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Pluto’s Got Heart

on October 19, 2016

Everyone knows how much I love Pluto (the planet, not the cartoon).  I don’t care what anybody else says so if you ask me, I’m going to tell you that Pluto is a planet.  I don’t care that lots of people say it isn’t just because Pluto’s orbit is oval and not round like the other planets in this solar system.

But you know, Pluto’s got a lot of heart.  Yeah, for real it does.


           PHOTO CREDIT: A N.A.S.A. Camera

And scientists are saying that Pluto’s heart is beating and if you don’t think that’s what scientists are saying, you need to read this article RIGHT HERE.

And you know what else?

NASA scientists are saying that under Pluto’s beating heart maybe there’s a secret ocean hiding under the surface.  Probably there’s a hundred kilometers of liquid water (which means, not ice) and a hundred kilometers of anything is sixty-two miles of that same thing (Aaron told me that).

One scientist even said that Pluto’s heart is like a cosmic lava lamp and if you never saw a lava lamp before, you should look it up on the Internet and watch a video of it.  Then you’ll understand what that scientist probably means when he says that about Pluto.

And plus, Pluto’s heart takes up half of Pluto so maybe it’s a small planet, but it’s got a great big loving heart!

Just so you know, I’m not the only person on planet Earth that says Pluto is, too, a planet.  The Science Advisory Board did a survey, and almost everybody in the survey said Pluto is a planet.  I’m guessing they didn’t ask any NASA scientists that say Pluto isn’t a planet.  But even if they did ask those scientists, they still got way out-voted so NASA should listen to us and say Pluto is a planet again.  That would be the right thing to do!


Oh and just so you know, last week when I didn’t put up a blog entry, it wasn’t because I was getting consequenced.  The password keepers of my blog (that’s my mom and Aaron) had the flu, so they weren’t going online so much at all.  That’s what happened.  I wasn’t in trouble.


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