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Hallowe’en Just Got More Real

on October 26, 2016

So there’s this movie from way long ago (from even before my brother Josh got born) that’s called “Hallowe’en Town.”  It was so good of a movie that two more movies about it got made.  Every year, my mom lets us watch all three movies but not all on the same night (that’s too much movie watching).  She lets us watch one movie every week and then the fourth week is Hallowe’en!

Anyway, Aaron (my other older brother) showed me this news story online about a real town that gets all dressed up to be Hallowe’en Town for real.  It’s in Oregon in a town called St. Helen’s and that’s just like half an hour away from Portland (and that’s a really big city in Oregon).  So every year since the first movie got made, St. Helen’s gets decked out like Hallowe’en Town because that’s where the first movie got made!

And plus they even have their own Facebook page!  Here’s the link:


So on their Facebook page, they say they’ve got bonfires and magic acts and a Little Spooks parade for kids and a haunted mansion tour and all that kind of scary stuff.  There’s boatloads of hocus pocus going on in Hallowe’en Town that’s for sure!

Just so you don’t forget, Hallowe’en is happening this weekend so don’t let October be Oct-over because you forgot you needed a cool costume for the weekend.  And if you don’t know what to make as a costume, just check out the Hallowe’en Town page on Facebook and probably you’ll get lots of great ideas that won’t cost too much money or need lots of props.

I’ll let you know how Hallowe’en went for me next week.

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