom and Josh and Aaron and me, we went to The Island.  That’s a fun place all the time but it’s more fun when they’re all decorated up with a special theme.  This weekend, it was a carnival theme, and there were people in costumes all over the place.  Even the workers of every single place was wearing a costume.  I took lots of pictures so I could share some on my blog.


They had all kinds of cool stuff going on.  They had aerialists just like at the circus and magicians, stilt walkers and liontamers (the animals weren’t real lions, just so you know), and contortionists.  They even had a living statue!

On Sunday there were trunk-or-treat parties going on lots of places, but I didn’t want to be greedy so we skipped Hallowe’ening on Sunday.  But on Monday, we went to two places.  The first place was at the Bruce Street gazebo and here are pictures of what we saw there.


I really liked the gingerbread twins and the purple princess.  Also, I laughed with the retired UT fairy princess because she likes to laugh a lot.  I just loved how people decorated their car and van trunks.  This one van with the spider was superly scary.  Aaron said it had a motion detector on it because at first it didn’t look so scary but when you tried to get candy out of the green bowl, the spider would jump at you.  I almost dropped my trick-or-treat candy bag I got so surprised!!!

And then we went to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office trunk-or-treat and you wouldn’t believe how much work that got put in by the police to make their trunk-or-treat party fantastic.  Here’s a picture of some of the police that made their party boatloads of fun.


All of the police were smiling and I think I know how come.  I think they were smiling because they knew how much fun their party was going to be.  Probably most of them have kids so they know how important it is to make Hallowe’en fun and plus safe even if it’s a little bit scary in some places.  Here’s some of the neat stuff that was at their trunk-or-treat.


I didn’t take any pictures of myself dressed up (my arms are way too short for selfie pictures so I just don’t even bother anymore) but I’ll tell you what I got dressed up this year.  This year I was a fairy tale water princess detective with a camera (because I was working undercover).

One response to “Spook-tacular Sightings

  1. What a great fun filled weekend, Missy! And awesome job doing undercover fairytale water princess detective. These pictures are so fun!

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